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Merit Review Process Fiscal Year 2013 Digest

Major Research Instrumentation Program Crosscutting Programs NSF Wide Flag


Award Organization Project Director Award Amount
Project Title
0320992 Alfred U NY State College of Ceramics McConville $323,000
Acquisition of a Field Emission Gun Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope for Research and Education in Materials Science
0321185 Arizona State U Thornton $375,000
Acquisition of Alignment, Bonding and Hot Embossing Tools for Hybrid Bioelectronic-Nanofluidic Systems
0321343 Arizona State U Lindsay $465,000
Acquisition of a Dual-Beam Focused Ion Beam System for Nanostructutres that interface to Molecules
0320267 Augustana College Trotter $327,875
MRI/RUI: Acquisition of a 400 MHz NMR to Enhance Faculty & Undergraduate Research and Chemistry Education at Augustana College
0320543 Ball State U Bishop $300,000
Acquisition of a Confocal Microscope to Establish an Imaging Facility for Research and Teaching
0320988 Barnard College Silver $417,362
Acquisition of a Confocal Microscope for the Biological Sciences
0318893 Bates College Lawson $76,100
Acquisition of a Multifunctional Imaging System for Research and teaching in an Undergraduate Environment
0321214 Baylor U Klausmeyer $210,770
Acquisition of a CCD X-ray Diffractometer
0320651 Black Hills State U Sarver $118,594
Acquisition of Instrumentation for an Ecological Genomics Laboratory to Support Research and Training
0321051 Boise State U Punnoose $338,000
MRI/RUI: Acquisition of an EPR Spectrometer for Collaborative Research and Materials Science Education
0321233 Boise State U Michaels $299,882
Development of Tools to Enable the Port of Software to a Beowulf Cluster
0320177 Boston College Ren $155,972
Acquisition of a Slow-Scan CCD Camera for a JEOL 2010F TEM
0320871 Bowdoin College Beane $144,200
Acquisition of an Electron Backscatter Diffraction System
0319899 Bradley U Shastry $265,500
0320908 Bradley U Roos $106,000
MRI/RUI:Acquisition of Surface Preparation Instrumentation for Surface Physics Studies of Epitaxial Growth on Metallic Surfaces
0321284 Brigham Young U Campbell $203,000
Acquisition of a x-ray diffractometer for materials research
0320676 Brown U Tang $133,000
Acquisition of a Scanning Probe Microscope for Studies of Biomolecules and Nanoscale Materials and Devices
0321333 Cal Poly Pomona Fdn, Inc. Kuang $159,658
Acquisition of a Network of Workstations for Research in Parallel and Distributed Computing
0319085 California Inst of Tech Eisenstein $300,000
Acquisition of Instrumentation for Cooling Semiconductor-based Low-Dimensional Electron Systems to T~1mK in a Large Magnetic Field
0321339 California Inst of Tech Sessions $259,804
Acquisition of an isotope-ratio mass spectrometer and moving-wire interface for hydrogen- and carbon-isotopic biogeochemistry
0321385 California State U Chico Research Fdn Juliano $346,188
MRI/RUI - Acquisition of robotics equipment for an Intelligent Systems Laboratory
0321376 California State U Fullerton Fdn Koch $394,094
MRI/RUI: Acquisition of Confocal Microscopy and Fluorescence Imaging for Life Science Research and Education at Cal State Fullerton
0321226 California State U LAU Auxiliary Svcs Inc. Sharif $249,980
Acquisition of an Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope
0321361 California State U Long Beach Fdn Neff $207,523
Acquisition of a Time-of-Flight ICP-MS for Interdisciplinary Research in Archaeology, Geology, and Biology at CSULB
0320752 California State U San Bernardino Fdn Dixon $289,468
MRI/RUI: The Development of a Speckle Ensemble Correlator
0321209 California State U San Bernardino Fdn Metcalf $82,899
MRI/RUI: Acquisition of an Automated DNA Sequencing, Microsatellite, AFLP Analysis System for Integrated Research and Education in Population Biology at a HSI/PUI
0321049 Calvin College DeHeer $224,934
Acquisition of a Flow Cytometer for Cell Biology Research and Undergraduate Research Training
0320589 Carnegie Inst of Washington Carlson $414,584
Acquisition of a Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometer for Studies in the Solid Earth and Planetary Sciences
0320548 Carnegie-Mellon U Schneider $106,400
MRI: Development of Fluorescence-Based Spectroscopy and Imaging Microfluidics System for Surface Chemical and Geometric Optimization
0321057 Carnegie-Mellon U Hollis $210,933
Instrument Development: High-Fidelity Magnetic Levitation Haptic Systems
0319654 Case Western Reserve U Lando $132,000
Acquisition of X-ray Diffractometer for Polymer Research and Education
0320878 Case Western Reserve U Sayre $253,009
Purchase of a 400 MHz NMR Spectrometer
0320800 Central Connecticut State U Parikh $267,496
Development of a CCD camera based lidar for measurement of boundary layer aerosols
0320782 Central Washington U Melbourne $323,532
Acquisition of Long-Baseline Tiltmeters for Cascadia Slow Earthquakes
0318804 Chapman U De Bruyn $189,772
RUI: Acquisition of a Liquid Chromatograph Ion Trap Tandem Mass Spectrometer for Chemistry Research
0320875 Clark U Hibbett $190,000
Acquisition of a high performance parallel computing cluster for the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics and Computer Science at Clark U.
