Federal Funds Survey FY 1992, 1993, and 1994,Vol. XLII

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Note to Readers

The data presented in this summary are being released in advance of thepublication Federal Funds for Research and Development,Volume XLII (Detailed Statistical Tables), which will be available later in1994. That publication will contain more comprehensive statistical tables andcomplete survey technical notes.

The summary data in the following tables include research and development (R&D) fundinglevels as reported by 33 Federal agencies and their subdivisions 102individual respondents in March through October 1993. All agencies with R&Dprograms are covered.

The amounts reported as obligations oroutlays for each year of this survey include the obligations entered into orthe outlays incurred (respectively) in that year, regardless of when the funds mayhave been authorized, appropriated, or received by an agency, and regardless ofwhether the funds are identified in an agency's budget specifically for research, development, or R&D plant.

In the tables, data for fiscal year(FY) 1992 are actual because they represent completed transactions. Data for FY1993 and FY 1994 are estimated because they do not represent final actions. Thetiming of the Federal Funds Survey coincided with the third quarter of FY 1993;therefore, the amounts reported for FY 1993 reflect congressional appropriationactions as of that period as well as apportionment and reprogramming decisions asof that time. Data for FY 1994 represent administration budget proposals that hadnot been acted on. The effects of later authorization, appropriation, deferral,and apportionment actions will be reflected in later surveys in this series.

Obligations represent the amounts for orders placed, contracts awarded, servicesreceived, and similar transactions during a given period, regardless of when thefunds were appropriated and when future payment of money is required.

Outlays represent the amounts for checks issued and cash payments made during agiven period, regardless of when the funds were appropriated.