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NOAA's Fairweather to Map Areas of the Arctic Unmeasured Since U.S. Acquired Alaska

7/7/2011 NOAA Ship Fairweather departed Kodiak, Alaska on a mission to conduct hydrographic surveys in remote areas of the Arctic where depths have not been measured since before the U.S. bought Alaska in 1867. More

NOAA-Funded Tagging of Narwhals Finds Continued Warming of Southern Baffin Bay

10/27/2010 Temperature data collected by sensor-equipped narwhals, toothed Arctic whales, in southern Baffin Bay off West Greenland indicate that warming has continued since wintertime ocean temperatures were last measured there in the early 2000s. More

NOAA's Arctic Report Card: Region Continues to Warm at Unprecedented Rate

10/21/2010 The Arctic region, also called the “planet’s refrigerator,” continues to heat up, affecting local populations and ecosystems as well as weather patterns in the most populated parts of the Northern Hemisphere, according to a team of scientists. More

BESTing Severe Ice: Dispatches from NOAA Research Vessel Studying the Bering Sea Ecosystem

6/7/2010 The NOAA research vessel Thomas G. Thompson is at sea carrying scientists from a multitude of disciplines to measure ocean conditions and food web productivity on the eastern Bering Sea shelf. More

NOAA Seeks Public Comments on its Draft Arctic Vision and Strategy

5/19/2010 The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NOAA has developed an Arctic strategic plan and vision that will be available for public comment through June 10. More

A First-Person Interview with Lt. Jg. Nick Morgan, a NOAA Climate Researcher at the South Pole

3/29/2010 For the past 50 years, scientists have measured levels of carbon-dioxide in the atmosphere at the South Pole, creating the longest such record in existence. Read about monitoring global climate at the end of the Earth. More

NOAA Launches "Arctic Future" Web site

3/16/2010 NOAA’s Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory has launched a new Web site to help those interested in the Arctic learn more about the long-term effects of the loss of Arctic summer sea ice. More

NOAA's Arctic Report Card: Changes Affecting Air, Ocean, and Everything in Between

10/22/2009 Despite the fact that summer 2009 had more sea ice than in 2007 or 2008, scientists are seeing drastic changes in the region from just five years ago and at rates faster than anticipated, according to NOAA's "Arctic Report Card." More

Indiana School Welcomes Home NOAA ‘Teacher at Sea’ from Arctic Voyage of Discovery

10/20/2009 Christine Hedge, a 7th-grade science teacher who spent six weeks in the Arctic Ocean on board the U.S. Coast Guard icebreaker Healy, discovered an underwater mountain. More

National Ice Center Marks 2009 Arctic Sea Ice Minimum

10/16/2009 The National/Naval Ice Center (NIC) has concluded that the 2009 sea ice minimum, which occurred between Sept. 16 and 23, is the third lowest since 1979. More
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