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Technical Notes and Data Summaries

List of Institutions in the Fall 1994 Survey

FICE   Institution                       Highest Degree Granted                                     

003537 Abilene Christian University             Master's                                           
002666 Adelphi University                       Doctorate                                          
003009 Air Force Institute of Technology        Doctorate                                          
001002 Alabama A & M University                 Doctorate                                          
001005 Alabama State University                 Master's                                           
002887 Albany Medical College                   Doctorate                                          
008775 Alfred University                        Doctorate                                          
002114 American International College           Doctorate                                          
001434 American University, The                 Doctorate                                          
002238 Andrews University                       Doctorate                                          
003541 Angelo State University                  Master's                                           
002117 Anna Maria College                       Master's                                           
008795 Antioch University                       Doctorate                                          
002906 Appalachian State University             Master's                                           
001081 Arizona State University                 Doctorate                                          
008701 Arkansas State University                Master's                                           
002118 Assumption College                       Master's                                           
008695 Auburn University                        Doctorate                                          
001552 Augusta College                          Master's                                           
003478 Austin Peay State University             Master's                                           
001117 Azusa Pacific University                 Master's                                           
001786 Ball State University                    Doctorate                                          
004948 Baylor College of Dentistry              Doctorate                                          
004949 Baylor College of Medicine               Doctorate                                          
003545 Baylor University                        Doctorate                                          
002336 Bemidji State University                 Master's                                           
001122 Biola University                         Doctorate                                          
003315 Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania    Master's                                           
002128 Boston College                           Doctorate                                          
002130 Boston University                        Doctorate                                          
008796 Bowling Green State University           Doctorate                                          
001641 Bradley University                       Master's                                           
002133 Brandeis University                      Doctorate                                          
002183 Bridgewater State College                Master's                                           
012305 Brigham Young University                 Doctorate                                          
003401 Brown University                         Doctorate                                          
003237 Bryn Mawr College                        Doctorate                                          
003238 Bucknell University                      Master's                                           
001788 Butler University                        Master's                                           
001143 Calif Poly State Univ - San Luis Obispo  Master's                                           
011881 Calif Sch of Prof Psych - Fresno         Doctorate                                          
010013 Calif Sch of Prof Psych - Los Angeles    Doctorate                                          
011117 Calif Sch of Prof Psych - San Diego      Doctorate                                          
009844 Calif School of Prof Psych-Alameda       Doctorate                                          
001144 Calif State Polytechnic Univ at Pomona   Master's                                           
001141 Calif State Univ at Dominguez Hills      Master's                                           
001137 Calif State Univ at Fullerton            Master's                                           
001138 Calif State Univ at Hayward              Master's                                           
001139 Calif State Univ at Long Beach           Doctorate                                          
001140 Calif State Univ at Los Angeles          Master's                                           
001142 Calif State Univ at San Bernardino       Master's                                           
001146 Calif State University at Chico          Master's                                           
001147 Calif State University at Fresno         Master's                                           
001153 Calif State University at Northridge     Master's                                           
001150 Calif State University at Sacramento     Master's                                           
001157 Calif State University, Stanislaus       Master's                                           
012154 California Institute of Integral Studies Doctorate                                          
001131 California Institute of Technology       Doctorate                                          
007993 California State Univ - Bakersfield      Master's                                           
003316 California University of Pennsylvania    Master's                                           
010724 Caribbean Center for Advanced Studies    Doctorate                                          
003242 Carnegie-Mellon University               Doctorate                                          
003024 Case Western Reserve University          Doctorate                                          
001437 Catholic University of America           Doctorate                                          
003936 Catholic University of Puerto Rico       Doctorate                                          
001378 Central Connecticut State University     Master's                                           
002243 Central Michigan University              Doctorate                                          
002454 Central Missouri State University        Master's                                           
003771 Central Washington University            Master's                                           
001164 Chapman University                       Master's                                           
000166 Charles R. Drew Univ of Medicine & Sci   Doctorate                                          
029230 Chicago School of Prof Psych             Doctorate                                          
001694 Chicago State University                 Master's                                           
001169 Claremont Graduate School                Doctorate                                          
009234 Clarion University of Pennsylvania       Master's                                           
001559 Clark Atlanta University                 Doctorate                                          
002139 Clark University                         Doctorate                                          
002699 Clarkson University                      Doctorate                                          
003425 Clemson University                       Doctorate                                          
003032 Cleveland State University               Doctorate                                          
003428 College of Charleston                    Master's                                           
002704 College of New Rochelle                  Master's                                           
002705 College of St Rose                       Master's                                           
008828 College of William and Mary              Doctorate                                          
001348 Colorado School of Mines                 Doctorate                                          
001350 Colorado State University                Doctorate                                          
002707 Columbia Univ in the City of New York    Doctorate                                          
