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How much do S&E workers earn?

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How much do S&E workers earn?

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S&E = science and engineering.
Physical scientists = chemists, physicists, astronomers, and earth/ocean/atmospheric scientists.
Health-related occupations = health/medical practitioners, technologists/technicians, and postsecondary teachers in health and related sciences.
Other S&E-related occupations = S&E managers (including health/medical services), S&E precollege teachers, S&E technicians/technologists (non-health), architects, and actuaries.

Main Finding

Individuals employed in S&E occupations earn considerably more than the median earnings for all occupations. Median earnings for S&E occupations were $70,600 in 2007 and $75,820 in 2010. Median earnings for all occupations were $31,410 in 2007 and $33,840 in 2010.

Key Observations

  • In 2010, the median earnings for workers in S&E occupations (regardless of education level or field) were $75,820, more than double the median ($33,840) for all U.S. workers.
  • Median S&E salaries in 2010 ranged from $65,540 for social scientists/psychologists to $83,610 for engineers.
  • The median earnings for every broad S&E occupation grew around 2% annually between 2007 and 2010 – about the same as the annual growth rate for all occupations.