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Merit Review Process Fiscal Year 2013 Digest

Major Research Instrumentation Program Crosscutting Programs NSF Wide Flag

2009 - R2 MRI AWARDS

Award Organization
Award Amount
Principal Investigator
  Project Title
0951711 University of Tennessee Chattanooga
  MRI-R2:  Acquisition of a Benchtop Single Crystal X-ray Diffractometer for the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
0957080 University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point $255,000 Brummer
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of a Bruker 400 MHz Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer to Support Research at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
0957312 Hamline University $55,411 Makarevitch
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of a Gene Expression Monitoring System to Enhance Faculty-Student Collaborative Research
0957701 Vanderbilt University $304,583 Rosenthal
  MRI-R2:  Acquisition of a Versatile Deposition System
0957839 Trinity University $498,500 Mills
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of a 500 MHz NMR spectrometer by Trinity University
0957935 Central Washington University $187,413 Kaspari
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of a Single Particle Soot Photometer (SP2) for Analyses of Black Carbon in the Environment
0958018 University of Maryland Center for Environmental Sciences $434,273 Nelson
  MRI-R2:   Acquisition of a Shared Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer for Ecological, Geological & Hydrological Research, Education & Training in the Central Appalachians
0958205 Emory University $258,770 Lynn
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of Computer Systems for Scientific Computation
0958214 Southern Oregon University $490,737 Roden
  MRI-R2:  Acquisition of a stable isotope ratio mass spectrometer for studies in biogeochemistry at Southern Oregon University.
0958267 Tennessee State University $609,678 Muterspaugh
  MRI-R^2 Consortium:  Development of VISION:  The Next Generation Science Camera for the Navy Prototype Optical Interferometer
0958317 Montana State University $401,086 Wolff
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of Instrumentation for Development and Testing of Digital Beamforming Antennas
0958349 University of North Florida $104,047 Gasparov
  MRI-R2:  Acquisition of the Optical Cryostat for Research and Teaching
0958398 Drew University $129,854 Riihimaki
  Acquisition of Instrumentation for the Interdisciplinary Drew Sedimentology Facility
0958425 Elizabethtown College $332,553 MacKay
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of a 400 MHz NMR Spectrometer For Undergraduate Research and Training at Elizabethtown College
0958426 Connecticut College $54,070 Ching
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of Atomic Absorption Instrumentation for Multi-Disciplinary Undergraduate Research and Research Training
0958457 New York University $295,919 Arora
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of a MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometer
0958574 University of Missouri-Columbia $1,255,008 Katz
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of High-Voltage Transmission Electron Microscope
0958596 The University Corporation, Northridge $216,000 Lu
  MRI-R2:  Acquisition of a Beowulf Cluster for Computational Materials Research and Education
0958616 Coastal Carolina University $104,604 Limpasuvan
  MRI-R2:  Acquisition of a Small Computing Cluster for Geophysical Research
0958658 Columbia University $4,140,323 Bell
  MRI-R2: Development of an Ice Imaging System for Monitoring Changing Ice Sheets Mounted on the NYANG LC-130
0958668 University of Alabama Tuscaloosa $501,680 Lang
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of a Volumetric 3-Component Velocimetry (V3V) System
0958669 Massachusetts General Hospital $992,310 Hamalainen
  MRI: Collaborative: Development of a novel pediatric magnetoencephalography (MEG) system
0958696 University of Richmond $300,000 Parish
  MRI-R2:  Acquisition of a Computer Cluster for Undergraduate Research and Teaching in Computational Chemistry
0958697 Wheaton College $400,000 Burden
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of Instruments for Characterizing Soft Interfaces on the Nanoscale and Single-Molecule Levels
0958710 University of Wisconsin-Extension $102,690 Bradbury
  MRI: Acquisition of geophysical  tools and software for subsurface imaging
0958711 University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point $469,942 Lawrence
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of a High Resolution QTOF Mass Spectrometer
0958726 Michigan State University $3,280,782 Morrissey
  MRI-R2: Development of A High-Performance Gas-Filled Cyclotron Stopper
0958738 Smithsonian Institution Astrophysical Observatory $1,107,627 Szentgyorgyi
  Development of Instrumentation for Ultra-Precise Radial Velocity Measurements
0958749 California State University, East Bay Foundation, Inc. $393,388 Kimball
  MRI R2: Acquisition of a Femtosecond Optical Frequency Comb and THz Spectrometer for Atomic, Molecular and Condensed Matter Spectroscopy
0958772 CUNY Queens College $125,747 Genack
  MRI-R2: Acquistion of Microwave Network Analyzer for Studies of Global Statistics of Waves in Random Media
0958785 Brown University $450,000 Zia
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of Conformal-Oxide Processing Module for Microfabrication Central User Facility
0958786 The Getty Conservation Institution $137,300 Trentelman
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of a Mapping micro-XRF Spectrometer for Art and Cultural Heritage Materials Research and Education
0958790 University of Arizona $506,800 Romanowski
