NSF 94-2

National Science Foundation

Grant Proposal Guide


The GPG will be effective for all proposals submitted on or after Monday, April 4, 1994. Proposals submitted prior to April 4, 1994, may continue to use forms contained in the GRESE (NSF Publication 92-89) or the forms contained in the new GPG (NSF 94- 2). After April 4, 1994, all versions of the GRESE and its forms should be discarded. The NSF Grant Policy Manual will be revised to reflect these changes.

Any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding these changes, the GPG, or NSF proposal and award policies and procedures may be directed to the Policy Office, Division of Contracts, Policy & Oversight via electronic mail at policy @nsf.gov (Internet) or policy@nsf (BITNET), telephone (703) 306-1243, or (fax) (703) 306-0280.

NSF 94-2
Replaces NSF 92-89