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Major Research Instrumentation Program Crosscutting Programs NSF Wide Flag


Award Organization Project Director Award Amount
Project Title
0216812 Alabama A&M U. Lindo $72,234
Acquisition of Instruments for Environmental Research and Training
0215793 American Museum Natural History Oppenheimer $524,120
Development of a Precision Stellar Coronagraph for Imaging Exoplanets, Brown Dwarfs and Disks
0215678 Anderson College Abramovitch $46,684
MRI/RUI -Acquisition of GC/MS and Water Quality Monitor to Support the Integration of Research and Courses in Environmental/Analytical Chemistry into the Undergraduate Curriculum
0216530 Arizona State U. McKelvy $433,000
Acquisition of a Field-Emission, Controlled Temperature Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope for Multidisciplinary Research and Education
0216601 Arizona State U. Menendez $329,216
Development of a Solid Immersion Lens Microscope for Optical Spectroscopy
0216421 Auburn U. Thomas $54,451
MRI: Acquisition of a stereoscopic particle image velocimetry system and particle transport diagnostics for dusty plasma investigations
0215685 Bloomsburg U. of Pennsylvania Marande $123,852
Acquisition of Moessbaur Spectroscopy System
0216312 Boise State U. Moll $234,380
Acquisition of Materials Characterization Instrumentation
0216274 Boston U. Ekinci $193,971
Development of a Novel Nano-mechanical Time of Flight Mass Spectrometer
0216360 Boston U. Narain $455,832
Development of Trigger Systems for the Higgs Search by the Dzero Experiment
0216439 Boston U. Kunz $117,474
MRI: Acquisition of an Infrared Thermal Imaging System for Applications in Ecology and Behavior
0215571 Bowdoin College Kohorn $289,089
Acquisition of a Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope
0215899 Bradley U. Craig $277,660
MRI/RUI:Acquisition of a Variable Temperature UHV Scanning Probe Microscope for Undergraduate Materials Research and Education
0216174 Brown U. Briant $300,000
Acquisition of a Variable Pressure Scanning Electron Microscope
0132204 Bucknell University Daniel $263,917
Acquisition of a New Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope with Integrated Energy-Dispersive X-ray Analysis System
0216017 California State U. Long Beach Fdn Holk $170,000
Acquisition of a Gas Source Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer
0216494 California State U. Long Beach Fdn Behl $224,237
Acquisition of an Analytical Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope for Research and Teaching
0215953 Carnegie Inst. of Washington Rumble $211,783
Acquisition and Development of an Ultra Violet Laser Sulfur Isotope Microprobe for the Analysis 32S, 33S, 34S, and 36S in Sulfide Minerals
0215989 Carnegie Inst. of Washington Thompson $263,250
Collaborative Research: Magellan II Echellette Spectrograph
0216626 Central Washington U. Miller $225,000
Leveraged acquisition of a Seattle fault GPS network: Four dimensional constraint on seismic and aseismic strain accumlation and release in the urbanized P
0216033 Clark Atlanta U. Yeboah $163,094
Acquisition of an Atomic Force Microscope for Material Characterization
0216286 Clarkson U. Lopez $206,794
Acquisition of an Axial Servo Hydraulic Test System (Universal Testing System) for Research and Teaching in Civil and Mechanical Engineering at Clarkson U.
0216307 Clemson U. Rao $86,750
Acquisition of a Fourier Transform Raman and Infrared Spectrometer for Materials Research and Education in South Carolina
0216039 Cleveland Mus. of Natural History Keiper $52,388
Acquisition of a computer-enhanced specimen analysis station for multidisciplinary museum research
0216655 Colby College Dunham $58,610
MRI/RUI Acquisition of Isothermal Titration and Differential Scanning MicroCalorimeters for Chemistry and Biology Research
0216179 Colgate U. Peck $150,000
RUI: Acquisition of a stable isotope ratio mass spectrometer
0216408 Colgate U. Belanger $98,086
RUI: Acquisition of fluorescence microscopy instrumentation for research and education in Biology, Geology, and Neuroscience.
0216365 College of New Jersey Grega $93,290
MRI/RUI Acquisition of a Digital Particle Image Velocimetry System for the Study of Turbulent Flows
0216375 College of New Jersey Tebbe $86,917
MRI/RUI: Acquisition of Computational Modeling Facilities for Research and Education in Engineering
0216201 College of William and Mary Hoatson $770,000
Acquisition of a High Field Solid State NMR Spectrometer
0216151 College of William and Mary VA Inst. Of Marine Science Smith $266,654
Acquisition of Moored Water Sampling Equipment to Assess the Regulation of Phytoplankton Productivity in the Ross Sea
0215958 Colorado School of Mines Wolden $260,000
Acquisition of a Shared ESEM Facility for the Colorado School of Mines
0216192 Colorado State U. Bringi $1,406,010
Development of a high performance offset Gregorian antenna for the CSU-CHILL National Radar Facility
0216226 Columbia U. Nakanishi $332,514
Acquisition of Proton Transfer Reaction Mass Spectrometer for the Environmental Research Facility of Biosphere 2 Center, Columbia U.