  MRI-R2:  Acquisition of Shared Laser Facility
0958796 University of California-Riverside $1,000,000 Zaera
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of an X-ray photoelectron spectrometer (XPS)
0958805 Union College $309,950 Kehlbeck
  MRI-R^2: Acquisition of a 400 MHz NMR Spectrometer for Union College
0958826 Jacksonville State University $38,002 Gryko
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer for Undergraduate Research
0958854 Temple University $839,221 Wu
  MRI-R2: Acquisition: A Hybrid High-Performance GPU/CPU System
0958873 Missouri Botanical Garden $97,033 Bogler
  MRI-R2:   Acquisition of Instrumentation in Support of Laboratory Research and Training in Botany and Conservation
0958874 Miami University $222,750 Thomas
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of Dense Array EEG for Research and Training across the Disciplines
0958877 Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution $1,934,178 Anderson
  MRI-R2 Consortium: Acquisition of multiple Environmental Sample Processors (ESPs) and supporting mooring and communications hardware
0958878 Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution $1,527,934 Evans
  MRI-R2: Development of the New Generation of Long-Period Seafloor MT Instrumentation
0958900 Amherst College $350,000 Friedman
  MRI-R2:  Acquisition of an Electron-Beam Evaporator for Undergraduate Research
0958901 University of Houston - Clear Lake $245,527 Wang
  MRI-R2:  Acquisition of an Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry System for Interdisciplinary Research and Training at the University of Houston-Clear Lake
0958908 Villanova University $568,000 Hoorfar
  MRI-R2 Acquisition of Enhanced Antenna Measurement Facilities for Emerging RF and Millimeter-Wave Applications
0958928 College of Wooster $295,961 Pollock
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of an X-Ray Diffractometer (XRD) and X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer (XRF) to Enhance Undergraduate Research at a Primarily Undergraduate Institution (PUI)
0958939 Chicago State University $279,990 Jones II
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of a 400 MHz NMR Spectrometer at Chicago State University
0958950 Morgan State University $199,594 Seifu
  MRI-R2: Development of Magneto-Optics Kerr Effect for in-situ dynamic studies of film growth
0958973 James Madison University $299,810 Minbiole
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of an LCMS System to Enhance Undergraduate Research that Interfaces Chemistry and Biology
0958988 University of Northern Iowa $167,950 Sugumaran
  Acquisition of a Hyperspectral Imaging System (HIS) for Multidisciplinary Research
0958996 Bryn Mawr College $263,900 Malachowski
  400 MHz NMR Acquisition
0958998 INTERNET2 $1,744,464 Boyd
  MRI-R2 Consortium: Development of Dynamic Network System (DYNES)
0959000 University of Mississippi $1,631,937 Summers
  MRI-R2: Development of RF System Control and Power Distribution for the International Muon Ionization Cooling Experiment (MICE)
0959012 Marshall University Research Corporation $930,058 Norton
  MRI-R2:   Acquisition of a Confocal/Multiphoton Microscope to Advance Cellular and Physiological Research at Marshall University
0959020 Central Michigan University $349,997 Kinnicutt
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of a Thermal Manikin and Guarded Sweating Hotplate for Optimization of Functional Apparel Systems to Regulate Heat and Moisture
0959028 Hampshire College $119,908 Amarasiriwardena
  MRI-R2:   Acquisition of a 213 nm UV Laser Ablation System to Advance Micro Spatial Trace Element Research and Research Training Across Fields
0959037 University of Texas at Austin $544,314 Schmidt
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of High Resolution Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope (ESEM) for Characterization of Hydrogels, Nano-/Micro-Structures, & Cell-Material Interfaces
0959053 University of Illinois at Chicago $701,815 Johnson
  MRI-R2: Development of the Next-Generation CAVE Virtual Environment (NG-CAVE)
0959057 Massachusetts Institute of Technology $2,293,183 Chuang
  MRI-R2: Laser Acquisition and Modernization Program (LAMP) for Quantum Science and Engineering
0959066 Clark University $210,960 Kudrolli
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of  X-Ray Computed Tomography System for Imaging of Heterogeneous Materials
0959072 University of California-San Diego $1,960,000 Fainman
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of Electron Beam Writer for Southern California Recovery Investment in Nanotechnology (SCRIN)
0959092 Pennsylvania State Univ University Park $724,002 Fantle
  MRI-R2:  Acquisition of a Multiple Collector Inductively-Coupled Mass Spectrometer (MC-ICP-MS) for Multi-Disciplinary Biogeochemical Research at Penn State
0959097 William Marsh Rice University $2,928,889 Levander
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of Data Analysis and Visualization Cyber-Infrastructure for Computational Science and Engineering Applications(DAVinCI)
0959105 Southern University $1,000,000 Walker
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of a Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) for Research. Research Training, and Education at Southern University a Research Undergraduate Institution (RUI)
0959124 University of Arkansas $900,000 Apon
  MRI-R2:  Acquisition of an Integrated Instrument for Computational Research and Education
0959133 University of Hawaii $716,368 Jahren
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of IRMS Instruments for Stable Isotope Analyses of New Geobiological Substrates
0959140 California Institute of Technology $1,200,000 Adolphs
  MRI-R2: Acquisition for High-Performance Imaging of the Human Brain
