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Staff Directory


Terms expire May 10, 2016

NSB Chairman; PreCourt Energy Scholar Stanford University; Director Emeritus, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Dan E. Arvizu (703) 292-7000 1225 N NationalScienceBrd@nsf.gov
NSB Vice Chairman; Vice President for Research; Regents' Professor of Meteorology Weathernews Chair; Emeritus University of Oklahoma
Kelvin K. Droegemeier (703) 292-7000 1225 N NationalScienceBrd@nsf.gov
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator, Squibb Professor of Molecular Biology; Princeton University
Bonnie Bassler (703) 292-7000 1220 N NationalScienceBrd@nsf.gov
Professor Emeritus of Photon Science; Stanford University
Arthur Bienenstock (703) 292-7000 1225 N NationalScienceBrd@nsf.gov
Chief Executive Officer and Executive Publisher, Science; American Association for the Advancement of Science
Alan Leshner (703) 292-7000 1225 N NationalScienceBrd@nsf.gov
Fellow of JILA, E. U. Condon Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, University of Colorado
W. Carl Lineberger (703) 292-7000 1225 N NationalScienceBrd@nsf.gov
Ira S. Bowen Professor of Astronomy; California Institute of Technology
Anneila I. Sargent (703) 292-7000 1225 N nationalsciencebrd@nsf.gov
President; University of Chicago
Robert J. Zimmer (703) 292-7000 1225 N NationalScienceBrd@nsf.gov

Terms expire May 10, 2018

William H. Payne Collegiate Chair; Arthur F. Thurnau Professor; Dean of the School of Education; The University of Michigan
Deborah L. Ball (703) 292-7000 1225 N NationalScienceBrd@nsf.gov
Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist for GOOGLE
Vinton G. Cerf (703) 292-7000 1225 N NationalScienceBrd@nsf.gov
President and CEO, Analytic Services, Inc.
Ruth David (703) 292-7000 1225 N NationalScienceBrd@nsf.gov
Professor of Atmospheric Science, UC-Berkeley
Inez Fung (703) 292-7000 1225 N NationalScienceBrd@nsf.gov
Professor of Physics; Harold Tanner Dean, College of Arts and Sciences; Cornell University
G. Peter Lepage (703) 292-7000 1225 N NationalScienceBrd@nsf.gov
Bren Professor of Biology and Chemistry William K. Bowes Jr. Leadership Chair Division of Biology and Biological Engineering California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA
Stephen L. Mayo (703) 292-7000 1225 N NationalScienceBrd@nsf.gov
Richard M. and Patricia H. Noyes Professor of Chemistry, University of Oregon
Geraldine Richmond (703) 292-7000 1225 N NationalScienceBrd@nsf.gov
Vice President for Research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Maria T. Zuber (703) 292-7000 1225 N NationalScienceBrd@nsf.gov

Terms expire May 10, 2020

Vice Provost for Research, Tufts University
Diane L. Souvaine (703) 292-7000 1225N N NationalScienceBrd@nsf.gov
President, Georgia Tech
G. P. "Bud" Peterson (703) 292-7000 1225N NationalScienceBrd@nsf.gov
Professor Emeritus, Department of Biology Washington University, St. Louis
Roger Beachy 1225 N NationalScienceBrd@nsf.gov
Chief Program Officer, Science The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
Vicki Chandler (703) 292-7000 1225N NationalScienceBrd@nsf.gov
Daniel Katz Distinguished University Professor of Psychology; Professor of Afroamerican and African Studies Director and Research Professor of the Institute for Social Research
James S. Jackson (703) 292-7000 1225N NationalScienceBrd@nsf.gov
Senior Vice-President Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development (OKED), Arizona State University
Sethuraman Panchanathan (703) 292-7000 1225N NationalScienceBrd@nsf.gov
Professor of Chemical Engineering, Illinois Institute
John L. Anderson (703) 292-7000 1225N NationalScienceBrd@nsf.gov
Provost, Georgetown University
Robert M. Groves (703) 292-7000 1225N N NationalScienceBrd@nsf.gov

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