0215866 Connecticut College Ching $56,602
Powder X-ray Diffraction Instrumentation for Undergraduate Research and Research Training
0215897 Cornell U. - Endowed Lee $240,000
Acquisition of a High-Throughput Proteomics Robotic Workstation for the Cornell U. Bioresource Center
0216248 Cornell U. - Endowed Tiwari $1,684,980
Acquisition of Advanced Electron Beam Lithography System for NanoTech.
0216406 Cornell U. - Endowed Bodenschatz $1,411,136
Development of Ultra-High Speed Detectors to Study the Physics of Turbulence
0215374 CUNY Brooklyn Magliozzo $181,180
Acquisition of an electron paramagnetic resonance spectrometer for use in research, undergraduate and graduate curricula at Brooklyn College
0210295 CUNY City College Lakshman $366,100
Acquisition of a 500 MHz NMR Spectrometer for Research and Education
0215745 CUNY College of Staten Island L'Amoreaux $226,587
Acquisition of an X-ray Microanalysis System with WDS Spectrometer for Elemental Analyses
0215942 CUNY H.H. Lehman College St. John $173,673
MRI: Parallel Computing Environment for Computational Mathematics
0215962 CUNY Hunter College Stamos $159,307
Acquisition of Range-Scanning Equipment and of Data Servers for the Reconstruction of Large-Scale Scenes from 3D Range and 2D Color Data.
0215913 Dartmouth College Feng $159,346
Acquisition of a Gas Chromatography-Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry System for Interdisciplinary Environmental and Health Sciences Research at D
0216279 Dartmouth College Lessard $1,617,152
Development of an Autonomous Real-time Remote Observatory (ARRO)
0215955 Denison U. Fuson $285,671
RUI: Acquisition of a 400 MHz FT-NMR Spectrometer
0215834 DePauw U Berque $110,698
MRI/RUI:Acquisition of Touch Sensitive Plasma Displays and Supporting Equipment for Research and Research Training in Multiple Machine Interfaces
0216150 Donald Danforth Plant Science Ct Berg $335,853
Acquisition of a Confocal Microscope
0216343 Drexel U. Lowman $200,000
Acquisition of an Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope
0216419 Drexel U. Wartman $202,731
Development of a Multiaxial Geosynthetics and Fibrous Material Test Device
0216197 Duke U. Chilkoti $450,000
Acquisition of an Imaging XPS for Materials Research and Training
0216403 Duke U. Izatt $200,000
Development of a Multi-Modal Optical Coherence Microscope
0215972 Earlham College Stocksdale $337,593
Acquisition of a 400 MHz NMR Spectrometer for Use in Research, Teaching, and Research Training at Earlham College
0215695 Embry-Riddle Aeronautical U. Zhao $107,260
Acquisition of Impact Testing Equipment for Material and Structural Research
0216418 Emory U. L'Hernault $106,960
Acquisition of Equipment by a Group of Emory U. Developmental Geneticists for Sorting Multicellular Animals
0215820 Evergreen State College Longino $182,868
MRI: Acquisition of Microscopy Instrumentation for Multi-Disciplinary Research and Research Training
0216435 Florida Agricultural and Mech. U Mtenga $183,350
Acquisition of EchoTherm System for Nondestructive Evaluation
0216858 Foundation @ NJIT Tyson $300,000
Development of a High Resolution x-Ray Analyzer for Transition Metal Oxide Research and Education
0216120 Furman U. Liao $98,133
Acquisition of Instrumentation for an Undergraduate Research Program in Environmental Microbiology
0216137 George Washington U. Simha $103,870
MRI: Acquisition of Research Infrastructure for Distributed Sensor Applications in the Home of the Future
0215609 Grinnell College Borovsky $82,944
MRI:RUI: Acquistion of a Nanoindenter for Molecular-Level Studies of Friction at Grinnell College
0215911 Grinnell College Cunningham $135,885
MRI/RUI: Acquisition of a Powder X-Ray Diffractometer
0216040 Hamline U. Rundquist $98,200
Acquisition of a solid-state pump laser for an ultrafast optics laboratory
0216344 Hampshire College Spector $99,751
MRI/RUI: Acquisition of Instrumentation for Research in Genetic Programming, Quantum Computation, and Distributed Systems
0216297 Harvard U. Appleton $500,000
Development of a Focused Ion Beam System with Multi-Ion and Direct-Write/Implantation Capability for Fabrication of Mesoscale Structures.