0320635 Clemson U Tomkins $1,290,166
Equipment Acquisition for the Clemson U Genomics Inst
0320793 Coastal Carolina U Gayes $220,250
Acquisition of a Seafloor-Mapping Suite for Marine Science Research and Research Training at Coastal Carolina U
0320861 Coe College Affatigato $153,000
Acquisition of a Raman spectrometer for Undergraduate Research at Coe College
0320969 Colby College Thamattoor $108,584
MRI/RUI: Acquisition of a Time-Resolved Laser Flash Photolysis System for Undergraduate Research and Training in Chemistry
0320639 Colgate U Selleck $154,700
MRI-RUI: Acquisition of a scanning electron microscope and energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer
0321234 College of Saint Scholastica McGahey $38,328
Acquisition of a Gradient High Performance Liquid Chromatograph and Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectrometer for Investigation of Stereoselective Nitroaldol (Henry) Reactions
0320824 College of the Holy Cross Mills $255,502
RUI: Acquisition of Protein Purification and Analysis Instrumentation to Enhance Biochemical Research and Education at the College of the Holy Cross
0320942 College of William and Mary Armstrong $264,600
Collaborative Research: Development of a Particle Tracking System for the Qweak Experiment
0320665 Columbia U Eisenthal $278,810
Acquistion of Ultrafast Infrared Light Source
0320666 Columbia U Kinget $250,000
Acquisition of Test & Measurement Equipment for Research in Wireless and Mixed-Signal Circuits
0320939 Columbia U Teachers College Gordon $249,734
Acquisition of neurophysiological instrumentation for language and movement processes
0320784 Composite Mirror App. Inc. Romeo $500,000
Collaborative Research: Development of an Ultra-Lightweight-Technology Telescope for Ground-Based Research in Optical Astronomy
0321070 Connecticut College Owen, Jr. $318,374
MRI/RUI: Acquisition of a Transmission Electron Microscope for Multidisciplinary Research and Education
0320649 Cornell U - Endowed Coates $362,460
Purchase of a 400 MHz NMR Spectrometer for Research and Teaching
0320920 Delaware State U Harrington $114,120
MRI/RUI: Multi-electrode Physiology and Fluorecence Microscopy Instrumentation to Support Research and Research Training at an Historically-Black, Undergraduate Inst
0320991 Delaware State U Rasamny $278,000
MRI: Development of a High Performance Computational Cluster at an HBCU for the Support of Research and Research Training in Computer Science, Engineering, and Physics
0320606 Dickinson College Henson $325,059
MRI/RUI: Acquisition of a Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope
0321147 Duquesne U Evanseck $227,500
Acquisition of a Beowulf Cluster for Research and Education in the Computational Sciences
0320622 Earth and Space Rsch Padman $101,800
Acquisition of instrumentation for small-scale process studies in the Polar Oceans
0320010 East Carolina U Bond $256,422
RUI/MRI: Acquisition of an Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope for Research and Teaching
0321321 Eastern Illinois U Lawrence $407,353
MRI/RUI:Acquisition of 400MHz NMR Spectrometer for Solutions and Solids
0321119 Elizabeth City State U Porter $150,438
0320786 Emory U Gallivan $420,000
Acquisition of Instruments Supporting the Center for Fundamental and Applied Molecular Evolution
0320540 Fdn @ NJIT NJ Inst of Tech Goode $1,000,000
MRI: 1.6 Meter Solar Telescope in Big Bear - The NST
0320903 Field Museum of Natural History Williams $494,295
Acquisition of LA-ICPMS and SEM-EDS for an Elemental Analysis Facility at The Field Museum
0320854 Florida Gulf Coast U Cruz-Alvarez $108,674
MRI/RUI:Acquisition of Instrumentation for an Undergraduate Research Program in Biotechnology
0320956 Florida International U Rishe $400,000
Acquisition of Research Instrumentation for Web-based Visualization of Spatio-Temporal Data
0320887 George Washington U Stanton $186,300
MRI: Acquisition of a Research Infrastructure for Collaborative Scientific and Engineering Computation
0318682 Grinnell College Cunningham $180,000
MRI/RUI Acquisition of Instrument Suite for Single Crystal Preparation
0319571 Grinnell College Jacobson $135,887
MRI/RUI: Acquisition of instrumentation for nutrient analyses in ecological research
0319280 Gustavus Adolphus College Saulnier $198,435
MRI/RUI: Acquisition of an Ultrafast Laser and Detection System for Optical Scattering Studies
0320687 Hamilton College Kinnel $238,356
MRI/RUI-Acquisition of A High Field NMR for Chemistry Research
0320654 Harvard U Narayanamurti $384,000
MRI: Equipment Development: Development of Advanced Scanning Probe Techniques for Spintronics and Nanodevice Research
0320909 Harvard U Wofsy $591,966
MRI - Development of an airborne quantum cascade laser spectrometer for rapid, accurate, measurements of atmospheric CO and CH4 from light aircraft
0320634 Harvey Mudd College Rossmann $126,515
Acquisition of high-speed camera and instrumentation for flow visualization and measurement
0321183 Hendrix College Dunn $256,602
MRI/RUI Development of a Large Ring Laser Interferometer for Earth Science Measurements
0321144 Hobart and William Smith Colleges Penn $80,000
Proposal for MRI/RUI funds to Acquire a Vacuum Annealing Oven for Advanced LIGO Test Masses and for a mini-Cluster to Analyze Bilinear Noise in Initial LIGO
0320865 Hofstra U Hastings $252,368
RUI: Acquisition of a Beowulf supercomputer for physical science research
0319523 Hope College Peaslee $660,000
MRI/RUI: Acquisition of a Nuclear Microprobe System for Interdisciplinary Research and the Integration of Research and Undergraduate Education at Hope College.
