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Counterpart Science Funding Agencies

These links to foreign science funding agencies (NSF counterparts) are provided as a resource for the US science community. Counterparts are grouped by OISE geographic region. Note that listing an agency is not an endorsement by NSF. Viewers will leave the NSF website when selecting a specific counterpart link.

OISE program staff may have information on foreign research opportunities and facilities. To contact OISE staff responsible for activities with a specific country, see the Staff by Country page. Check the Regional Opportunities pages for other information.

  1. Africa, Near East South Asia link to section below
  2. Americas link to section below
  3. China link to NSF Beijing Office-maintained page
  4. East Asia (except China) link to NSF Tokyo Office-maintained page
  5. Europe Eurasia link to NSF Europe office-maintained page

Africa, the Near East and South Asia: