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Data Tapes TOP

Public-use tapes from the Integrated Academic Science and Engineering Data Base are available for purchase and will normally be shipped within 3 working days from order receipt. Data tapes from the most recent surveys (1992) are currently available. Individuals interested in obtaining data tapes from the National Science Foundation (NSF) Surveys of Academic Science and Engineering should request a copy of the Supplemental User Guide to Data Tapes, which contains order forms and detailed information about the tapes. This document may be obtained by calling SRS's Science and Engineering Activities Program at (703) 306-1772.

Institutional Profiles TOP

Selected data items for individual doctorate-granting institutions and schools with science and engineering departments that grant a master's degree are available on computer-generated Institutional Profiles. An Institutional Profile consists of data not only from this survey, but also from NSF's other two academic S&E surveys: the Survey of Scientific and Engineering Expenditures at Universities and Colleges and the Survey of Graduate Science and Engineering Students and Postdoctorates. For information on obtaining one or a limited group of Institutional Profiles, please call Richard J. Bennof at (703) 306-1772.


Institutional planners are now able to acquire data from several academic S&E resources on CDROM. The compact disc contains the Computer-Aided Science Policy Analysis and Research (CASPAR) database system, which is an easy-to-use tool for retrieval and analysis of statistical data on academic S&E resources. CASPAR provides the analyst with an extensive and growing data library with multiyear statistics on the state of higher education in general and on academic S&E resources specifically. This data library is developed from multiple sources by using standardized institutional names and fields of S&E definitions. The CASPAR program includes built-in help capabilities to facilitate the use and interpretation of the data.

CASPAR data are drawn from a number of sources. All data are available by individual institutions, by State, and at the national level. Longitudinal data from surveys of universities and colleges conducted by SRS include the Federal Support Survey and R&D Expenditures Survey in addition to the Graduate Student Survey. Data from the surveys of universities and colleges conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics include earned degrees, opening fall enrollment, faculty salaries, tenure and fringe benefits, and financial statistics. Data from other sources include the National Research Council Doctorate Programs Ratings.

For additional information on CASPAR write or fax your request to

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