0959141 California State University-Fresno Foundation $620,000 Gao
  MRI-R2 Consortium: Development of the U.S. ATLAS Physics Analysis Instrument (APAI) for the Analysis of Data from the ATLAS Experiment at the Large Hadron Collider
0959146 Agnes Scott College $127,172 Finco
  MRI-R2:   Acquisition of Quantitative Instrumentation for Research in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
0959148 Columbia University $811,868 Linsley
  MRI-R2:  Acquisition of Stable Isotope Instrumentation for High Precision Paleoclimatic and Environmental Research at the Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory
0959168 University of Wisconsin-La Crosse $524,145 Opdahl
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) and Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) for a Multidisciplinary Core Imaging Facility
0959175 Gettysburg College $159,756 Kittelberger
  MRI-R2:   Acquisition of an epifluorescence microscope for research and training at Gettysburg College
0959177 Barnard College $166,668 Buzzeo
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of UV-Vis-NIR, FT-IR, and Fluorescence Spectrometric Instrumentation
0959187 New Jersey Institute of Technology $2,375,052 Goode
  MRI: Development of Multi-Conjugate Adaptive Optics for the 1.6 Meter Solar Telescope in Big Bear
0959209 University of Central Arkansas $82,452 Rowley
  Acquisition of an Analytical Flow Cytometer for Natural Sciences and Teaching
0959211 University of Mississippi Medical Center $438,784 Correia
  MRI-R2:    Acquisition of Aviv XL-FDS Fluorescence Detection System
0959225 University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus $365,240 Blanco
  MRI-R2:  Acquisition Of A Shared Electron Microscope For The Institute Of Neurobiology
0959226 Towson University $257,546 Lev
  MRI-R2:  Acquisition of an Inductively Coupled Plasma-Time of Flight-Mass Spectrometer (ICP-TOF-MS) for Multidisciplinary Research and Training at Towson University
0959228 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University $661,240 Ducker
  MRI-R2: Development of a Correlation Force Spectrometer
0959229 Indiana University of Pennsylvania Research Institute $87,971 Ford
  MRI-R2:  Acquistion of modern high-performance liquid chromatography instrumentation for research and education at IUP
0959254 University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras $516,658 Schreiter
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of High-throughput Crystallization Instrumentation to Enhance the Macromolecular X-ray Crystallography Facility of the University of Puerto Rico
0959272 Union College $270,000 Hayes
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of Micro-Raman and Micro-IR Spectrometers for a Multi-disciplinary Spectroscopy Laboratory at Union College
0959280 Massachusetts Institute of Technology $1,035,845 Prinn
  MRI-R2:  Development and Deployment of Automated Continuous Wave Quantum Cascade Laser Instruments For On-Site Monitoring of the Four Isotopomers of Nitrous Oxide
0959282 Hope College $215,180 Peaslee
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of Instrumentation to Determine Provenance of Environmental Samples
0959294 Children's Hospital Corporation $2,995,639 Grant
  MRI: Collaborative Development of a Novel Pediatric Magnetoencephalography System
  MRI-R2:   Acquisition of an Agilent 7890A Gas Chromatograph for Northern Kentucky University
0959297 Hamilton College $177,950 Van Wynsberghe
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of a High Performance Computing cluster with a fast interconnect to enable shared-use, college-wide computational investigations at Hamilton College
0959306 Middlebury College $299,584 Ryan
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of an XRD, FTIR, and WDS for Integrated Mineralogical and Geochemical Studies at Middlebury College
0959311 Georgia Southern University Research and Service Foundation, Inc $310,000 Maldonado
  MRI-R2:  Acquisition of Leica Laser Scanners, Surveying GPS SmartStation, and ISI InteliCamera (LaSurCam) Instrumentation
0959322 University of St. Thomas $246,000 Ippoliti
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of a 400 MHz Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectrometer
0959328 University of Utah $563,115 Williams
  MRI-R2:  Development of a Low Temperature Single Spin Tunneling Force Microscope
0959329 Colorado School of Mines $589,036 Matlock
  MRI-R2:  Acquisition of a Gleeble 3500 Thermomechanical Processing Simulator
0959333 Marine Biological Laboratory $418,048 Ducklow
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of Trace Gas and Aerosol Instrumentation for Ecosystem Analysis
0959334 Universidad Del Turabo $173,242 Roque-Malherbe
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of an XRD, Raman Spectrometer and Sorption Analyzer for the Creation of a Materials Characterization CyberLab
0959336 South Dakota School of Mines and Technology $163,438 Zhu
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of a Thin-Film Deposition Glovebox System for Organic Electronics and Energy-related Nanoscience Research and Education
0959339 Florida Gulf Coast University $230,822 Fugate
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of a Laboratory Research and Teaching Flume for Estuarine Sediment Bed and Ecological Research and Education
0959341 Macalester College $290,000 Heyman
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of a High-Power Femtosecond Ti:Sapphire Laser for Ultrafast Terahertz Spectroscopy
0959343 University of Houston $800,000 Litvinov
  MRI-R2 Consortium: Acquisition of an Electron Beam Lithography System to Support Transformative Device and Materials Research in the Greater Houston Area
0959349 Johns Hopkins University $5,044,023 Bennett