0216469 Harvard U. School of Public Health Wolf $267,245
Acquisition of Proteomics Equipment for Researchers at HSPH
0216043 Health Research Inc. (NY State Dept of Health Bowser $198,197
Remotely Operable Micro Environmental Obseratory for Anartic Marine Biology Research
0215939 Idaho State U. Ebrahimpour $175,012
Acquisition of a Broad Based Structural Dynamics Laboratory
0216631 Illinois Wesleyan U. Spalding $115,904
MRI/RUI Proposal for Acquisition of Laser and Microscope for Optical Trapping and Manipulation of Large Numbers of Particles
0215738 Indiana U. Ostrom $847,874
Development of a Spatial-Experimental Laboratory for Research and Policy Analysis Related to Complex Systems
0216161 Inst. of Ecosystem Studies Weathers $154,337
Acquisition of instrumentation for the Inst. of Ecosystem Studies' Central Analytical Laboratory
0216183 Iowa State U. Wise $250,000
Acquisition of Affymetrix GeneChip Microarray Instrumentation
0216367 Iowa State U. Heindel $421,845
Development of an X-ray System for Noninvasive 3-D Imaging of Large-Scale Multiphase Flows
0215868 Jackson State U. Amini $192,900
Acquisition of ESEM for Soil Liquefaction Research
0216111 Jacksonville State U. Gryko $42,500
RUI: Acquisition of Desktop X-ray Diffractometer
0216287 James Madison U. Miles $415,109
Acquisition of Test Equipment for Non-Contract Measurement of Thermal and Mechanical Properties
0215963 Johns Hopkins U. Karlin $369,427
The Aquisition of a Johns Hopkins Chemistry Small Molecule X-Ray Facility
0216077 Johns Hopkins U. School of Medicene Stivers $1,178,025
Acquisition of a 750 MHz NMR Spectrometer/Cryoprobe System and High Field NMR Console/Probe Upgrades for Biomolecular NMR Spectroscopy
0215896 Kalamazoo College Moore $73,863
MRI: Acquisition of a Phosphorimager to Investigate Phosphorylation and Regulation of TACE
0215892 Kennesaw State U. Gwaltney $53,305
Acquisition of a High-End UV-VIS Scanning Spectrometer System
0215970 Kent State U. Gericke $258,199
Acquisition of an imaging FTIR spectrometer
0214978 King's College Glick $101,808
Acquisition of Gas Chromatography Equipment for Research in Microbiology and River Ecology at Three Undergraduate Institutions
0216506 LA Co.Mus. of Natural History Fo Valdes $202,834
Providing access to Scanning Electron Microscopy
0215775 Lafayette College Kurt $144,058
MRI-RUI: Acquisition of the C1 Confocal Microscopy System for Cellular Analysis in the Biological Sciences
0215809 Lafayette College Ruggles $366,364
MRI/RUI Proposal for Instrumentation of Environmental Research Laboratories
0216000 Lamar U. Beaumont Cocke $85,975
Acquisition of a Thermal Analysis System for Multidisciplinary Research and Educational Projects
0216630 Loyola U. of Chicago Freitas $175,700
Acquisition of a 300 MHz NMR Console for Research and Training in Biochemistry and Chemistry
0215717 Macalester College Heyman $104,800
Acquisition of a Magneto-Optical Cryostat for Terahertz Studies of Semiconductor Heterostructures
0216172 Macalester College Varberg $211,209
Acquisition of a Continuous-Wave Ring Laser for Recording Electronic Spectra of Gaseous, Metal-Containing Free Radicals
0215829 Marine Biological Laboratory Smith $410,066
Acquisition of a Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope for Cell Biology and Biophysics
0215893 Massachusetts Inst. of Tech. Burles $246,835
Collaborative Research: Magellan II Echellette Spectrograph
0216437 Massachusetts Inst. of Tech. Sorger $225,000
Acquisition of Computational Systems for Systems Biology Research in the MIT BioMicro Center
0215657 McMurry U. Jeffery $56,125
Repair and Upgrade of CW-1H NMR to 1H/13C FT-NMR, an MRI Proposal
0215927 Mesa State College Dodson $77,742
Acquistion of Supercritical Fluid Extraction and Countercurrent Chromatography Equipment for the Development of a "Green" Natural Products Isolation Laboratory
0215782 Middlebury College Dick $106,359
MRI/RUI: Acquisition of DNA Sequencing and Genotyping Instrumentation for Research and Undergraduate Training at Middlebury College
0215723 Minnesota State U. Moorhead+B36 Dalan $92,173
Development of a Down-hole Magnetic Susceptibility Logger and Soil Magnetic Laboratory for Archaeological and Soils Investigations
0216468 Minot State U. Winburn $88,825
MRI/RUI: Acquisition of an X-Ray Diffractometer
0116615 Molecular Biology Consortium Westbrook $600,000
Development of a Very Large CCD Area Detector
0216310 Monell Chemical Senses Center Rawson $278,028
Acquisition of a Confocal Microscope for Research in the Chemical Senses
0216244 Montana Tech McNearny $466,102
MRI/RUI: Acquisition of Physical and Numerical Geomechanics Laboratory Equipment
0216577 Montana Tech Cross $220,977
Acquisition of SEM and EDX Facility
0216112 Morehouse College Handy $96,843
Establishing A Computer Laboratory for Student/Faculty Economics Research
0216402 Morgan State U. Waddell $303,432
Development of a New In-Situ Near Infrared Raman Probe Laser Ablation System for Chemistry Research
0216182 Mount Holyoke College Dunn $226,560
RUI: Acquisition of a Scanning Electron Microscope at Mount Holyoke College
0216242 Mount Holyoke College Gruber $82,095
MRI/RUI: Acquisition of Instrumentation for High Resolution Light Microscopy and Image Processing at Mount Holyoke College
0216556 New Mexico Highlands U. Lindline $91,188
Acquisition of Powder X-Ray Diffraction and Spectroscopy Instrumentation for Mineral and Soil Research at New Mexico Highlands U.