0319938 Hope College Bultman $154,058
MRI/RUI: Acquisition of Controlled Environment Chambers for Enhanced Research in the Plant Biology Program at Hope College
0318573 Illinois Inst of Tech Wang $178,000
0319145 Indiana State U Jensen $133,250
Acquisition of AISA+ Hyperspectral Sensor
0320627 Indiana U Cameron $1,992,218
Development of a Low Energy Neutron Scattering Facility
0319877 Indiana U Purdue U Fort Wayne McCullough $92,961
RUI: Acquisition of Geophysical Survey Instruments for Archaeological Research and Training
0320888 Inst for Scientific Rsch, Inc. Webb $354,515
West Virginia Cluster Computing Grid
0320245 James Madison U DeVore $138,200
MRI-RUI: Acquisition of a Thermogravimetric Analyzer-Mass Spectrometer (TGA-MS) System for Research and Student Training
0318241 Johns Hopkins U Stebe $105,331
Engineering Equipment Proposal: Acquisition of a Multi-user Imaging Ellipsometer
0320866 Johns Hopkins U Chien $550,000
Acquisition of a dual-beam focused ion beam system
0320907 Johns Hopkins U Chen $425,000
DLMS: Acquisition of Instrumentation for a Digital Laboratory for Multi-Scale Science
0321060 Juniata College Mutti $300,000
MRI/RUI: Acquisition of an Analytical LV/HV Scanning Electron Microscope for Enhancement of Research and Training in the Geological, Environmental, Biological and Material Sciences
0320858 Kent State U Mintz $258,265
MRI: Acquisition of Equipment for a Microgenomics Facility
0321139 Knox College Kirkley $55,147
MRI/RUI: Acquisition of Instrumentation for DNA/RNA Preparation and Analysis for Research at the Cellular and Molecular Level
0319578 Lafayette College Nesbit $213,610
MRI/RUI: Acquisition of Equipment for Bioengineering Research at Lafayette College
0319846 Lafayette College Kurtz $243,526
MRI/RUI Acquisition of Instrumentation for Integrated Structural Testing and Digital Image Correlation Laboratory
0320818 Lamar U Beaumont Ho $126,427
Acquisition of a High-Sensitivity Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry System for Multi-disciplinary Research Projects and Education
0320659 Lehigh U Tatic-Lucic $300,000
MRI - Acquisition of a deep silicon etch tool for NEMS/MEMS fabrication
0320906 Lehigh U Kiely $590,000
Acquisition of an Aberration Corrected Analytical Electron Microscope for Nanocharacterization of Materials
0321055 Loras College McLaughlin $61,335
MRI/RUI Acquisition of an additional low-energy grating for the existing monochromator on the atomic and molecular physics beam line 10.0.1 at the Advanced Light Source
0321197 Louisiana Tech U Forest $131,770
Collaborative Research: Development of a Particle Tracking System for the Qweak Experiment
0320857 Luther College Chamberlain $109,294
Acquisition of a Gel-Permeation Chromatograph and ReactIR for Polymerization Studies at Luther College
0320662 Macalester College Overvoorde $168,500
Acquisition of Instrumentation for Genetic and Genomic Analysis
0320872 Miami U Oxford Campus Pacey $191,388
Acquisition of a Scanning Electron Microscope for Nanotechnology Investigations
0320953 Michigan Tech U Shaw $187,397
Collaborative Research: Development of a Phase Doppler Interferometer for Characterization of Particle-Turbulence Interactions in Clouds
0321003 Michigan Tech U Post $149,960
Acquisition of High Speed Digital Imaging System for Multidisciplinary Research at MTU
0321211 Middle Tennessee State U Dunlap $380,079
RUI: 400 MHz NMR for Research and Research Training in Chemical Synthesis
0304798 Mills College Spiller $94,000
Laboratory Instrumentation for Biophotonics: Investigation of Plant and Cyanobacteria pigments
0321397 Mississippi College Magers $73,825
An MRI/RUI proposal for a 32-processor Beowulf cluster for the application of ab initio and density functional methods to Quantitative Structure Thermodynamic Relationships
0321258 Montana State U Spangler $320,527
Development of a Step-Scan Fourier Transform Spectrometer With sub 1/2 HeNe Wavelength Step Size
0321267 Montana State U Dratz $487,352
Acquisition of Proteomics Equipment for Research & Training
0321334 Montana State U Ford $408,268
Acquisition of a Laser Capture Microdissection Microscope and Functional Genomics Facility for Microbial Ecology and Developmental Biology
0319555 Montclair State U Zaritski $100,000
MRI/RUI: Acquisition of a Linux Cluster for Numerical Simulations of Excitable Media
0321106 Morehouse College Bennett $93,088
Acquistion of The Nanomechanical Test System for Undergraduate Research and Education
0320542 Mount Holyoke College Chen $145,945
RUI: Acquisition of an Atomic Force Microscope at Mount Holyoke College
0320967 National Radio Astronomy Observatory Associated Universities Inc Bastian $468,400
Development of the Green Bank Solar Radio Burst Spectrometer:
0320684 New Mexico State U Munson-McGee $134,000
Acquisition of an Instron Universial Test Frame for Advanced Materials Characterization