001379 Connecticut College                      Master's                                           
002710 Cooper Union                             Master's                                           
002068 Coppin State College                     Master's                                           
008779 Cornell University                       Doctorate                                          
002542 Creighton University                     Doctorate                                          
004766 CUNY Bernard Baruch College              Master's                                           
002687 CUNY Brooklyn College                    Master's                                           
002688 CUNY City College                        Master's                                           
029040 CUNY College of Staten Island            Master's                                           
004063 CUNY Graduate School and Univ Center     Doctorate                                          
007022 CUNY Herbert H. Lehman College           Doctorate                                          
002689 CUNY Hunter College                      Master's                                           
002693 CUNY John Jay College of Crim Justice    Master's                                           
007026 CUNY Mt. Sinai School of Medicine        Doctorate                                          
002690 CUNY Queens College                      Master's                                           
002573 Dartmouth College                        Doctorate                                          
001671 De Paul University                       Doctorate                                          
001428 Delaware State University                Master's                                           
001196 Dominican College of San Rafael          Master's                                           
001860 Drake University                         Master's                                           
003256 Drexel University                        Doctorate                                          
002920 Duke University                          Doctorate                                          
003258 Duquesne University                      Doctorate                                          
002923 East Carolina University                 Doctorate                                          
003154 East Central University                  Master's                                           
003320 East Stroudsburg Univ of Pennsylvania    Master's                                           
003487 East Tennessee State University          Doctorate                                          
003565 East Texas State University              Doctorate                                          
001674 Eastern Illinois University              Master's                                           
001963 Eastern Kentucky University              Master's                                           
002259 Eastern Michigan University              Master's                                           
008772 Eastern New Mexico University            Master's                                           
003775 Eastern Washington University            Master's                                           
003321 Edinboro University of Pennsylvania      Master's                                           
002146 Emerson College                          Doctorate                                          
001564 Emory University                         Doctorate                                          
001927 Emporia State University                 Master's                                           
008770 Fairleigh Dickinson University           Doctorate                                          
029092 Fielding Institute, The                  Doctorate                                          
001659 Finch U of Hlth Sci/The Chicago Med Sch  Doctorate                                          
003490 Fisk University                          Master's                                           
001480 Florida A & M University                 Doctorate                                          
001481 Florida Atlantic University              Doctorate                                          
001469 Florida Institute of Technology          Doctorate                                          
009635 Florida International University         Doctorate                                          
001489 Florida State University                 Doctorate                                          
002722 Fordham University                       Doctorate                                          
029239 Forest Institute of Professional Psych   Doctorate                                          
001915 Fort Hays State University               Master's                                           
001566 Fort Valley State College                Master's                                           
002185 Framingham State College                 Master's                                           
002072 Frostburg State University               Master's                                           
001200 Fuller Theological Seminary              Doctorate                                          
003434 Furman University                        Master's                                           
001443 Gallaudet University                     Master's                                           
003266 Gannon University                        Master's                                           
003749 George Mason University                  Doctorate                                          
001444 George Washington University             Doctorate                                          
001445 Georgetown University                    Doctorate                                          
001602 Georgia College                          Master's                                           
008723 Georgia Institute of Technology          Doctorate                                          
001572 Georgia Southern University              Master's                                           
001574 Georgia State University                 Doctorate                                          
003686 Goddard College                          Master's                                           
001205 Golden Gate University                   Doctorate                                          
003778 Gonzaga University                       Master's                                           
009145 Governors State University               Master's                                           
002006 Grambling State University               Master's                                           
002268 Grand Valley State University            Master's                                           
003271 Hahnemann University                     Doctorate                                          
003714 Hampton University                       Doctorate                                          
002804 Hartford Graduate Center, The            Master's                                           
002155 Harvard University                       Doctorate                                          
001171 Harvey Mudd College                      Master's                                           
002732 Hofstra University                       Doctorate                                          
003715 Hollins College                          Master's                                           
002076 Hood College                             Master's                                           
001448 Howard University                        Doctorate                                          
001149 Humboldt State University                Master's                                           
001620 Idaho State University                   Doctorate                                          
001691 Illinois Institute of Technology         Doctorate                                          
001692 Illinois State University                Doctorate                                          
003578 Incarnate Word College                   Master's                                           
001807 Indiana State University                 Doctorate                                          
008731 Indiana University                       Doctorate                                          
008810 Indiana University of Pennsylvania       Doctorate                                          
001822 Indiana Wesleyan University              Master's                                           
005010 Institute of Paper Science & Technology  Doctorate                                          
003717 Institute of Textile Technology          Doctorate                                          
