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AAAS Fellow Biography

Shannon Griswold

Dr. Shannon Griswold
AAAS Fellow
Directorate for Engineering
Office of the Assistant Director
Class of 2013

Dr. Shannon Griswold is a developmental biologist with a background in cornea development and mammalian reproductive systems. At Baylor College of Medicine and M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Shannon researched cellular origins of fetal Leydig cells, which produce androgens to pattern the male reproductive system. After receiving her Ph.D., Shannon moved to Rice University where she worked as a Ruth L. Kirchstein NRSA Postdoctoral Fellow on neural crest contribution to the embryonic cornea. While a postdoc, Shannon also taught young scientists, as a bench mentor and an instructor for Developmental Biology and Responsible Conduct of Research courses. Shannon has a long-standing interest in the field of research ethics and bioethics, social impact of scientific discovery, and public understanding of science. She has been placed in the ENG front office where she is excited about applying her skills to program evaluation and assessment and logic modeling in Engineering.

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