0317836 North Carolina A&T State U Bililign $447,635
Acquisition of a multi-source reflectron time-of-flight mass spectrometer
0320720 North Carolina State U Nemanich $450,000
Acquisition of a Scanning Probe System for Characterization of Nanostructure Properties
0320657 North Dakota State U Fargo Katti $135,041
MRI: Acquisition of fourier transform infrared microspectroscopy instrumentation for advanced materials and biomaterials research and education
0320638 Northeastern U Heiman $400,000
Acquisition of Scanning Electron Microscopy for Nanoscience and Biotechnology
0321344 Northern Arizona U Keim $581,812
Acquisition of a High Capacity Genotyping Facility for Diverse Biological Applications
0320554 Northern Illinois U Blazey $125,209
A Consortium for the Acquisition of Equipment to Complete a Proton Detector for the DZero Experimental Particle Physics Program
0321004 Northern Illinois U Loubere $205,527
Acquisition of an Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer for Geochemical, Biogeochemical and Petrological Research
0320751 Northwestern U Van Duyne $380,030
Development of a New Optical Nanoprobe Scanning Tunneling Microscope for Nanoscale Science and Engineering Research and Education
0321366 Occidental College Deardorff $250,597
RUI/MRI Acquisition of a 300 MHz NMR Spectrometer for Undergraduate Research in Chemistry
0321299 Ogala Lakota College Schwalm $214,805
Acquisition of Analytical Instrumentation for a Mobile Environmental Lab on the Pine Ridge Reservation
0321053 Ohio State U Rsch Fdn van der Veen $354,170
Glacial Assessment: Past, Present and Future: Acquisition of Essential Research Instrumentation.
0320759 Ohio U Opper $31,657
Collaborative Research: Development of a Particle Tracking System for the Qweak Experiment
0320968 Oklahoma State U Lu $251,725
Acquisition of a High Speed Digital Camera for Advanced Materials, Processing and Dynamic Events Research
0320806 Oregon State U Kent $186,000
Collaborative Research: Acquisition of an electron microprobe for Oregon State U with remote access facilities for Portland State U
0319639 Pennsylvania State U Erie-Behrend College Micheal $244,595
MRI/RUI Proposal for Acquisition of MTS 810 TestStar Iis Material Testing System
0321099 Pennsylvania State Univ University Park Tadigadapa $371,000
High aspect ratio etching system for micro and nanoscale sensor and sensor systems applications
0321393 Polytechnic U of Puerto Rico Rodriguez-Jimenez $99,964
MRI/RUI for Equipment Acquisition to Increase Network Engineering Laboratory Capacities for Hispanic Engineering Students
0318944 Pomona College Hoopes $235,780
RUI MRI Genomic and Genetic Analysis Research in Molecular Biology at Pomona College
0320863 Portland State U Streck $1,000
Collaborative Research: Acquisition of an electron microprobe for Oregon State U with remote access facilities for Portland State U
0321118 Purdue U Hillhouse $531,000
Acquisition and Customization of a Facility for the In-situ X-ray Structural Analysis of Nanomaterials
0321336 Reed College Glasfeld $79,500
RUI - Acquisition of an isothermal titration calorimeter
0320624 Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst Zhang $299,850
Development of Tomographic Imaging Instrumentation with Terahertz Radiation
0320995 Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst Spear $550,000
Establishment of a Microanalytical Laboratory for Research in the Earth and Materials Sciences
0320043 Rhodes College Hoffmeister $75,059
MRI/RUI: Acquisition of instrumentation to modernize and enhance an ultrasonic scanning system
0320869 Rochester Inst of Tech Rommel $406,395
RUI: MRI Acquisition of a Scanning Electron Microscope with Energy Dispersive X-Ray and C-Mode Scanning Acoustic Microscope for a Centralized Laboratory for Imaging and Metrology
0320994 Rutgers U Camden Whitlow $32,191
Acquisition of an Eye Movement Tracking System for Research on Cognition, Memory and Affect
0320746 Rutgers U New Brunswick Baum $874,250
Acquisition of an 800 MHz NMR Spectrometer for a New Jersey Statewide Facility
0320964 Rutgers U Newark Nimchinsky $275,715
Acquisition of a flexible multiphoton system for studies of neuronal plasticity
0319461 Saint John's U Langley $138,065
Acquisition of a solid-state laser, optical table and femtosecond pulse-measurement system for undergraduate research in optics
0320738 Saint Olaf College Jackson $202,010
Acquisition of a Liquid Chromatograph-Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer with Electrospray/Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization to Support Faculty-Student Research
0320848 San Diego State U Fdn Carrano $215,134
Acqusition of an X-ray Diffractometer with CCD Capability
0320972 San Jose State U Fdn Graham $196,195
MRI/RUI: Acquisition of a high-speed digital motion analysis system for studying multi-scale interactions in a fluid environment.