0215964 New Mexico Inst. of Mining Fuierer $85,750
Acquisition of a Scanning Probe Microscope for Research and Education in Surface Science and Nanomaterials
0216030 New Mexico Inst. of Mining Campbell $175,000
Acquisition of a stable isotope mass spectrometer
0216580 New Mexico State U. Fernald $216,922
Instrument Acquisition to Analyze Water, Soils, and Biomass for Environmental Research, Monitoring, and Assessment
0215735 New York U. Holland $155,237
A Quantitative Physical Laboratory for Research and Education in Atmosphere and Ocean Sciences
0216471 Northern Arizona U. Hungate $279,101
A stable isotope and eddy covariance system for monitoring ecosystem metabolism
0216513 Northern Illinois U. Powell $459,944
Collaborative Research: Acquisition of a Drilling Rig To Recover Geological Records from the Antarctic Margin for the ANDRILL Consortium
0215922 Oberlin College Wojtal $88,478
Integrated Information Suite for Geology and Archeology
0215990 Ohio State U. Ellingson $249,931
Development of a Matrix Channel Measurement System
0216342 Old Dominion U. Royer $129,937
Acquisition of Shipboard Oceanographic Instrumentation for R/V Fay Slover
0216541 Old Dominion U. Zahorian $306,000
Acquisition of Collaborative High Performance Computing and Visualization Cluster
0216083 Pennsylvania State U. Weiss $540,000
Development of Optical Excitation Scanning Probe Microscopes With Atomic Resolution
0215923 Pennsylvania State U. Guiltinan $400,000
Acquisition of Plant Growth Chambers for Teaching and Research: Enhancement of New Life Sciences Building
0216207 Pennsylvania State U. Altoona Flarend $24,985
MRI/RUI: Development of aluminum nitride and aluminum boride AMS source targets
0215516 Pepperdine U. Vandergon $111,635
MRI/RUI-Acquisition of a real-time quantitative PCR instrument for undergraduate research and teaching
0216594 Prescott College Boyer $98,556
Aquisition of equipment for research at the Prescott College Kino Bay Center for Cultural and Ecological Studies
0216105 Princeton U. Draine $258,982
Acquisition of a Parallel Processing Facility for Astrophysics
0216239 Purdue U. Cooks $736,226
Development of a Kingdon Trap Mass Spectrometer for High Performance Chemical and Biochemical Analysis
0216072 Purdue U. Calumet Kaye $104,892
Acquisition of a high-rate data analysis system for nuclear astrophysics research: An MRI/RUI proposal
0216131 Purdue U. West Lafayette Hoffmann $862,011
Acquisition of Equipment for Purdue Envision Center for Data Perceptualization
0216550 Rehabilitation Inst. Research Co Mussa-Ivaldi $226,481
Development of a Life-Size 3-D Manipulator System for Study of Multi-Joint Human Arm Dynamics and of Object Manipulation
0216323 Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst. Shur $300,000
MRI/ECS: Development of Wide Band Gap Semiconductor Materials Testing System Based on Light Induced Transient Grating Technique
0216092 Rochester Inst. of Tech Rubino $289,204
MRI/RUI: Acquisition of Equipment for Characterizing Polymers and Packaging Systems
0216265 Rochester Inst. of Tech Venkataraman $200,000
MRI - Acquisition of Test Equipment for Wireless Microsystems at RF/Microwave Frequencies
0216348 Rowan U. Mandayam $150,000
MRI/RUI - Acquisition of a Portable Large Scale Visualization System for Nondestructive Evaluation
0216795 Rowan University vonLockette $153,335
Acquisition of an Atomic Force Microscope for Materials Research and Eduation
0216233 Rutgers U. Camden Martin $165,100
Scanning Electron Microscope for Collaborative Use at Rutgers-Camden
0215693 Rutgers U. New Brunswick Cheong $178,598
Acquisition of a Quantum Design PPMS for Research and Education
0215887 Rutgers U. New Brunswick Pai $247,598
Development: Multisensory Human Interaction Measurement and Synthesis for Computer Graphics and Interactive Virtual Environments
0215863 Saint Cloud State U. Dvorak $167,900
Development and Integration of Time-Resolved Laser Based Instrumentation into the Undergraduate Chemistry Research and Curriculum Experience: Joint Instrum
0216156 Saint Cloud State U. Jeannot $157,750
MRI/RUI Acquisition of a MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometer for Research and Education in Chemistry and Biochemistry
0215663 Saint John's U. Graham $153,443
Acquisition of LC-MS for Chemistry and Biochemistry Undergraduate Research
0216654 Salk Inst. for Biological Studie Fischer $526,437
Acquisition of a Proteomics System
0216563 San Diego State U. Foundation Cooksy $140,940
Acquisition of Computer Infrastructure for the SDSU Computational Science Research Center
0216459 San Francisco State U. Dugdale $201,296
Acquisition of Isotope Tracer Instrumentation for the Romberg Tiburon Center
0216460 San Francisco State U. Potepan $207,905
Acquisition of Advanced Survey Research Tech. at the Public Research Inst., San Francisco State U.
