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Study using NASA Data shows Global Glaciers, Ice Caps Shedding Billions of Tons of Mass Annually

2/8/2012 Earth’s glaciers and ice caps outside of the regions of Greenland and Antarctica are shedding roughly 150 billion tons of ice annually, according to a new study led by the University of Colorado Boulder. More

NASA: Wheels up for Extensive Survey of Arctic ice

4/15/2011 Researchers and flight crew arrived in Thule, Greenland this week for the start of NASA's 2011 Operation IceBridge, an airborne mission to study changes in Arctic polar ice. More

University of Colorado at Boulder Study: Water Flowing Through Ice Sheets Accelerates Warming, Could Speed up Ice Flow

11/5/2010 Melt water flowing through ice sheets via crevasses, fractures and large drains called moulins can carry warmth into ice sheet. interiors, greatly accelerating the response of an ice sheet to climate change More

NASA Airborne Science Campaign begins Antarctic Sequel

10/22/2010 Scientists returned this week to the Southern Hemisphere where NASA's Operation IceBridge mission is set to begin its second year of airborne surveys over Antarctica. The mission monitors the region's changing sea ice, ice sheets and glaciers. More

Researchers Observe Mile-long Chunk of Ice Calving off Greenland Glacier

7/9/2010 NASA-funded researchers monitoring Greenland's Jakobshavn Isbrae glacier report that a 7-square-kilometer (2.7 square-mile) section of the glacier broke up on July 6 and 7. The chunk is roughly one-eighth the size of Manhattan. More

NASA Icebreaker Voyage to Probe Climate Change Impact on Arctic

6/8/2010 NASA's first dedicated oceanographic field campaign is taking an up-close look at how changing conditions in the Arctic are affecting the ocean's chemistry and ecosystems that play a critical role in global climate change. Follow ICESCAPE's blog. More

NASA IceBridge Mission Prepares for Study of Arctic Glaciers

3/18/2010 NASA's Operation IceBridge mission, the largest airborne survey ever flown of Earth's polar ice, kicks off its second year of study when NASA aircraft arrive in Greenland March 22. More

NASA: Climate Change and Atmospheric Circulation Will Make for Uneven Ozone Recovery

4/9/2009 Earth's ozone layer should eventually recover from the unintended destruction brought on by ozone-depleting chemicals in the 20th century. But new research suggests that greenhouse gases will make the layer quite different. More

Aerosols, Not Greenhouse Gases, May Drive a Significant Portion of Arctic Warming

4/8/2009 New NASA research suggests that much of the atmospheric warming observed in the Arctic since 1976 may be due to changes in tiny airborne particles called aerosols, emitted by both artificial and natural sources. More

New Satellite Data shows Arctic Literally on Thin Ice

4/6/2009 The latest data from NASA and the University of Colorado at Boulder's National Snow and Ice Data Center show the continuation of a decade-long trend of shrinking sea ice extent in the Arctic, including new evidence for thinning ice as well. More
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