Federal Support Survey

Detailed Statistical Tables

List of B Tables - Federal Obligations to Universities and Colleges

To obtain accurate historical data, use only the latest detailed statistical tables (covering FY 1992) and not data published earlier. Data presented in trend tables are assembled from the most recently completed survey cycle. Data for prior years are reviewed for consistency with current-year responses and, when necessary are revised in consultation with the agencies and/or institutions. For that reason, references to prior-years' data should be restricted to those published in this document.

Table B-1 presents a historical overview of total Federal obligations to universities and colleges; the remaining tables present data on S&E obligations to universities and colleges, and to nonprofit institutions. Also available are C tables on total Federal obligations to universities and colleges.

These tables are in Excel format and should load directly to a spreadsheet program if your browser has been configured correctly. These tables are also available in text format.


Trends, Total Obligations TOP

Academic Science and Engineering Obligations

Trends TOP

Geographic Distribution, FY 1992 TOP

100 Institutions Ranked in Order of Amount Received, FY 1992 TOP

Institutional Listings, by State, FY 1992 TOP

Type of Institutional Control, by Highest Degree Granted and Agency, FY 1992 TOP

Historically Black Colleges and Universities TOP

Systems of Universities and Colleges, FY 1992 TOP

Federal Obligations to Independent Nonprofit Institutions TOP