Members and Alternates
Ad Hoc Working Group on the Supply of Science, Engineering and Mathematics (SEM) Professionals

September 9, 1993

Department of Agriculture: Gwendolyn L. Lewis
Department of Commerce: Carl Shepherd
Department of Defense: Jasper C. Lupo
Russell Herndon
Department of Education: Thomas Corwin
Debra Gerald
Ron Marin
Department of Energy: Michael L. Wolfe
Larry M. Blair (ORISE)
Department of Health
and Human Services:
Anthony Boccanfuso (NIH)
John C. Norvell (NIH)
Walter Schaffer (NIH)
Department of Interior: Paul Dresler
Department of Labor: Doug Braddock (BLS)
David T. Duncan
Ron Kutscher (BLS)
Department of Veterans Affairs: Charlotte Beason
National Aeronautics and
Space Administration:
Sherri McGee
Stephanie Jerome
Frank Owens
National Science Foundation Lida K. Barrett
Kenneth M. Brown, Chair
Deborah Lockhart
Terence Porter
Carolyn F. Shettle, Secretary