002737 Iona College                             Master's                                           
001869 Iowa State University                    Doctorate                                          
002739 Ithaca College                           Master's                                           
002410 Jackson State University                 Doctorate                                          
001020 Jacksonville State University            Master's                                           
003721 James Madison University                 Master's                                           
003050 John Carroll University                  Master's                                           
004484 John F Kennedy University                Master's                                           
002077 Johns Hopkins University                 Doctorate                                          
001928 Kansas State University                  Doctorate                                          
002622 Kean College of New Jersey               Master's                                           
008799 Kent State University                    Doctorate                                          
002477 Kirksville College of Osteopathic Med    Doctorate                                          
003322 Kutztown University of Pennsylvania      Master's                                           
003581 Lamar University-Beaumont                Doctorate                                          
003289 Lehigh University                        Doctorate                                          
002479 Lincoln University                       Master's                                           
001218 Loma Linda University                    Doctorate                                          
008780 Long Island University                   Doctorate                                          
001873 Loras College                            Master's                                           
008745 Louisiana State University               Doctorate                                          
002008 Louisiana Tech University                Doctorate                                          
002078 Loyola College                           Master's                                           
011649 Loyola Marymount University              Master's                                           
002016 Loyola University in New Orleans         Master's                                           
001710 Loyola University of Chicago             Doctorate                                          
011113 Maharishi International University       Doctorate                                          
002758 Manhattan College                        Master's                                           
002360 Mankato State University                 Master's                                           
003324 Mansfield University of Pennsylvania     Master's                                           
002765 Marist College                           Master's                                           
003690 Marlboro College                         Master's                                           
003863 Marquette University                     Doctorate                                          
003815 Marshall University                      Doctorate                                          
003296 Marywood College                         Master's                                           
002165 Mass College of Pharmacy/Allied Health   Doctorate                                          
002178 Massachusetts Institute of Technology    Doctorate                                          
010337 Mayo Graduate School of Medicine         Doctorate                                          
002017 McNeese State University                 Master's                                           
001579 Medical College of Georgia               Doctorate                                          
010338 Medical College of Hampton Roads         Doctorate                                          
007737 Medical College of Ohio at Toledo        Doctorate                                          
003398 Medical College of Pennsylvania, The     Doctorate                                          
008296 Medical College of Wisconsin             Doctorate                                          
003438 Medical University of South Carolina     Doctorate                                          
003506 Meharry Medical College                  Doctorate                                          
003509 Memphis State University                 Doctorate                                          
008724 Mercer University                        Doctorate                                          
029365 MGH Institute of Health Professions      Master's                                           
008800 Miami University                         Doctorate                                          
002290 Michigan State University                Doctorate                                          
002292 Michigan Technological University        Doctorate                                          
003510 Middle Tennessee State University        Doctorate                                          
003691 Middlebury College                       Master's                                           
003592 Midwestern State University              Master's                                           
001657 Midwestern University                    Doctorate                                          
003325 Millersville University of Pennsylvania  Master's                                           
003868 Milwaukee School of Engineering          Master's                                           
002423 Mississippi State University             Doctorate                                          
002422 Mississippi University for Women         Master's                                           
002616 Monmouth University                      Master's                                           
002532 Montana State University                 Doctorate                                          
002531 Montana Tech of the Univ of Montana      Master's                                           
002617 Montclair State University               Master's                                           
002367 Moorhead State University                Master's                                           
001976 Morehead State University                Master's                                           
029297 Morehouse School of Medicine             Doctorate                                          
002083 Morgan State University                  Master's                                           
002192 Mount Holyoke College                    Master's                                           
001977 Murray State University                  Master's                                           
023562 National Technological University        Master's                                           
011460 National University                      Master's                                           
029045 NE Ohio Universities College of Medicine Doctorate                                          
002621 New Jersey Institute of Technology       Doctorate                                          
002653 New Mexico Highlands University          Master's                                           
002654 New Mexico Institute of Mining and Tech  Doctorate                                          
008773 New Mexico State University              Doctorate                                          
002780 New School for Social Research           Doctorate                                          
008782 New York Institute of Technology         Doctorate                                          
002784 New York Medical College                 Doctorate                                          
002785 New York University                      Doctorate                                          
002788 Niagara University                       Master's                                           
002005 Nicholls State University                Master's                                           
002905 North Carolina A & T State University    Master's                                           
002950 North Carolina Central University        Master's                                           
002972 North Carolina State Univ at Raleigh     Doctorate                                          
009266 North Dakota State University            Doctorate                                          
002020 Northeast Louisiana University           Doctorate                                          
002495 Northeast Missouri State University      Master's                                           