  MRI-R2: Development  of a Low-Frequency Microwave Polarimeter for Large Scale Surveys
0959354 Providence College $266,261 Austriaco
0959360 University of Missouri-Saint Louis $614,500 Spilling
  MRI-R2 Acquisition of a 600 MHz NMR Spectrometer
0959361 Drexel University $1,125,000 Lau
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of an X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) Surface Analysis Instrumentation for Enabling Research and Education in Greater Philadlephia
0959365 University of Connecticut $407,672 O'Neill
  MRI-R2:   Acquisition of Applied Biosystems SOLiD 3 System for Research and Education
0959369 University of North Dakota Main Campus $397,727 Rhen
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of a Liquid Handling Robot and a High-throughput Real-time PCR Thermocycler for Genetics and Genomics Research at UND
0959373 Washington and Jefferson College $143,000 Logan
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of SPM for Nanoscience in Undergraduate Research and Education
0959377 Gonzaga University $172,449 Ross
  MRI-R2:  Acquisition of an Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer for Multi-Department Research Projects at Gonzaga University
0959382 University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth $199,480 Fisher
  MRI-R2 : Acquisition of a Heterogenous Terascale Shared Campus Computing Facility
0959384 American Museum Natural History $888,860 Landman
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of a High Resolution CT-Scanner at the American Museum of  Natural History
0959393 Tulane University $1,300,000 John
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of a High Resolution Field Emission Transmission Electron Microscope for Research in Self-Assembled, Synthetic and Biomolecular Materials
0959395 Texas A&M International University $58,511 Ynalvez
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of High Performance Centrifuge and Freeze-Dry System to Enhance Research and Teaching
0959401 University of the South $350,000 Miles
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of a High Performance Liquid Chromatography/Tandem Mass Spectrometry System
0959406 North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University $231,000 Assefa
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of Smart X2S Automated Bench Top Single Crystal X-ray Diffractometer
0959415 Rowan University $296,650 Sukumaran
  MRI-R2:  Acquisition of an X-ray Computed Tomography system with loading capabilities
0959422 North Dakota State University Fargo $351,764 Mallik
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of an automatic isothermal titration microcalorimeter
0959425 Lake Superior State University $45,000 Westrick
  Acquisition of a Thermal Cycler and QPCR Instrument to Incorporate Molecular Biochemistry into Undergraduate Research and Education
0959426 The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey $120,126 Straub
  MRI-R2:   Acquisition of a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) for Coastal Underwater Research
0959438 Northeastern Ohio University College of Medicine $583,523 Vinyard
  MRI-R2 Acquisition: Establishment of a Core Facility for the Hierarchical Analysis of Bone
0959441 Worcester Polytechnic Institute $391,582 Willis
  MRI-R2: Development of a User-Centered Network Measurement Platform
0959442 Marquette University $601,079 St. Maurice
  MRI-R2:   Acquisition of a high-intensity X-ray diffractometer for macromolecular crystallography
0959447 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill $1,795,854 Reichart
  MRI-R2 Consortium Acquisition:  Targeted Expansions of the Skynet Robotic Telescope Network's Wavelength, Geographic, and User-Community Footprints
0959452 Amherst College $626,024 McKinney
  MRI-R2:  Acquisition of a Proton Transfer Reaction Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer for Atmospheric Chemistry
0959454 Vanderbilt University $390,423 Walker
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of a GPU cluster for solving n-body systems in science and engineering
0959461 Montclair State University $129,372 Trubatch
  MRI-R2: CSAM Acquisition of Scientific Computing Capacity
0959465 Washington University $1,158,677 Kelton
  MRI-R2: Development of Electrostatic Levitation Facility for Neutron Scattering Studies of Liquids to be used in Fundamental Research and Education
0959470 University of Illinois at Chicago $1,999,999 Klie
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of an Aberration-Corrected Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope for Multidisciplinary Research and Education at UIC
0959476 Skidmore College $547,755 Gibson
  MRI-R2: From Molecules to Ecosystems: Establishment of the Skidmore Analytical Interdisciplinary Laboratory (SAIL)
0959486 University of Vermont & State Agricultural College $287,204 Headrick
  MRI-R2:  Development of a System for Real-Time X-Ray Scattering Analysis of Complex Oxide Thin Film Growth
0959496 University of Delaware $2,171,500 Polenova
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of an 850 MHz NMR Spectrometer for Interdisciplinary Research at the University of Delaware
0959504 Kean University $593,820 Joiner
  MRI-R2 Consortium: Acquisition of hardware for data visualization and exploratory analysis
0959511 North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University $682,890 Sankar
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of a Nanotom-Computed Tomography System for Revolutionizing Metallic Biomaterials Research, Education and Training
0959512 North Dakota State University Fargo $500,667 Grazul-Bilska
  Acquisition of Laser Microdissection and Pressure Catapulting System for Life Sciences Research and Training
