National Science Foundation

National Science Foundation
1Jennifer Bond
2Bernard McDonald
3Myles Boylan
4Linda Parker
5Kenneth Brown
6Terence Porter
7Joan Burrelli
8Alan Rapoport
9Nancy Conlon
10 Mark Regets
11Oscar Dillon
12Bob Reynik
13Shanna Draheim
14Rocco Russo
15Cheryl Eavey
16Carolyn Shettle
17Barbara Fraumeni
18David Stonner
19John Gawalt
20 JoAnn Streeter
21Nicole Morgan Gibson
22Larry Suter
23Linda Hardy
24 Ellie Thomas
25R.D. Hollander
26Alan Tupek
27Dottie Jacobs
28Margaret Windus
29Jean Johnson
30Kelly Kang
31Carlos Kruytbosch
32Len Lederman
33Rolf Lehming

1Ann-Claire Anderson, American Chemical Society
2Eleanor Babco, Commission on Professionals in Science and Technology
3Marilyn Baker, National Academy of Sciences
4Mitchell Bostelman, American Society for Engineering Education
5Gail Cassall, American Society for Microbiologists
6Nicholas Claudy, American Geological Institute
7Cynthia Costello, American Sociological Association
8Roman Czujko, American Institute of Physics
9Richard Ellis, Engineering Workforce Commission of the American Association of Engineering Societies
10Catherine Gaddy, Commission on Professionals in Science and Technology
11Steven Heinig, Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology
12Boris Iglewicz, American Statistical Association
13Mary Jordan, American Chemical Society
14Corinne Marasco, American Chemical Society
15James Maxwell, American Mathematical Society/The Mathematical Association of America
16Susan Mitchell, National Academy of Sciences
17Michael Neuschatz, American Institute of Physics
18Vin O'Neill, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.
19Peggy Overbey, American Anthropology Assoc.
20Rocco Russo, Educational Testing Service
21Janet Shoemaker, American Society for Microbiologists
22Edward Spar, Council of Professional Associations on Federal Statistics
23Jennifer Sutton, American Association of Medical Colleges
24Peter Syverson, Council on Graduate Schools
25Jim Voytuk, National Academy of Sciences

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