Graduate Students and Postdoctorates in Science and Engineering: Fall 1994

Data for Fall 1994 have not been published in hard copy by NSF but are available on the World Wide Web.

To obtain accurate historical data, use only the latest tables for fall 1994 and not data published earlier. Institutions revise prior-years' data when important changes occur in reporting practices and program classifications,and only the latest tables incorporate such changes.
Bullet A Series: current-year tables
Bullet B Series: trend tables (multi-year)
Bullet C Series: trend tables for doctorate-granting institutions
Bullet D Series: trend tables for master's-granting institutions
Bullet E Series: State/institution tables
Bullet F Series: rankings of individual institutions
These tables are in two formats:
spreadsheet file - spreadsheet and
text file - plain text (*.txt)
Click on the appropriate icon to view the table. You can download the tables in spreadsheet format with your browser and open them with a spreadsheet application. Please see the section on configuring your browser to open spreadsheet files for more information.