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USGS Resources and Studies Related to the Question of Listing the Polar Bear as a Threatened Species

10/6/2010 This U.S. Geological Survey website presents studies of the relationships of polar bears to present and future sea ice environments. More

USGS: Based on Geologic Evidence, Arctic Could Face Warmer and Ice-Free Conditions

12/29/2009 There is more evidence that the Arctic could face seasonally ice-free conditions and much warmer temperatures in the future, accoridng to USGS scientists. More

USGS and British Antarctic Survey Document Rapid Disappearance of Antarctica's Ice Shelves in a New Map

5/29/2009 The USGS and the British Antarctic Survey have published a report and accompanying map on changes brought about by the collapse of Anarctica's Larsen and Wordie ice shelves. Ice. Note: the map may be downloaded as a .pdf, but is a large file. More

USGS Podcast: New Study of Alaska's Gas Hydrates Shows Deposits Could Add Significantly to U.S. Energy Mix.

1/31/2009 The first-ever study estimates that there are 85.4 trillion cubic feet of undiscovered, technically recoverable gas from natural gas hydrates on Alaska's North Slope. A transcript of the roughly nine-minute segment is provided. More

USGS Web Site Provides an Illustrated Introduction to Glaciers, Climate and Change Over Time

12/22/2008 Focusing on Alaskan glaciers, the site examines one aspect of the global climate issue—the relationship between glaciers and climate. It incudes a PowerPoint presentation that "morphs" images from Kenai Fjords National Park to show change over time. More

Scientific Essay on NOAA's Arctic Theme Page: USGS Scientist Learns about Arctic Wolves and Their Prey by Living With Them

11/12/2008 Arctic wolves have never been hunted or seriously pursued in most of the high Arctic. The animals' resulting lack of fear allowed the author to befriend a pack, learning about them by living with them during summers from 1986 through 1996. More

USGS Site Posts Scientists' Journals and Videos as Researchers Map the Continental Shelf aboard Coast Guard's Healy

9/5/2008 Follow the Healy as it travels through the Arctic Ocean mapping the seafloor as part of the work of the Extended Continental Shelf Task Force, a government-wide group headed by the State Department. More

USGS Animated Maps Show Behavior of Tagged Walruses

8/26/2008 USGS researchers attached satellite radio-tags to 10 adult walruses to map foraging locations within the St. Lawrence Island polynya. NSF and the Northern Pacific Research Board supported the survey. More

Polar Bear Research at the USGS Alaska Science Center

3/26/2008 The USGS conducts research on polar bears to better inform the Department of Interior on conservation of the species and its habitat. Read about everything from tracking bears by satellite to denning behaviors. More

USGS Podcast: U.S. and Russian Scientists Jointly Develop a New Way to Model Sea-Ice Thickness

3/8/2008 Sea ice, which is constantly thickening and thinning, plays an important role in the Earth's climate. Scientist Dave Douglas discusses a modeling approach to estimate sea-ice thickness based entirely on observations of historical trends. More
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