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How do states compare in awarding advanced S&E degrees?

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How do states compare in awarding advanced S&E degrees?

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Advanced science and engineering degrees as a percentage of S&E degrees conferred, by state: 2009
Advanced S&E degrees include only master’s and doctorate. All S&E degrees include bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate. S&E degrees include physical, computer, agricultural, biological, earth, atmospheric, ocean, and social sciences; psychology; mathematics; and engineering.

Main Finding

Almost 167,000 advanced S&E degrees (master’s and doctoral degrees) were awarded nationwide in 2009, 38% more degrees than were awarded in 2000. Advanced degrees made up a fourth of all S&E degrees conferred in 2009 (excluding associate’s degrees), a small increase since 2000.

Key Observations

  • Three states produced more than 10,000 S&E advanced degrees in 2009: California (21,198); New York (14,817); Texas (10,473). Advanced degrees in these states represent at least a fourth of their total S&E degree production.
  • 33 states showed increases over the decade in the percentage of their S&E graduates who earned advanced degrees, while 16 states and the District of Columbia showed decreases. (See Data Table, referenced below, for detail on individual states.)