0959516 The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey $98,600 Manson
  MRI-R2 Consortium: Acquisition of hardware for data visualization and exploratory analysis
0959521 Hampton University $216,381 Kohl
  MRI-R2 Consortium:  Development of Forward-Angle Tracking Telescopes for Luminosity Monitoring at OLYMPUS
0959524 SUNY at Stony Brook $1,200,000 Cochran
  MRI-R2:  Acquisition of Mass Spectrometers for Earth Systems Science Research at Stony Brook University
0959525 University of Wisconsin-Madison $435,013 Campagnola
  MRI-R2: Development of an long wavelength nonlinear optical microscope for harmonic and autofluorescence imaging of biological tissues
0959526 Trinity College $117,000 Geiss
  MRI-R^2: Acquisition of powder X-ray diffraction instrument for faculty research and undergraduate education
0959546 Georgetown University $197,547 Stoll
  MRI-R2:  Acquisition of an X-ray Powder Diffractometer
0959550 Ohio University $170,000 McAvoy
  MRI-R2:  Acquisition of a Synergistic Driving Simulator
0959552 Davidson College $168,432 Boye
  MRI-R2:  Acquisition of Equipment for Rare Earth Spectroscopic Studies of Sol-Gel Glass Structure
0959565 SUNY at Buffalo $390,524 Aga
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of an Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer (ICP/MS)
0959568 Southern Illinois University at Carbondale $464,075 Bozzola
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of an Analytical High Resolution Scanning Electron Microscope
0959583 Louisiana State University Shreveport $154,901 Celebi
  Acquisition of High Performance Computational Infrastructure for Image Analysis, Visualization, and Game Development
0959584 Northeastern University $499,355 Noubir
  MRI-R2: Development of a Second-Generation Applications-Driven Wireless Sensor Networking Instrument
0959605 University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth $27,799 Chalivendra
  MRI-R2: Development of Micro Tensile Tester Operated in Atomic Force Microscopy
0959617 CUNY Hunter College $390,000 Francesconi
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of a 500 MHz Multinuclear NMR for Investigation of Metal-Containing Systems at Hunter College
0959620 University of Chicago $1,259,490 Carlstrom
  MRI-R2:  Development of a Polarimeter for the 10 Meter South Pole Telescope
0959621 Eastern Michigan University $207,275 Armitage
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of a High-Resolution Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer for Research and Education
0959622 University of Minnesota-Twin Cities $1,389,500 Campbell
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of a Direct Write Electron Beam Lithography System for Exploring Mesoscale Science, Materials, and Devices
0959625 Washington and Lee University $119,678 Uffelman
  MRI-R2: Portable X-Ray Fluorescence, Digital IR Photography, and Stereomicroscopy Applied to University Collections of Art and History at Washington and Lee University
0959630 Duke University $473,370 Johnson
  MRI-R2:   Acquisition of a High-Speed Sorting Flow Cytometer  for Multi-User Environmental Microbiology Research
0959631 Texas A&M Research Foundation $150,791 Louchouarn
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of a GC/MS triple quadrupole for the characterization of terrestrial plant biomarkers in complex  environmental media at TAMUG
0959654 Texas A&M University Corpus Christi $547,905 Fox
  Acquisition of instrumentation for evaluation of biochemical and culture properties of microalgae
0959666 University of Massachusetts Boston $865,729 Hannigan
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of an isotope ratio mass spectrometer
0959674 Appalachian State University $88,810 Caton
  MRI-R^2 : Acquisition of Equipment in Support of Automatic Telescope Systems at a Research and Teaching Observatory
0959679 North Carolina Central University $489,000 Wu
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of an Environmental Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope for Research and Education at North Caroline Central University
0959681 Calvin College $208,645 Sinniah
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of Biophysical Instruments for Interdisciplinary Faculty and Student Research
0959687 Jacksonville State University $415,600 Francia
  MRI-R2: Acquisition for the Critical Infrastructure Security and Assessment Laboratory (CISAL)
0959695 Duke University $450,000 Kim
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of High Performance Deep Reactive Ion Etching System for Multidisciplinary Engineering Applications
0959713 Saint Lawrence University $179,336 Sharp
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of High Performance Computer and Microarray Scanner for Interdisciplinary Research in Computer Science and Biology at St. Lawrence University
0959721 Harvard University $417,856 Needleman
  MRI-R2: Development of a System for Dynamic, Multipoint, Dual-Color Fluorescence Fluctuation Spectroscopy
0959722 Florida International University $328,334 Anderson
  MRI R2: Acquisition of the next generation IRMS and CRDS for the SERC Stable Isotope Laboratory
0959741 University of Minnesota-Twin Cities $807,720 Sun
  MRI-R2: Development of a Precise and High Speed Hydrostatic Dynamometer System for Research and Education in Automotive Propulsion Systems
0959745 University of Arkansas Medical Sciences Campus $1,491,136 Storrie
  MRI-R2:  120 kV  Electron Microscope System for Sample Preparation, Biological Microscopy, Tomography, and Visualization of Protein Complexes
0959761 New Jersey Institute of Technology $5,121,584 Gary
  MRI-R2:  Development of Owens Valley Solar Array to a Community Facility
0959764 Pennsylvania State Univ University Park $675,000 Mayer
