Federal Support Survey

Technical Notes

Other Science Resources Studies Reports on Federal R&D Funding

In addition to the Survey of Federal Funds for Research and Development, the NSF Division of Science Resources Studies publishes one other report related to Federal R&D funding. National Patterns of R&D Resources includes information on R&D expenditures by different performers including industry, academia, and the Federal Government. The expenditures data in National Patterns, with the exception of Federal intramural R&D, are based on sample surveys of the performers of R&D. Respondents are asked to report how much they actually spent on R&D during the year and the source of those funds. Data in National Patterns are based on expenditures reported by performers; performers of R&D often expend Federal funds in a different year from the one in which the Federal Government provided authorization, obligations, or outlays.

National Patterns data are based on a calendar year, but data in Federal Support to Universities, Colleges, and Nonprofit Institutions are based on the actual fiscal year. The two reports also differ in concepts and definitions.

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