NSF 94-2

National Science Foundation

Grant Proposal Guide


This brochure provides guidance for the preparation of unsolicited proposals to NSF. An unsolicited proposal is prepared by a Principal Investigator and submitted by an institution on its own initiative without a formal written solicitation from NSF. Contact with NSF program personnel prior to proposal preparation is encouraged to help determine if preparation of a formal submission is appropriate.

Information in this brochure applies to all programs listed in Appendix A. and related activities, such as foreign travel, conferences, symposia, equipment and facilities. Sources of additional information on these related activities are noted in the text or are available from appropriate Foundation programs.

The Proposal Forms Kit contained in Section IX of this brochure is also available separately as NSF 94-3.

Some NSF programs operate from more specific program announcements or solicitations which may modify the general provisions of this brochure.

General information about NSF programs may be found in the NSF Guide to Programs. Additional information about special requirements of individual NSF programs may be obtained from the appropriate Foundation program offices. Information about program deadlines and target dates for proposals appears in the NSF Bulletin, issued monthly except July and August and in individual program announcements.

NSF generally utilizes grants for awards in support of research and education in science and engineering. In cases where an assistance project requires substantial NSF technical or managerial involvement during the project performance period, NSF utilizes cooperative agreements. While this brochure is generally applicable to both types of assistance awards, cooperative agreements may include different or additional requirements.

Informal information about NSF activities can be obtained on the Grants Bulletin Board. To make arrangements to access the bulletin board, send your electronic mail address along with your complete name, address and telephone number to grants-r@nsf (BITNET) or grants-r@nsf.gov (Internet).

For information about the NSF grant process, proposers and grantees may refer to the NSF Grant Policy Manual (NSF 88-47) (including the 7 changes issued through April, 1993) or to Chapter VI of Title 45 of the Code of Federal Regulations. The Manual is a compendium of basic NSF policies and procedures for use by the grantee community and NSF staff. The Manual is available only by subscription (currently $21.00 domestic and $26.25 foreign) from the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, DC 20402. The current GPO Subscription Number is 9380031-500000-6. GPO subscription prices and terms are subject to change without notice. The NSF documents referenced above may also be accessed through STIS.

1994 Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance

National Science Foundation programs described in this publication fall under the following categories in the latest Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance issued by the Office of Management of Budget and the General Services Administration: 47.041 - Engineering
47.049 - Mathematical and Physical Sciences
47.050 - Geosciences
47.070 - Computer and Information Science and Engineering
47.073 - Office of Science and Technology Infrastructure
47.074 - Biological Sciences
47.075 - Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences
47.076 - Education and Human Resources

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NSF - 94-2
Replaces NSF 92-89