0321367 Sonoma State U Girman $340,000
MRI/RUI: Acquisition of Genetic Analyzer and Sequence Detection System for the Sonoma State U Core DNA Analysis Facility
0320604 South Dakota School of Mines and Tech Winter $233,109
Development of a Time Correlated Spectrometer for Simultaneous Bulk-Interfacial Dynamics Analysis
0318739 South Dakota State U Wehbe $280,213
Acquisition of Testing Equipment for the New Lohr Structures Laboratory
0320663 Southern Methodist U Kovacevic $386,249
Development of Rapid Manufacturing Equipment for Research, Training, and Education
0321259 Southern Methodist U Stroynowski $239,732
Acquisition of Instrumentation for Radiation Hard Optical Electronics Design and Testing
0321591 Southern U Walker $575,164
Acquisition of a 400 MHz NMR at Southern U a Research Undergraduate Inst (RUI)
0321187 Southwest Missouri State U Ghosh $177,000
MRI/RUI: Acquisition of a Pulsed Laser Deposition System for Research and Educational Training in Materials Science
0321338 Southwest Rsch Inst Young $362,907
Development of Portable High-speed Telescopes and Cameras for Studying Solar System Objects During Stellar Occultations
0321288 SRI International Oser $807,836
MRI: Development of ps-REMPI, a Facility for Trace Species Analysis
0320569 SUNY Albany Geer $385,000
Development of a General Use Nanomechanical Imaging System Based on Ultrasonic and Heterodyne Force Microscopy
0321046 SUNY Binghamton McGee $288,346
Acquisition of a Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope for Multidiscipline Research and Research Training
0321058 SUNY Buffalo Morrow $175,518
Acquisition of a Multi-User System for the Direct Excitation of Lanthanide (III) Luminescence for Biological, Inorganic, and Materials Chemistry
0321001 SUNY Stony Brook Grey $714,210
Purchase and upgrade of solid state NMR instrumentation for materials chemistry and geosciences
0321085 SUNY Stony Brook Judex $277,954
0320284 Syracuse U Racine $113,967
Acquisition of a Beowulf Class Cluster Computer to Support Interdisciplinary Faculty Research and Graduate Student Training Using Numerically Intensive Statistical Modeling Methods
0320859 Syracuse U Artuso $202,139
MRI: Development of High Granularity Position Sensitive Single Photon Detector Systems
0320965 Tarleton State U Thompson $107,701
RUI: Acquisition of an Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometer (ICP-AES)
0321228 Tennessee Tech U Ting $304,143
MRI: Acquisition of Research and Education Equipment for Geometric Design and Manufacturing Integration
0320739 Texas A&M Rsch Fdn Jackson $46,306
Collaborative Research: Development of Autonomous Underwater Instruments to Sense Zooplankton and Their Environment Using a Laser Optical Plankton Counter
0321052 Texas A&M Rsch Fdn Main Campus Orville $382,483
Acquisition of a Three Dimensional Lightning Channel Mapping Network for the Houston, Texas Area
0321201 Texas A&M U Corpus Christi Billiot $142,385
MRI/RUI: Acquisition of a GC/MS System for Enhancement of Research/Teaching at Texas A&M U-Corpus Christi
0321218 Texas A&M U Corpus Christi Moore $400,000
RUI-Development of a Cluster System to Support Computational Science Research
0321236 Texas Eng Experiment Station Edge $800,000
MRI: Acquisition of a Directional Random Wave Generator for the Coastal Engineering Laboratory Wave Basin
0321186 Texas Tech U Temkin $150,000
0321278 Texas Transportation Inst Grossman $252,907
Acquisition of Stable Isotope Facilities for Geologic Research at Texas A&M U
0321207 The Texas A&M U System HSC Rsch Fdn Svoboda $416,802
Acquisition of Laser Capture Microdissection and Quantitative PCR Systems
0321389 The University Corp. Northridge Dean $171,852
MRI/RUI Acquisition of a Single Crystal Diffractometer to Support Synthetic Chemistry Research at California State U Northridge
0320976 Trinity College Geiss $83,310
Acquisition of Equipment for Rock-Magnetism Laboratory Upgrade
0321015 Trinity U Kelly-Zion $163,154
RUI: Acquisition of a Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer and Other Instrumentation for the Study of Multicomponent Fuel Film Vaporization at Trinity U
0320783 Tufts U Shultz $173,632
Purchase of an ESI/APCI Mass Spectrometer
0320305 Tuskegee U Khan $209,779
Acquisition of Instrumentation for Experimentally Investigating Rotor-Tip Clearance Flow Phenomena in Gas-Turbine Engines
0320867 Tuskegee U Karam $72,349
Acquisition of dSPACE Real-Time Development System and Electromechanical Apparatuses for Research in Smart Control Systems
0320898 U of Akron Park $250,000
Acquisition of a Quanta 200 Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope and Creation of the Center for Environmental Scanning Electron Microscopy