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of a Versatile Electron Beam Nanolithography Instrument for Patterning on Planar and Curved Surfaces
0959778 Washington State University $1,497,205 Kang
  MRI-R2:   Acquisition of High Throughput Crystallization and Collection Devices
0959785 Wilkes University $210,880 Terzaghi
  MRI-R2:   Acquisition of Growth Chambers
0959787 Oklahoma State University Multispectral Laboratories $234,100 Barnes
  MRI-R2 : Acquisition for In Vacuo Characterization and Pb-VI MBE System Upgrades
0959807 Christopher Newport University $253,030 Sullens
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of a Wavelength Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer
0959808 Associated Universities Inc/National Radio Astronomy Observatory $507,258 Walker
  MRI-R2:  Acquisition of Recording Media to Triple the Sensitivity of the VLBA
0959816 Indiana University $444,857 Hinnefeld
  MRI-R2: Development of a Detection System for the Recoil Mass Separator St. George
0959817 New Mexico State University $664,603 Curtiss
  MRI-R2:  Acquisition of a Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope for New Mexico State University
0959822 Syracuse University $473,434 Foley
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of Shared Digital Video Data Analysis Infrastructure
0959823 University of Michigan Ann Arbor $1,163,026 Walter
  MRI-R2: Development of High-Resolution Single Fluorescent Particle Tracker and Nanomanipulator
0959839 Colorado College $21,634 Meyer
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of Two Infrared Cameras and Supporting Equipment for Performing Energy Audits of Existing Buildings
0959856 Wesleyan University $298,736 Starr
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of Shared Cluster and Database Computing Facilities at Wesleyan University
0959858 Gustavus Adolphus College $310,000 Huber
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of a Scanning Laser Doppler Vibrometer System
0959862 Brigham Young University $198,500 Woodfield
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of a powder X-ray diffractometer for chemistry research
0959864 University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras $637,664 Hrbek
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of genomic and bioinformatic technology to promote research at the University of Puerto Rico
0959870 SUNY at Buffalo $4,600,351 Chaudhary
  MRI-R2:   Acquisition of a Data Intensive Supercomputer for Innovative and Transformative Research in Science and Engineering
0959876 CUNY Baruch College $61,733 Hoellein
  MRI: Acquisition of a Seal AQ2+ Discrete Autoanalyzer for interdisciplinary research in aquatic ecology by faculty and undergraduates at Baruch College
0959879 University of Northern Colorado $371,800 Pacheco
  MRI-R2:  Acquisition of a Scanning Electron Microscope for Research and Research Training at UNC
0959884 Drexel University $443,768 McMillan
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of a GPU-accelerated High-Performance Computing Cluster
0959888 Saginaw Valley State University $308,954 Karpovich
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of Raman and Thermal Analysis Instrumentation for Studies of Materials
0959894 University of Maryland at Baltimore $1,894,381 White
  MRI-R2:   Acquisition of Data Intensive Academic Grid (DIAG)
0959896 University of Kentucky Research Foundation $580,000 Cheng
  MRI-R2:  Acquisition of Nanomechanical Systems for in situ Mechanical Characterization of Materials in Application Environments
0959905 Rutgers University New Brunswick $1,972,867 Batson
  MRI-R2: Development of an Integrated STEM Instrument with Nanoscale milli-Electron Volt Energy Loss Spectroscopy
0959908 San Diego State University Foundation $709,200 Barlow
  MRI-R2:   Acquisition of a Field Emission SEM for a Multi-User EM Facility
0959915 Cooper Union $152,827 Wootton
  MRI-R2:  Acquisition of Endoscopic Particle Image Velocimetry System and Multiprocessor Computer for Fluid Mechanics Research
0959920 University of Toledo $992,690 Varanasi
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of a suite of analytical instrumentation essential for investigating fuel, chemical and polymer production from biomass
0959924 DePaul University $2,000,000 Huang
  MRI-R2: Development of a Software Traceability Instrument to Facilitate and Empower Traceability Research and Technology Transfer
0959935 University of Texas at Arlington $535,000 Celik-Butler
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of Precision Wafer Aligner / Bonder for 3-D Integrated Nano-Opto-Electromechanical Systems (NOEMS)
0959951 Western New England College $293,450 Gettens
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of Instrumentation for a Biomedical Materials Research Laboratory
0959958 Fayetteville State University $175,092 Bhattacharya
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of Robots and Robot Accessories for Interdisciplinary Faculty and Student Research at Fayetteville State University
0959979 SUNY at Stony Brook $1,400,000 Kaufman
  MRI-R2: Development of an Immersive Giga-pixel Display
0959984 University of Minnesota Duluth $327,334 Werne
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of a liquid chromatograph-mass spectrometer for biogeochemistry and paleoclimate studies at the Large Lakes Observatory
0959985 Florida International University $2,939,515 Adjouadi
  MRI-R2: Development of an Instrument for Information Science and  Computing  in Neuroscience
0959989 SUNY at Buffalo $1,001,046 Markelz
  MRI-R^2:  Development of STIM and DATS for Protein and Nanosystem Characterization
0960000 Texas A&M University Corpus Christi $524,171 Mehrubeoglu
  MRI-R2: Development of Hyperspectral Optical Property Instrumentation (HOPI) for Biomedical and Environmental Research
