Federal Funds Survey FY 1992, 1993, and 1994, Vol. XLII

Technical Notes

Definitions - Geographic Distribution of 1992 R&D Obligations

Only the 10 largest R&D funding agencies participate in the portion of the survey covering the geographic distribution of obligations for research and development and R&D plant. These 10 agencies accounted for approximately 98 percent of total Federal R&D and R&D plant obligations in 1992. The respondents are the Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Energy, Defense, Health and Human Services, the Interior, and Transportation; the Environmental Protection Agency; NASA; and NSF.

Actual fiscal year 1992 data were requested in terms of the principal location (State or outlying area) where the work was performed by the primary contractor, grantee, or intramural organization. When this information was not available in their records, the respondents were asked to assign the obligations to the State, outlying area, or office abroad where the headquarters of the U.S. primary contractor, grantee, or intramural organization was located.

Obligations were reported for R&D as a combined amount.

Specifically omitted from the geographic portion of the survey were R&D obligations to foreign performers and obligations for R&D plant used in support of foreign performers. Foreign performer data, by country, are reported in a separate section of the Federal Funds Survey.