0216661 San Jose State U. Foundation Rafkin $205,454
Acquisition of a Linux Cluster Super Computer for Meteorological Modeling and Computer Science Research and Education
0213780 Sea Education Association Joyce $334,981
Acquisition of Oceanographic Sampling Equipment for the Sea Education Association's Research Vessel, SSV Corwith Cramer
0216066 Seattle U. Thompson $104,027
Acquisition of Radiochemical Mass Balance Equipment for Environmental Engineering
0216268 Simmons College Soltzberg $157,718
Acquisition of a MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometer for Interdisciplinary Research and Undergraduate Training in Materials Science and Biochemistry
0215880 Slippery Rock U. of Pennsylvania Constable $129,900
MRI/RUI: Acquisition of Controlled Environment Growth Chambers
0215810 South Dakota Sch of Mines Whites $226,464
Equipment Acquisition to Establish an Applied Electromagnetics and Communications Laboratory
0216152 South Dakota State U. Cole-Dai $71,992
An Ion-Chromatography Based Continuous Flow Analyzer for Soluble Chemical Species in Ice Cores
0216262 Southwest Texas State U. Carrano $107,000
RUI:Upgrade of a P4 Diffractometer to CCD Capability
0215878 Spelman College Chen $377,065
Development of a High Resolution Universal Resonance Raman Probe for Challenging Systems in Chemistry and Materials Science
0216583 SRI International Kalogerakis $248,225
Acquisition of a Fluorine Laser for Laboratory Studies of the Earth's Atmosphere
0216334 Stanford U. Pea $455,684
Development of a High-Performance Digital Video Collaboratory (DVC) for Learning Sciences Research
0216458 Stanford U. Luthy $446,867
Acquisition of Analytical Equipment for Interdisciplinary Research on Emerging Contaminants in Aquatic Systems
0215407 Stetson U. Grubbs $134,215
Development of a Michelson Interferometric Imaging Refractometer for Optical Polymer Characterization
0216165 SUNY Binghamton Skormin $255,000
Development of an Advanced Laser Communications Research Facility with Internet Accessible Instrumentation
0216136 SUNY Buffalo McCombe $342,048
Acquisition of a Nanostructure Fabrication and Characterization System for Research and Education
0215734 SUNY College Oneonta Schaumloffel $88,764
MRI/RUI Proposal: Acquisition of an Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometer and Microwave Digestion System
0216497 SUNY College Purchase Jacob $137,943
Acquisition of a Varian Saturn 2200 GC/MS for Undergraduate Research Projects at the Interface of Chemistry and Biology
0215690 SUNY Stony Brook Raleigh $223,115
Acquisition of an Analytical Ultracentrifuge for Use in Biochemistry, Structural Biology and Polymer Science
0216162 Sweet Briar College Beck $254,066
RUI: Acquisition of a 300 MHz Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectrometer for Undergraduate Chemical Research
0216571 Tarleton State U. Marble $131,279
High Sensitivity Profiling of Hydrogen and Nitrogen Using Nuclear Reaction Analysis
0216187 Temple U. Lyyra $300,000
Laser Control of Molecular Motion and Quantum State Character Through Coherence Effects
0216557 Texas A&M U. Corpus Christi Cammarata $130,800
MRI/RUI: Acquisition of a Digital Imaging Imaging System to Support Research and Research Training in Applications of Molecular Biology
0216525 Texas A&M University Galveston Davis $219,662
Development of a Digital Video/Data Recorder for Monitoring Behavior and Multi-Dimensional Movements of Marine Mammals at Sea
0216531 Texas AandM U. Kingsville John $180,396
Acquisition of a GCMS for the study of Hydrocarbons in the South Texas Environment
0216275 Texas Agricultural Exp. Station Rundell $405,202
Development of a High Density, High Performance Beowulf Cluster
0215838 Texas Engineering Exp. Station College Station Shantz $400,600
Acquisition of a Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering Instrument
0216176 Texas Engineering Exp. Station Corpus Christi Bonner $494,652
Development of Enhanced Radar Instrumentation for Improved Characterization of Coastal Hydrodynamics
0216133 The University Corporation Northridge Pedone $247,897
MRI-RUI: Acquisition of a scanning-electron microscope for multidisciplinary research in physical sciences at California State U. Northridge
0200148 Trinity U Ribble $102,142
RUI: Image Aquisition and Analysis Facility for Faculty-Student Research
0216391 Truman State U. Osborn $119,659
RUI: Acquisition of Electron Microscopy Instrumentation to Enhance Undergraduate Research at Truman State U.
0215776 Tulane U. Diebold $231,778
Acquisition of a Growth/Preparation Apparatus for Nanoscale and Materials Science at Tulane and Xavier Universities
0214916 Tuskegee U. Aglan $99,900
Acquisition of a Non Destructive Inspection System for Delamination and Damage Characterization of Composite Structures and Materials
0215966 U. of Akron Sokolov $308,777
Development of Scanning Nano-Raman Spectroscopy with Apertureless Near-Field Optics
0216371 U. of Akron Modarelli $569,503
Acquisition of a Femtosecond/Picosecond Laser for Ultrafast Spectroscopic Probes of the Structure and Excited State Dynamics of Molecular Systems.