0960003 Rowan University $263,000 Lofland
  MRI R2: Acquisition of a Four Circle X-Ray Diffractometer for Use in Undergraduate Materials Research and Education
0960022 University of Massachusetts Lowell $1,150,000 Wang
  MRI-R2:  Acquisition of a Focused Ion Beam - Scanning Electron Microscope (FIB-SEM) for Nano/Micro Fabrication/Characterization
0960034 New York Structural Biology Center Incorporated $3,500,000 Hendrickson
  Development of a Synchrotron Beamline for High-resolution Microdiffraction Analysis of Biological Macromolecules
0960047 University of Virginia Main Campus $900,000 Pfister
  MRI-R2 Consortium: Development of a Photon-Number-Resolving Detector System for Universal Quantum Computing
0960061 Drexel University $5,999,997 Kim
  MRI-R2: Development of Common Platform for Unifying Humanoids Research
0960074 University of Virginia Main Campus $1,345,087 Pate
  MRI-R2: Development of a Cyber-enabled Third Generation Chirped-Pulse Fourier Transform Microwave (CP-FTMW) Spectrometer
0960077 Utah State University $418,251 Pitblado
  MRI-R2 Consortium: Acquisition of Multi-Scalar Spatial Data Collection, Analysis, and Visualization Instruments
0960078 Trustees of Boston University $775,000 Semeter
  MRI-R2:  Development of Next-generation Imaging Spectrometer Based on a Tunable Liquid Crystal Filter
0960081 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University $1,992,527 Feng
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of a Heterogeneous Supercomputing Instrument for Transformative Interdisciplinary Research
0960087 Carleton College $305,000 Eblen-Zayas
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of an X-Ray Diffractometer for Powder and Thin Film Materials Characterization
0960089 Arkansas State University Main Campus $1,070,851 Cramer
  MRI-R2:   Acquisition of equipment for investigating biodynamic interactions
0960090 Texas A&M Research Foundation $383,127 Rooker
  MRI-R2:  Acquisition of instruments to facilitate and enhance education and research on marine ecosystems at TAMUG
0960100 Clemson University $1,648,901 Sosolik
  MRI-R2:  Acquisition of a Highly Charged Ion Beamline for Interdisciplinary Materials Research and Education at Clemson University
0960110 University of Nebraska-Lincoln $1,300,000 Sellmyer
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of FEG TEM/STEM for Materials and Nanotechnology Research and Education
0960114 Lycoming College $327,913 Newman
  MRI-R2:   Acquisition of Instrumentation for Novel Microbe Characterization by Undergraduate Researchers
0960120 Northwestern University $548,834 Chandrasekhar
  MRI-R2: Development of Instrumentation for Nanoscale Spatial and Time Resolved Microwave Studies at Variable Temperatures and Magnetic Fields
0960121 California State University-Long Beach Foundation $310,092 Lipo
  The Development of a Low-Cost and High-Throughput Dating System for Prehistoric Ceramics
0960128 University of Kansas Center for Research Inc $1,694,428 Bean
  MRI-R2: Development of a Pixel Detector for the Upgraded CMS Experiment
0960138 Berkeley Geochronology Center $782,221 Renne
  MRI-R2: Development of a High-Flux Deuteron-Deuteron Fusion Neutron Source for 40Ar/39Ar Geochronology
0960140 Northwestern University $755,415 Burghardt
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of a SAXS/MAXS/WAXS Detector System for Nanoscale Studies of Soft Materials
0960148 Northwestern University $600,152 Backman
  MRI-R2: Development of biophotonics instrumentation for sensing subcellular structure at nanoscale
0960156 New Mexico State University $1,675,244 Ma
  MRI-R2:  Development of Adaptive Reduced-Gravity Simulator for Aerospace and Biomechanics Research
0960160 UNAVCO, Inc. $323,814 Miller
  MRI-R2:  Acquisition of GPS Equipment for Africa Array
0960163 University of Southern California $273,000 Sukhatme
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of a Networked AUV-based Instrument for the Southern California Bight
0960175 University of Alaska Fairbanks Campus $1,481,252 Newby
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of a Configurable Supercomputer for Arctic Research
0960177 Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville $572,417 Holt
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of Raman and Infrared Microscopes for Interdisciplinary Research
0960178 Mesa State College $23,055 McQuade
  MRI - R2:   Acquisition of a Digital Steromicroscopy System for Research, Research Training and the Intergration of Research and Education at Mesa State College
0960179 University of California-Irvine $165,436 Apkarian
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of a Confocal Raman Microscope
0960180 Louisiana Tech University $384,960 Allouche
  MRI-R2:  Acquisition of a Laboratory for Innovations in Microwave Applications for Damage Prevention, Condition Assessment and Rehabilitation of Buried Structures
0960195 University of Oklahoma Norman Campus $533,000 Johnson
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of a Field-Emission Scanning Electron Microscope
0960197 University of North Texas $350,000 Scharf
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of an X-Ray Micro-Computed Tomography Apparatus for in situ Three-dimensional Microscopy of Microstructural Evolution of Materials Under Deformation
0960211 University of Oregon Eugene $515,000 Lonergan
  MRI-R2: Development of a Scanning Tunneling Microscope for Optical Spectroscopy
0960222 University of Louisiana at Lafayette $610,879 Glass
  MRI-R2: Development of Electrostatic high energy focused ion beam (HEFIB) nanoprobe system
0960229 Lamar University Beaumont $119,342 Tadmor
  MRI-R2: Developing Instrumentation for measuring decoupled normal and lateral retention forces for systems of drops on surfaces