0321180 U of Alabama Tuscaloosa Weaver $446,000
Acquisition of a Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope
0321067 U of Alaska Anchorage Pfeiffer $273,714
Acquisition of research-grade light microscopy instrumentation
0321402 U of Alaska Fairbanks Wu $313,071
Acquisition of a High Resolution-Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer for Oceanographic and Geological Studies at the U of Alaska Fairbanks
0321319 U of Alaska Southeast Juneau Eckert $112,530
MRI/RUI Acquisition of Planktonic Sampling Equipment for Southeast Alaska
0321312 U of Arizona Close $838,250
Development of an Infrared Optimized Adaptive Optics System for the Baade 6.5m Telescope
0321348 U of Arizona Evans $339,915
Acquisition of an analytical facility for high-resolution paleoclimatology
0321286 U of Arkansas Limp $349,452
Acquisition of a High Accuracy/Resolution Landscape and Structure Characterization System (HARLS-CS) for Anthropology, Archaeology, Architecture, Biology and Geosciences
0321309 U of California Berkeley Blitz $1,532,762
Development of Correlator for the Allen Telescope Array
0321310 U of California Berkeley Akerlof $535,603
Development of an Experimental Social Sciences Laboratory
0321356 U of California Davis Browning $1,400,000
Acquisition of an Atomic Resolution TEM for Advanced Analysis of Nanomaterials in the Environment, Agriculture and Technology (NEAT)
0321380 U of California Irvine Zender $773,543
Acquisition of an Earth System Modeling Facility for Coupled Climate, Chemistry, and Biogeochemistry Studies
0321390 U of California Irvine Baldi $269,989
Acquisition of Cluster and Server for Computational Biology at the U of California, Irvine
0321345 U of California Los Angeles Mori $897,284
Acquisition of a Dedicated Cluster for Particle-in-cell Simulations of Plasmas at UCLA
0320922 U of California Riverside Switzer $659,274
Acquisition of a 600 MHz NMR for a Campus-Wide Facility
0321113 U of California Riverside Norman $381,960
Acquisition of a Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorter [FACS] to Support Research and Teaching in the Biological Sciences at the U of California, Riverside
0321362 U of California San Diego Prather $725,000
0320802 U of California San Diego Scripps Inst of Oceanography Ramanathan $325,568
Development of a Long-Range and Light-Weight Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (AUAV) and Instrument Platform for the Global Albedo Project
0321167 U of California San Diego Scripps Inst of Oceanography Checkley $784,661
Collaborative Research: Development of Autonomous Underwater Instruments to Sense Zooplankton and Their Environment Using a Laser Optical Plankton Counter
0320723 U of California Santa Barbara Kennett $215,980
Acquisition of an Automated Light Gas Stable Isotope Mass Spectrometer for Dedicated Carbonate Analysis (PALEOCEANOGRAPHY, EARTH SYSTEM SCIENCE, ARCHAEOLOGY AND ECOLOGY)
0321365 U of California Santa Barbara Sherwin $425,000
Development of a stable, user-friendly high-power terahertz source: enhancements to the UCSB Free-Electron Lasers
0321368 U of California Santa Barbara Brown $443,719
Acquisition of a high performance central computing facility at UCSB
0321318 U of California Santa Cruz Chuang $256,216
Collaborative Research: Development of a Phase Doppler Interferometer for Characterization of Particle-Turbulence Interactions in Clouds
0321110 U of Central Florida Cerqua-Richardson $220,000
Development of a femtosecond laser-materials irradiation and in-situ probing facility for nano- and micro-processing applications and student training.
0321232 U of Chicago Scherer $628,012
Development of a Multiphoton Fluorescence Microscope for Time-Resolved and Super-resolution Studies in Chemistry and Biology
0321253 U of Chicago Gardner $1,186,405
Acquisition of TeraPort: A Grid Enabled Analysis Platform with Optical Connectivity
0320695 U of Cincinnati Main Campus Boerio $250,055
Development of an Infrared Spectrometer/Scanning Probe Microscope for Materials Characterization at High Spatial Resolution
0321337 U of Colorado Boulder Dunn $266,427
Acquisition of a Nanoindentor System for Micro/Nanosystems Research and Education Efforts
0321301 U of Colorado Health Sciences Center Thompson $137,334
Acquisition of an Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer
0320403 U of Connecticut Gibson $318,600
Acquisition of a Tunable Ultrafast Laser and a Femtosecond Time-Resolved Optical Spectrometer
0320847 U of Hawaii Iskander $456,700
Acquisition of Microwave and Wireless Communications Test and Measurement laboratory
0317528 U of Hawaii Hilo Mills $143,977
