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Staff Directory

International Science and Engineering  (OD/IIA/ISE)

Phone: (703) 292-8710 | Fax: (703) 292-9067 | Room: II-1155

Acting Section Head
Kelsey D. Cook (703) 292-7490 1155 II S kcook@nsf.gov
Supervisory Management & Program Analyst
Jacqueline S. Moore (703) 292-7075 1155 S jsmoore@nsf.gov

Administrative Management

Phone: (703) 292-8708

Program Specialist
Tonya L. Butler (703) 292-7232 II-1155 tcrawfor@nsf.gov
Pathways Student
Keisha Brewster (703) 292-4246 II-1155 kbrewste@nsf.gov

Africa, Near East & South Asia Program

Phone: (703) 292-8707

Program Manager
Lara A. Campbell (703) 292-7049 1155.41 lcampbel@nsf.gov
Program Coordinator (On-Detail to the Dept. of State)
Elizabeth E. Lyons II-1155.37 elyons@nsf.gov
AAAS Fellow
Arthur Fitzmaurice (703) 292-7118 II-1155 afitzmau@nsf.gov
Program Specialist
Diane Drew (703) 292-7220 II-1155 ddrew@nsf.gov

Americas Program

Phone: (703) 292-8706

Program Manager
Franklin Carrero-Martinez (703) 292-2287 1155.109 II fcarrero@nsf.gov
Program Manager
Charles Estabrook (703) 292-7222 II-1155.77 cestabro@nsf.gov
Senior Staff Associate
Jessica H. Robin (703) 292-8706 1155.67 N jrobin@nsf.gov
Program Specialist
Diane Drew (703) 292-7220 II-1155 ddrew@nsf.gov

East Asia and Pacific Program

Phone: (703) 292-8704

Regional Coordinator
William Y. B. Chang (703) 292-7239 II-1155 wychang@nsf.gov
Program Manager
Akaysha C. Tang (703) 292-8998 II-1155.89 atang@nsf.gov
Program Manager
Anne L. Emig (703) 292-7241 II-1155 aemig@nsf.gov
Program Manager
Sonia Ortega 1155.99 sortega@nsf.gov
MEXT Intern
Yoshitaka Oochi (703) 292-7235 II-1155 yoochi@nsf.gov
Program Specialist
Elena R. Hillenburg (703) 292-2993 II-1155 ehillenb@nsf.gov
Senior Program Assistant
Arletha P. Mayfield (703) 292-7245 II-1155 amayfiel@nsf.gov

Europe and Eurasia Program

Phone: (703) 292-8703

Program Manager
Maija M. Kukla (703) 292-4940 II-1155 mkukla@nsf.gov
Program Manager
Bonnie H. Thompson (703) 292-7248 II-1155 bhthomps@nsf.gov
Program Manager
Graham M. Harrison (703) 292-7252 II-1155 gharriso@nsf.gov

Global Initiatives

Phone: (703) 292-8711

Program Coordinator
John Tsapogas (703) 292-7799 II-1155 jtsapoga@nsf.gov
Program Analyst
Cassidy Burke (703) 292-2464 1155-B N cburke@nsf.gov
Program Specialist
Steven Burch (703) 292-7226 II-1155 sburch@nsf.gov
Senior Program Assistant
Thomasina P. Edwards (703) 292-7244 II-1155 tedwards@nsf.gov

NSF Beijing Office

Phone: 9-011-86-10-6410-6931/6932

Head, NSF Beijing Office
Nancy S. Sung (703) 292-7221 II 1155.19 nsung@nsf.gov
Administrative Assistant
Yu Shen 9-011-86-10-6410-6931/6932 Beijing Office yshen@nsf.gov
Program Specialist
Bo Sun 9-011-86-10-6410-6931/6932 Beijing Office bsun@nsf.gov

NSF Europe Office

Phone: 9-011-33-14-312-7008 (Paris, France)

Science & Admin Assistant
Carine Polliotti 9-011-33-14-312-7008 Europe Office cpolliot@nsf.gov

NSF Tokyo Office

Phone: 9-011-81-3-3224-5505 (Tokyo, Japan)

Office Head
Kellina Craig-Henderson 9-011-81-3-3224-5505 Toyko Office N khenders@nsf.gov
Scientific Affairs Assistant
Kazuko Shinohara 9-011-81-3-3224-5504 Tokyo Office kshinoha@nsf.gov
Program Assistant
Akiko Chiba 9-011-81-3-3224-5502 Tokyo Office achiba@nsf.gov

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