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Staff Directory

Directorate for Social, Behavioral & Economic Sciences  (SBE/OAD)

Phone: (703) 292-8700 | Fax: (703) 292-9083 | Room: 905 N | Website

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Assistant Director
Fay Cook 905 N fcook@nsf.gov
Deputy Assistant Director
Kellina Craig-Henderson 905 N khenders@nsf.gov
Secretary to the Assistant Director
Melyni McGriff-Williams (703) 292-8700 905 N mmcgriff@nsf.gov
Program Analyst
Dana Hunter (703) 292-5044 907 N dmhunter@nsf.gov
Administrative Coordinator
Anthony D. Teolis (703) 292-7343 905 N ateolis@nsf.gov
Senior Advisor
Deborah Olster (703) 292-8276 905 N dholster@nsf.gov
Program Analyst
Josie S. Welkom 907 jwelkom@nsf.gov
Program Analyst
Anne M. Kanakkanatt (703) 292-2171 875 B S akanakka@nsf.gov
Staff Associate for Budget and Program Analysis
John P Garneski 905.11 N jgarnesk@nsf.gov
Science Analyst (On detail to Budget Office)
Jennifer L. Thornhill (703) 292-7273 905 N jthornhi@nsf.gov
Program Specialist
Lisa M. Jackson (703) 292-7882 905 N lmjackso@nsf.gov
Information Technology Specialist
Philip Johnson 905 N pxjohnso@nsf.gov
Senior Information Technology Specialist
Deborah Livingston (703) 292-8126 905 N dlivings@nsf.gov
Information Technology Specialist
Clarissa F. Johnson 905 N cjohnson@nsf.gov
Financial Operations Specialist
Jean Thomas (703) 292-7472 905 N jthomas@nsf.gov
Communications Specialist
Madeline Beal (703) 292-5338 917 N mbeal@nsf.gov
Program Assistant
Cori Anderson (703) 292-7388 905 N coanders@gmail.com

Division of Social and Economic Sciences
Phone: (703) 292-8760

  • Administrative Unit 
  • Program Support 
  • Economic, Decision, and Management Sciences 
  • Methods, Cross-Directorate, and Science and Society Programs 
  • Social and Political Sciences 
  • SBE Office of Multidisciplinary Activities 

Division of Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences
Phone: (703) 292-8740

  • Administrative Unit 
  • Anthropological and Geographic Sciences 
  • Cognitive, Psychological, and Language Sciences 

National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics
Phone: (703) 292-8780

  • Human Resources Statistics Program 
  • Information and Technology Services Program 
  • Research and Development Statistics Program 
  • Science & Engineering Indicators Program 
  • Contractor Support 

SBE Office of Multidisciplinary Activities

  • Science of Science and Innovation Policy (SciSIP) Program 

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