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Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR)
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Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR)

Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR)

EPSCoR Interagency Coordinating Committee (EICC)

In 1978 Congress authorized the NSF to conduct an Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR) in response to broad public concerns about the extent of geographical concentration of federal funding for Research and Development (R&D). Eligibility for EPSCoR participation was limited to those jurisdictions that had historically received lesser amounts of federal R&D funding, and had demonstrated a commitment to developing their research bases and improving the quality of S&E research conducted at their universities and colleges.

The success of the NSF EPSCoR program during the 1980s prompted the creation of EPSCoR and EPSCoR-like programs in six other federal agencies.The list of eligible jurisdictions by agency for FY 2014 can be viewed by clicking here. In FY 1992, the Interagency Coordinating Committee (EICC) was established among the federal agencies with EPSCoR or EPSCoR-like programs. The major objectives of the EICC focus on improving coordination among and between the federal agencies in implementing EPSCoR and EPSCoR-like programs consistent with the policies of those agencies. Member agencies of EICC are:

The EICC serves as a working group for interagency coordination and communication and meets on a regular basis to pursue the following goal:

  • To coordinate federal EPSCoR and EPSCoR-like programs to maximize the impact of federal support while eliminating duplication in states receiving EPSCoR support from more than one agency.
  • To coordinate agency objectives with state and institutional goals, to obtain continued nonfederal support of science and technology (S&T) research and training.
  • To coordinate the development of metrics to assess gains in academic research quality and competitiveness and in S&T human resource development.
  • To exchange information on pending legislation, as appropriate, agency policies, and relevant programs related to S&T research and training and, to provide responses on issues of common concern.

The National Science Foundation's EPSCoR staff serve as the Chair and Executive Secretary of the EICC.

FY 2014 EICC Agency Representatives:

Denise Barnes - Chair
Telephone: (703) 292-8683
E-mail: dbarnes@nsf.gov

E. Elizabeth Lawrence – Executive Secretary
Telephone: (703) 292-8997
E-mail: elawrenc@nsf.gov

Timothy Fitzsimmons
Telephone: (301) 903-9830
E-mail: tim.fitzsimmons@science.doe.gov

Lenell Allen
Telephone: (202) 358-1762
E-mail: lenell.allen@nasa.gov

Jeppie Compton
Telephone: (321) 867-6988
E-mail: james.d.compton@nasa.gov

Warfield Teague
Telephone: (501) 908-3729
E-mail: warfield.teague-1@nasa.gov

W. Fred Taylor
Telephone: (301) 435-0760
E-mail: taylorwf@mail.nih.gov

Nancy Cavallaro
Telephone: (202) 401-5176
E-mail: ncavallaro@nifa.usda.gov

Bart Hewitt
Telephone: (202) 720-0747
E-mail: bhewitt@nifa.usda.gov


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