0960232 University of Wisconsin-Platteville $454,282 Wu
  MRI-R2:  Acquisition of an Advanced Atomic Force Microscope at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville
0960236 Loyola University of Chicago $355,703 Chiarelli
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of a Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer
0960242 University of Utah $1,633,490 Kieda
  MRI-R2 Consortium: Development of Improved Instrumentation for the VERITAS Gamma-Ray Observatory
0960243 Stanford University $1,966,178 Kuo
  MRI-R2: Development of POLAR-1, an expandable 5,000-detector CMB Polarimeter
0960254 Occidental College $106,205 Goffredi
  MRI-R2:   Instrumentation for the Measure of Genes and Gene Products
0960256 University of New Mexico $560,760 Datye
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of X-ray diffractometer for nano-bio materials and earth sciences research
0960270 University of Wyoming $874,225 Sims
  MRI: Acquisition of a MC-ICPMS for the University of Wyoming
0960271 University of California-San Francisco $1,976,777 Agard
  MRI-R2 Consortium:  Development of an 8kx8k pixel direct detection CMOS camera with single electron counting for cryoEM
0960274 Colorado State University $1,500,000 Rocca
  MRI-R2: Development of a high average power table-top extreme ultraviolet/soft x-ray laser beam line for science at the nanoscale
0960275 University of California-San Diego Scripps Inst of Oceanography $807,971 Vernon
  MRI-R2:  Acquisition of a Semi-Continental Scale Atmospheric Acoustic Transportable Array
0960285 University of Alaska Southeast Juneau Campus $323,023 Hoferkamp
  MRI-R2:  Acquisition of Instrumentation in Support of Terrestrial, Nearshore and Marine Ecosystems Collaborative Research at the University of Alaska Southeast
0960291 California Institute of Technology $1,050,000 Ott
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of a Compute Cluster for High-Fidelity Simulations of Gravitational Wave Sources -- Facilitating LIGO and Enabling Multi-Messenger Astronomy
0960292 University of Colorado at Boulder $1,639,639 Dessau
  MRI-R2: Development of a Time Resolved Ultraviolet Spectroscopies Laboratory
0960298 University of California-San Diego Scripps Inst of Oceanography $841,848 Melville
  MRI-R2:  Acquisition of Airborne Remote Sensing System for Oceanographic, Terrestrial, and Environmental Research
0960300 San Jose State University Foundation $446,894 Clements
  Collaborative Research: MRI-R2--Acquisition of a Mobile Atmospheric Profiling System for Multi-Campus Research and Education (CSU-MAPS)
0960306 Stanford University $4,029,600 Shaqfeh
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of a Hybrid CPU/GPU and Visualization Cluster for Multidisciplinary Studies in Transport Physics with Uncertainty Quantification
0960307 University of Wyoming $257,000 Parkinson
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of a Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FESEM) at the University of Wyoming
0960313 Seattle University $127,114 Stenbak
  MRI-R2:   Acquisition of a Large-Volume Preparative Ultracentrifuge for Use in Research and Research Training at Seattle University
0960315 University of California-Irvine $449,362 Valdevit
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of a Structural Dynamics and Surface Characterization System for Research and Educational Activities on Micro-scale Structures and Devices
0960316 University of California-Santa Barbara $665,000 Brown
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of a high performance central computing facility at UCSB
0960331 University of California-Santa Barbara $464,703 Bouwmeester
  MRI-R2: Nano Photonic Imaging System
0960334 Arizona State University $3,267,586 Williams
  MRI-R2:  Acquisition of an Imaging Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer
0960342 Oregon State University $300,001 Schultz
  MRI-R2 Consortium: Development of a National Geoelectromagnetic Facility
0960343 Pomona College $637,138 Choi
  CCAO-Cam: A Remote-Access, Dual-Band (Optical/NIR) Adaptive Optics System for the Table Mountain 1-meter telescope
0960344 University of California-Los Angeles $1,782,780 Mori
  MRI-R2:  Acquisition of a GPU-Based Cluster for Plasma, High-Energy Density and Computational Science at UCLA
0960348 San Francisco State University $418,485 Oliphant
  Collaborative Research: MRI-R2--Acquisition of a Mobile Atmospheric Profiling System for Multi-Campus Research and Education (CSU-MAPS)
0960354 University of Oregon Eugene $1,971,109 Malony
  MRI-R2: Acquisition of an Applied Computational Instrument
0960367 CUNY Hunter College $691,869 Dictenberg
MRI-R2:   Acquisition of TIRF microscope for studies of RNA transport and cell surface processes
1002418 Christopher Newport University $245,360 Prok
  Collaborative Research: MRI-Consortium for the Development and Construction of a Longitudinally Polarized Proton and Deuteron Target for CLAS12 at Jefferson Lab
1002462 Old Dominion University Research Foundation $420,723 Bueltmann
  Collaborative Research: MRI-Consortium for the Development and Construction of a Longitudinally Polarized Proton and Deuteron Target for CLAS12 at Jefferson Lab
1002483 University of Maryland College Park $1,477,750 Hoffman
  Collaborative Research: MRI-R2 Instrument Development of the Askaryan Radio Array, A Large-scale Radio Cherenkov Neutrino Detector at the South Pole
1002485 University of Wisconsin-Madison $1,317,885 Karle
  Collaborative Research: MRI-R2 Instrument Development of the Askaryan Radio Array, A Large-scale Radio Cherenkov Neutrino Detector at the South Pole

(This list includes only proposals that were submitted to the MRI program.)


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