MRI/RUI Acquisition of an Energy-Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) Analyzer for the Geochemical Characterization of Archaeological Lithics in the Hawaiian Islands
0315565 U of Houston Advincula $432,000
Development and Acquisition of Surface Sensitive Electrochemical Instrumentation using Evanescent Wave and Nonlinear-Optical Techniques for Research and Education
0321202 U of Illinois Chicago Regalbuto $280,000
Acquisition of Surface Analysis Instrumentation for Research and Education at the U of Illinois at Chicago
0321223 U of Illinois Chicago Saggere $176,500
Acquisition of a Micro Scanning Vibrometer System
0320597 U of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Johnson $493,640
Acquisition of a Multicollector Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer
0320387 U of Iowa Grassian $560,000
Acquisition of a Multi-User XPS System to Investigate Materials and Environmental Chemistry
0320648 U of Kansas Center for Rsch Inc Vander Velde $186,432
Acquisition of Cryoprobe/Cryoplatform for 500 MHz NMR
0321213 U of Kansas Center for Rsch Inc Gonzalez $250,000
Acquisition of isotope ratio mass spectrometers and related peripherals for geological, paleoenvironmental and environmental research at The U of Kansas
0321247 U of Kansas Center for Rsch Inc Twarog $585,785
Collaborative Research: Development of an Ultra-Lightweight-Technology Telescope for Ground-Based Research in Optical Astronomy
0319176 U of Kentucky Parkin $461,310
Acquisition of a Hybrid Small/Macromolecule X-Ray Diffractometer System
0320726 U of Kentucky Rsch Fdn Selegue $172,000
MRI Acquisition of Instrumentation for Thermal Characterization of Materials
0320896 U of Maryland College Park Losert $152,000
MRI: Acquisition of a holographic laser tweezer array for submicron control of soft materials and novel network dynamics
0320941 U of Massachusetts Amherst Long $450,049
Watershed Management and Drinking Water Supply Research Instrumentation
0320940 U of Massachusetts Dartmouth Altabet $360,000
Acquisition of a Stable Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer and Supporting Instrumentation for Marine Biogeochemical and Paleoceanographic Studies [MRI/RUI]
0320740 U of Michigan Ann Arbor Ewing $500,000
Acquisition of a Focused Ion Beam Workstation for Multidisciplinary Materials Research at the U of Michigan
0320621 U of Michigan Dearborn Zikanov $100,000
0320880 U of Minnesota Duluth Werne $285,460
Acquisition of stable isotope mass spectrometry system for biogeochemical research at the Large Lakes Observatory
0320327 U of Minnesota Twin Cities Longmire $312,000
Development of Long Distance Microscope Velocimetry System for Bridging Macro and Microscales
0320641 U of Minnesota Twin Cities Carter $650,000
Acquisition of a High-Resolution Transmission Electron Microscope to Enhance Research and Training in the Nanocharacterization of Materials
0321172 U of Minnesota Twin Cities LaBat $262,806
Acquision of Human Dimensioning Equipment for Product Development
0319853 U of Missouri Columbia Pai $127,329
Acquisition of a 3D Motion Analysis System
0320721 U of Missouri Rolla Burken $436,797
Acquisition of Natural Treatment Systems Research Facility
0320722 U of Missouri Rolla Landers $166,058
0321002 U of Montana Rosenberg $455,000
Acquisition of a 500 MHz NMR spectrometer
0321329 U of Montana Fishman $197,316
Enhancing capacity for molecular and evolutionary genetic research at The U of Montana: Acquisition of an ABI 3100 genetic analyzer and related equipment
0320831 U of Nebraska Lincoln Sellmyer $252,000
Acquisition of an X-Ray Diffractometer for Nanoscale Materials Research and Education
0320889 U of Nebraska Lincoln Sincovec $500,000
MRI: Acquisition of High Performance Computing and Data Visualization for Scientists and Engineers
0321297 U of Nevada Reno Misra $800,000
Acquisition of Transmission Electron Microscope for Interdisciplinary Research
0320792 U of North Carolina Asheville Miller $412,000
Acquisition of Instruments for the Establishment of a Center for Imaging and Nondestructive Chemical Analysis at the U of North Carolina at Asheville: An MRI/RUI Proposal
0320795 U of North Carolina Asheville Holmes $133,374
Acquisition of GC/MS and Computational Workstations for Undergraduate Research in Chemistry
0319021 U of North Carolina Greensboro Leise $204,927
MRI/RUI-Acquisition of a Confocal Microscope for Multiple Users at UNCG
0321056 U of North Carolina Charlotte DuBois $250,445
RUI/MRI-Purchase of a 400 MHz NMR Spectrometer
0321161 U of Notre Dame Neal $358,000
Acquisition of a High Resolution, Magnetic Sector Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) Facility for the U of Notre Dame.