0216520 U. of Alabama Tuscaloosa Harry $170,000
Aquisition of Geophysical Field Equipment for Earth Science Research and Teaching at the U. of Alabama
0215583 U. of Alaska Anchorage O'Leary $95,800
NSF MRI Proposal: Aquisition of Research Computational Equipment
0215830 U. of Arkansas Ungar $218,571
Acquisition of a white light confocal microscope for quantitative characterization of dental microwear surfaces.
0215872 U. of Arkansas Thibado $250,000
Development of a Spin-Polarized Field-Effect Transistor
0216346 U. of California Davis Verosub $175,000
Enhancing the Capabilities for Characterization of Magnetic Materials at the U. of California, Davis.
0216635 U. of California Irvine Burke $357,810
Acquisition of an Electron Beam Lithography System for a NanoTech. Research and Education Facility at UC Irvine
0216423 U. of California Los Angeles Zhang $359,957
Equipment Acquisition for Research on 3D Nano Manufacturing of Novel Photonic Structures
0216927 U. of California Riverside Mills $468,041
Development of a Nondestructive Microprobe for Reseaerch and Education on Multiscale Materials Physics
0216124 U. of California San Diego Basov $418,000
Development of a Cryogenic Spectroscopic Ellipsometer for Materials Research and Education
0216466 U. of California Santa Barbara Speck $700,000
Acquisition of a Field Emission Transmission Electron Microscope
0216480 U. of California Santa Barbara Holden $109,088
Acquisition of a Cryostage and Transfer System to Characterize Biological Systems and Frozen Materials with Environmental Scanning Electron Microscopy
0215934 U. of California Santa Cruz Sloan $482,457
Acquisition of a computational laboratory for regional, interdisciplinary investigation of climatic and environmental change
0216155 U. of California Santa Cruz Schmidt $200,000
Development of integrated tunable picosecond optical microscopy system with multichannel heterodyning detector array
0217922 U. of California Santa Cruz Millhauser $302,657
An EPR Spectrometer for Metallobiochemistry and Environmental Chemistry
0216067 U. of California SD Scripps Inst of Ocean Orcutt $159,605
The development of equipment to modernize the OBSIP Pacific Fleet of ocean bottom seismographs: LC2000.v.1
0216643 U. of California SD Scripps Inst of Ocean Charles $201,364
Acquisition of an isotope ratio mass spectrometer for water and organic applications
0215847 U. of Central Arkansas Runge $225,155
Acquisition of a Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope for Natural Science Research and Teaching- an MRI/RUI Proposal
0216055 U. of Central Florida Chernyak $101,723
Acquisition of a Cathodoluminescence System for Research in III-Nitride Nanostructures
0216381 U. of Central Florida Wei $100,475
Acquisition of a Universal Wireless Communications System Emulator
0216251 U. of Chicago Kent $250,000
Functional Proteomics - Acquisition of a Biacore 3000 system for Surface Plasmon Resonance measurements
0216492 U. of Chicago Scherer $800,000
Acquisition of a High-Resolution Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope for Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Research
0215950 U. of Cincinnati Wilson $216,000
Acquisition of a CCD X-ray Diffractometer for Chemical Crystallography Research and Education
0216374 U. of Cincinnati Main Campus Smith $406,990
Acquisition of an e-beam lithography system for nanoscale science and engineering
0216118 U. of Colorado Boulder Stock $306,920
Acquisition of a Confocal Microscope and the Creation of an Interdepartmental Microscopy Imaging Facility for Developmental and Evolutionary Biology at the U
0216205 U. of Colorado Boulder Murnane $321,000
Development of a High Average Power Ultrafast Laser
0216389 U. of Connecticut Strausbaugh $415,553
Acquisition of Multiple Instruments for Genomics-related Research and Education
0216219 U. of Delaware Pochan $344,500
Acquisition of a Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope for Nano- to Microscale Imaging and Chemical Analysis in the College of Engineering, U. of Delaw
0216267 U. of Florida Norton $161,463
Development of High Temperature Physical Property Measurement System for Probing Spin and Charge-Functionalized Thin-Film Materials
0216493 U. of Hawaii Hilo Heacox $464,811
MRI/RUI: Acquisition of a Small Astronomical Observatory on Mauna Kea
0215817 U. of Hawaii Mano Landry $509,299
Acquisition of a High Performance Sorting Flow Cytometer for Oceanographic and Marine Ecological Research
0216164 U. of Hawaii Manoa Duennebier $1,999,841
Development of the ANZCAN-ALOHA Ocean Observatory
0215808 U. of Idaho Anderson $290,280
Acquisition of Instrumentation for Development of Reliable Technologies for Harsh Environments
0216518 U. of Illinois Chicago Feinerman $502,768
Acquisition of a Raith 150 Electron Beam Lithography System for a Nanofabrication Education, Research Training and Exploration Consortium
0215869 U. of Illinois Urbana Champaign Selvin $395,889
Instrument Development for Imaging and Manipulation of Single Biomolecules
0216102 U. of Illinois Urbana Champaign Lyding $600,000
Acquisition of a Time of Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer
0216347 U. of Louisville Cohn $153,553
0215724 U. of Maine Kreutz $350,304
Acquisition of a high resolution ICP-MS for environmental research and training in Maine
0215867 U. of Maryland College Park Gomez $255,540
MRI Instrumentation Development: Nanolithography Using STM and Local Electrostatic Discharge
0215916 U. of Massachusetts Wilson $156,120