0320895 U of Oklahoma Norman Campus Neeman $340,000
MRI: Acquisition of an Itanium Cluster for Grid Computing
0321388 U of Oregon Eugene Malony $1,037,521
Acquisition of the Oregon ICONIC Grid for Integrated COgnitive Neuroscience Informatics and Computation
0320699 U of Pennsylvania Klein $317,000
Acquisition of a Viscoelastic Characterization Facility
0320586 U of Pittsburgh Sesack $256,274
Acquisition of a Biological Electron Microscope and Digital Camera System
0320534 U of Puerto Rico Mayaguez Rinaldi $311,556
MRI: Acquisition of a Magnetic Property Measurement System for Nanotechnology and Materials Science Research at the U of Puerto Rico at Mayag¦ez
0320669 U of Richmond Hamm $304,714
RUI- Acquisition of a Mass Spectrometer for Undergraduate Research
0321190 U of Richmond Kingsley $347,005
RUI: Acquisition of New and Upgraded Electron Microscopy Equipment for Interdisciplinary Research and Teaching
0320810 U of Rochester Jones $343,000
Acquisition of a 500MHz NMR Spectrometer
0321326 U of San Diego Bolender $198,367
MRI/RUI: Acquisition of Laser Instrumentation for Undergraduate Research and Teaching
0321377 U of Southern California Sawchuk $400,000
Acquisition of Equipment for Distributed Immersive Performance
0320715 U of Tennessee Chattanooga Kovach $95,100
Acquisition of a Fluorescence Imaging System for Research in Biology, Environmental Science and Chemistry at UT Chattanooga
0321328 U of Texas El Paso Roach $163,794
Acquisition of Equipment to Support Collaborative, Multi-Disciplinary Research and Development of Reliable Software
0321350 U of Utah Lepreau $800,000
Development of Next-Generation Network Research Testbeds
0321235 U of Washington Curless $499,902
MRI: The Digital Eye--A Visual Measurement and Processing Facility
0319230 U of Wisconsin Madison Valley $1,378,791
Acquisition of an Ion Microprobe for Stable Isotope Analysis
0320708 U of Wisconsin Madison Livny $1,186,405
Acquisition of the GLOW Distributed Computing System at the U of Wisconsin - Madison
0321545 U of Wisconsin Oshkosh Sandrin $379,705
An MRI/RUI Proposal: Acquisition of Instrumentation for a Proteomics and Functional Genomics Core Facility
0321170 Utah State U Hauser $134,617
Development of a low-cost 64 bit cluster supercomputer for engineering and physics simulations
0321171 Vanderbilt U Tolk $400,000
Acquisition of a Tunable, 10-fs and 100-fs Laser Spectroscopy System for Chemistry, Biomedical Engineering, Materials Science and Physics
0320764 Vassar College Long $471,340
RUI: Acquisition of Robotic Systems for Research in Cognitive Science, Biomechanics, and Computer Science
0320892 Villanova U Gross $248,742
Acquisition of a Closed-Loop Hydraulic Loading System and Data Acquisiton System for Research and Teaching in Structural Engineering (MRI/RUI)
0319837 Virginia Commonwealth U Morkoc $159,418
Acquisition of SQUID Magnetometer for Ferromagnetic Semiconductor and Oxide Research
0320832 Virginia Polytechnic Inst and State U Pitt $161,700
Collaborative Research: Development of a Particle Tracking System for the Qweak Experiment
0321066 Virginia Polytechnic Inst and State U Varadarajan $400,000
Acquisition of a Large Scale Cluster for Research in Computational Sciences and Engineering
0320911 Viterbo College Sadowski $125,927
MRI/RUI: Acquisition of growth chambers for undergraduate and faculty research on genetic and environmental interactions
0320801 Wake Forest U Alexander $42,295
Acquisition of a Chemistry/Biology biomolecular imaging center
0319528 Washington and Lee U Uffelman $70,830
Multinuclear Gradient Inverse Probe, Amplifier, and Overnight Low Temperature Dewar for High-Field NMR Spectroscopy in the Chemistry Department at Washington and Lee U
0320335 Washington College Connaughton $48,385
MRI/RUI Acquisition of behavioral tracking and environmental control systems to support research and research training in fish acoustic behavior.
0321324 Washington State U Webster $483,979
MRI: Acquisition of DNA analysis equipment for research and training in molecular ecology and evolution
0319767 Wayne State U Gibson $275,434
Development of Instrumentation for Measurement of Microscopic Dynamic Motions in Physical Systems
0321011 Wayne State U Hoffmann $209,104
NSF-MRI: Development of Sub-Angstrom Amplitude Atomic Force Microscope for Biological and Liquid Environments
0321037 Wayne State U Nadgorny $123,000
Acquisition of High Resolution Scanning Probe Hall Microscope
0320833 Wellesley College Harris $165,555
Acquisition of a Bruker Daltonics OmniFLEXTM Bench-top MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometer for Interdisciplinary Research in an Undergraduate College Setting
0320600 Western Kentucky U Rsch Fdn Holman $349,200
Acquisition of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer
0320582 Western Michigan U Tanis $115,086
Acquisition of Upgrade Equipment for the WMU tandem Van de Graaff Laboratory
0319749 Wheeling Jesuit U Baird $102,998
Acquisition of a Thermal Gravimetric Analyzer - FTIR Instrumentation for Undergraduate Research Projects
0321240 William Marsh Rice U Colvin $450,000
Acquisition of a Scanning ESCA Spectrometer: Probing the Interfaces of Bio-, Geo- and Nanomaterials
0321266 William Marsh Rice U Cavallaro $374,000
MRI: Development of a National U Wireless Testbed: Rice Configurable Baseband Architecture
0321275 William Marsh Rice U Raphael $434,409
Acquisition of Confocal Microscope for Multispectral and Multiphoton Biomolecular Imaging
0321045 Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst Hayes $800,000
A Compact System for Continuous-flow Accelerator Mass Spectrometry
0320840 Yale U Yale School of Medicine Mellman $332,228
Acquisition of multicolor spinning-disk confocal microscope for new applications in 4D cellular imaging and analysis


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