Development of Bolometer Cameras for the Large Millimeter Telescope
0215667 U. of Miami Rosentiel Sch of Mar & Atm Walsh $409,920
Acquisition of a High-Throughput DNA Sequencer: A Critical Component of the U. of Miami Marine Genomics Initiative
0215759 U. of Minnesota St. Paul Bernlohr $490,891
Acquisition of Instrumentation for Proteome Analysis Core
0215662 U. of Missouri Columbia Phillips $144,371
Acquisition of cryo-preparative instrumentation for an electron microscopy core
0216522 U. of Nebraska Lincoln Harwood $282,361
Collaborative Research: Acquisition of a Drilling Rig to Recover Geological Records from the Antarctic margin for the ANDRILL Consortium
0216552 U. of Nevada Desert Research Inst McConnell $217,548
Acquisition and Development of Two ICP Instruments: Continuous Ice Core Elemental Analyses and Other Environmental Applications
0216553 U. of Nevada Desert Research Inst Auerbach $165,625
Acquisition of Analytical Equipment for Nutrient Analysis and Particle Size Determination in Ecological Studies
0216572 U. of Nevada Desert Research Inst Arnott $835,490
Development of an Instrument for Multispectral Measurement of Aerosol Light Absorption
0215384 U. of New Mexico Wilkins $389,933
Miniaturized Portable Flow-Through Amperometric Immunosensor Device for Fast Field Analysis of Rodent Viruses
0216171 U. of New Mexico Huffaker $196,000
Acquisition of a Scanning Tunneling Microscope for Development and Analysis of Nanostructures
0216277 U. of New Mexico Kirk $153,346
An MRI Proposal for the Acquisition AND Construction of a Combined X-BAND/Q-BAND CW EPR/ENDOR Spectrometer
0216008 U. of North Carolina Chapel Hill Crews $159,600
Acquisition of a Flow Cytometer for Rapid Isolation of Mutant Drosophila Embryos
0216420 U. of North Carolina Charlotte Patterson $580,377
Development of a Nanoscale Absolute Dilatometer
0216038 U. of North Dakota Borgerding $255,445
Acquisition of an LC/MS/MS system for Chemistry and Medical School Departments
0216345 U. of North Florida Gay $95,478
RUI: Development of a Position Resolving High Count Rate Detector System for Low Energy Nuclear Physics
0215753 U. of Notre Dame Collins $266,516
Acquisition of High Speed Mixed Signal Test Equipment
0216639 U. of Oregon Eugene Johnson $500,000
Acquisition of a Time-of-Flight SIMS System
0216464 U. of Pennsylvania Klein $622,000
A Focused Ion Beam System for Nanoscale Science and Engineering Research and Education
0216081 U. of Puerto Rico Mayaguez Torres-Lugo $201,221
Acquisition of a Confocal Laser Microscope for the Enhancement of BioTech. Re-search at the U. of Puerto Rico, Mayag3ez Campus
0215393 U. of Rhode Island Nelson $225,000
Acquisition of instrumentation for a genomics facility in support of the URI Environmental BioTech. Initiative
0215700 U. of Rochester Aslin $1,684,980
Acquisition of a magnetic resonance imaging system to assess brain plasticity
0216617 U. of San Francisco Margerum $38,051
Acquisition of Electrochemical Instrumentation to Enhance Research Training and Teaching at the U. of San Francisco
0216473 U. of South Dakota Main Campus Nepokroeff $124,953
MRI/RUI: Acquisition of Genetic Analyzers for U. of South Dakota Evolutionary Genetics Research Group
0216308 U. of South Florida Kumar $414,244
Acquisition of a Transmission Electron Microscope for Multi-disciplinary Research and Education
0216097 U. of Southern Maine Markowski $170,009
Acquisition of a Shared Microscopy Resource Center for The U. of Southern Maine
0215873 U. of Southern Mississippi Urban $133,000
Acquisition of an Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope for Research and Research Training
0216252 U. of Tennessee Knoxville Spruiell $244,700
Acquisition of a Small Angle X-ray Scattering Facility at the U. of Tennessee
0215852 U. of Texas Arlington Passy $287,636
Acquisition of a Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope
0216500 U. of Texas Arlington Chakravarthy $950,000
Acquisition of High-Performance Distributed Computing and Storage Infrastructure at UTA
0216545 U. of Texas Arlington Hoyos $272,178
Development of a strain/temperature/suction-controlled true triaxial testing device for modeling unsaturated soil behavior under multi-axial stress states
0216443 U. of Texas Austin Campion $365,000
Acquisition of Raman Microscope/Nanoscope
0215774 U. of Utah Grant $520,000
Aquisition of a Wide-Bore 600 MHz NMR Spectrometer
0215957 U. of Virginia Pate $782,965
Development of a 2D Microwave Spectrometer
0216256 U. of Virginia Main Campus Skrutskie $306,349
Development of a Near-Infrared Imager/Spectrograph for Fan Mountain Observatory
0216351 U. of Virginia Main Campus Lindgren $440,261
Development of BigBite: A Large Acceptance Magnetic Spectrometer for JLab
0215707 U. of Washington Ogston $292,883
Development of an Improved Fiber Optical Back Scatter Instrument for Measuring Sediment Suspension and Concentrations
0216058 U. of Wisconsin Eau Claire Phillips $66,674
RUI: Acquisition of an FTIR Spectrometer and Sampling Accessories for Faculty-Student Collaborative Research in Chemistry
0216496 U. of Wisconsin Eau Claire Ihinger $76,992
RUI: Acquisition of FTIR Spectrometer and Microscope for Faculty-Student Collaborative Research in Geology
0216204 U. of Wisconsin La Crosse Saros $213,937
RUI/MRI: Acquisition of equipment to support research and undergraduate training in aquatic science
0216558 U. of Wyoming Deshler $248,875
Development of a suite of balloonborne aerosol instruments to provide size resolved concentration measurements between 0.03 and 30 micrometers.
0216592 U. of Wyoming Caldwell $82,530
Acquisition of a Network of Workstations Serving as a Platform for Distributed Automated Reasoning
0216056 U. South Carolina Berg $751,041
Development of a 2D Vibrational Spectrometer for Materials Characterization Based on NMR Analogs
0216153 Union College Anderson $254,457
RUI: Acquistion of Equipment to Establish an Aerogel Fabrication, Charaterization and Applications Laboratory
0216598 Utah Valley State College Panin $102,068
Acquisition of Semiconductor Tech. Lab for Undergraduate Reseasrch/training at Utah Valley State College
0215831 Vanderbilt U. Kosson $146,037
Acquistion of Advanced Test Equipment for Infrastructure Materials Reliability, Risk Assessment and Performance Enhancement
0215920 Villanova U. Peyton Jones $328,078
Acquisition of Fast Response Gas Anaysis Equipment for Advanced Automotive Emission Constrol and Diagnostic Systems
0215731 Virginia Poly. Inst. and State U Liu $250,000
Development of Integrative Instrumentation for A Nation-Wide Power System Frequency Dynamics Monitoring Network
0216129 Virginia Poly. Inst. and State U Ducker $395,000
Development of a Colloidal Force-Distance-Adsorption Apparatus for Particle Science Research and Education
0216075 Washington and Jefferson College Iuliucci $385,616
The Acquisition of a 400 MHz NMR Spectrometer for Research and Instruction at Washington and Jefferson College
0216084 Wayne State U. Winter $400,000
Acquisition of a High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscope for Nanomaterials Research and Education
0216109 Wayne State U. Mao $220,000
Acquisition of a Shared Scanning Probe Microscope Facility to Improve Research and Education
0215946 West Chester U. of Pennsylvania Beneski $275,000
Acquisition of a FEI Quanta 400 Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope with Oxford E400 EDS in support of Research and Training in the Life and Physical
0216180 West Virginia State College Huber $47,027
Aquisition of Image Analysis Instrumentation for Environmental Microbiology, Cell Biology and Genetics Research and Teaching in an Undergraduate Inst.
0216261 West Virginia State College Pinnick $48,414
Acquisition of ICP for Metal Analysis on Environmental Samples
0215356 Western Michigan U. Abdel-Qader $236,880
Acquisition of Computing and Peripheral Hardware to Support Collaborative Research and Research Education in Imaging and Information Visualization
0216604 Western Washington U. Vyvyan $454,101
MRI/RUI: Acquisition of a 500-MHz Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer at Western Washington U.
0216618 Western Washington U. Peterson $170,330
MRI/RUI: Instrumentation for Sequencing and Genomic Analysis
0216178 Wichita State U. Alexander $338,672
Acquisition of High Performance Computer For Wichita State U.
0216149 Widener U. Han $114,344
Acquisition of A Load Actuator System for Enhancing Civil Engineering Research and Research Training in an Undergraduate Inst. (MRI/RUI)
0216467 William Marsh Rice U. Vardi $1,150,000
Acquisition of CITI Terascale Cluster (CTC)
0215670 Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst. Detrick $228,129
Development and Testing of a Deep-Water, Acoustically-Linked, Moored-Buoy Seafloor Observatory
0215905 Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst. Thorrold $435,641
Acquisition of a Laser Ablation High Resolution Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer for Isotopic and Elemental Analyses of Calcified Structures in A
0215836 Xavier U Lewandowski $142,767
MRI/RUI: Acquisition of Wireless, Beowulf, and Distributed Computing Clusters
0215346 Xavier U. of Louisiana Eschenazi $132,129
RUI/MRI: Acquisition of a Particle Image Velocimetry System
0215926 Yale U. Brudvig $288,250
Purchase of an EPR Spectrometer
0216705 Youngstown State U Wagner $120,237
RUI-IMR: Upgrade of a Transmission Electron Microscope for materials Characterization


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