001693 Northeastern Illinois University         Master's                                           
003161 Northeastern State University            Master's                                           
002199 Northeastern University                  Doctorate                                          
001082 Northern Arizona University              Doctorate                                          
001737 Northern Illinois University             Doctorate                                          
002301 Northern Michigan University             Master's                                           
002496 Northwest Missouri State University      Master's                                           
002021 Northwestern State University            Master's                                           
001739 Northwestern University                  Doctorate                                          
001509 Nova Southeastern University             Doctorate                                          
002307 Oakland University                       Doctorate                                          
001249 Occidental College                       Master's                                           
008802 Ohio State University, The               Doctorate                                          
008803 Ohio University                          Doctorate                                          
008806 Oklahoma State University                Doctorate                                          
003728 Old Dominion University                  Doctorate                                          
008856 Oregon Grad Inst of Science & Technology Doctorate                                          
004882 Oregon Health Sciences University        Doctorate                                          
003210 Oregon State University                  Doctorate                                          
008784 Pace University                          Doctorate                                          
029225 Pacific Graduate School of Psychology    Doctorate                                          
003785 Pacific Lutheran University              Master's                                           
001257 Pacific States University                Master's                                           
003212 Pacific University                       Doctorate                                          
008813 Pennsylvania State University            Doctorate                                          
001264 Pepperdine University                    Doctorate                                          
003352 Philadelphia Col of Osteopathic Med      Doctorate                                          
003353 Philadelphia Coll of Pharmacy and Sci    Doctorate                                          
001926 Pittsburg State University               Master's                                           
002796 Polytechnic University                   Doctorate                                          
029268 Ponce School of Medicine                 Doctorate                                          
003216 Portland State University                Doctorate                                          
003630 Prairie View A & M University            Master's                                           
002627 Princeton University                     Doctorate                                          
008732 Purdue University                        Doctorate                                          
001402 Quinnipiac College                       Master's                                           
003732 Radford University                       Master's                                           
010441 RAND Graduate School of Policy Studies   Doctorate                                          
002803 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute         Doctorate                                          
003407 Rhode Island College                     Master's                                           
003604 Rice University                          Doctorate                                          
002586 Rivier College                           Master's                                           
002806 Rochester Institute of Technology        Doctorate                                          
002807 Rockefeller University                   Doctorate                                          
001749 Roosevelt University                     Master's                                           
001830 Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology      Master's                                           
009800 Rush University                          Doctorate                                          
008786 Russell Sage College                     Master's                                           
008771 Rutgers the State Univ of New Jersey     Doctorate                                          
001832 Saint Francis College                    Master's                                           
002823 Saint John's University                  Doctorate                                          
003794 Saint Martin's College                   Master's                                           
002380 Saint Mary's University of Minnesota     Master's                                           
002188 Salem State College                      Master's                                           
003606 Sam Houston State University             Doctorate                                          
001151 San Diego State University               Doctorate                                          
001154 San Francisco State University           Master's                                           
001155 San Jose State University                Master's                                           
001326 Santa Clara University                   Doctorate                                          
002813 Sarah Lawrence College                   Master's                                           
003790 Seattle University                       Master's                                           
002632 Seton Hall University                    Doctorate                                          
003326 Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania  Master's                                           
003327 Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania Master's                                           
002209 Smith College                            Doctorate                                          
001156 Sonoma State University                  Master's                                           
003470 South Dakota School of Mines and Tech    Doctorate                                          
003471 South Dakota State University            Doctorate                                          
002501 Southeast Missouri State University      Master's                                           
002024 Southeastern Louisiana University        Master's                                           
001406 Southern Connecticut State University    Master's                                           
001758 Southern Illinois Univ at Carbondale     Doctorate                                          
001759 Southern Illinois Univ at Edwardsville   Master's                                           
003613 Southern Methodist University            Doctorate                                          
003219 Southern Oregon State College            Master's                                           
002025 Southern University A & M College        Master's                                           
002503 Southwest Missouri State University      Master's                                           
003615 Southwest Texas State University         Master's                                           
003181 Southwestern Oklahoma State University   Master's                                           
001960 Spalding University                      Doctorate                                          
003367 St Joseph's University                   Master's                                           
002817 St. Bonaventure University               Master's                                           
002377 St. Cloud State University               Master's                                           
001409 St. Joseph College                       Master's                                           
008766 St. Louis University                     Doctorate                                          
003623 St. Mary's University                    Master's                                           
001305 Stanford University                      Doctorate                                          
003624 Stephen F. Austin State University       Doctorate                                          
002639 Stevens Institute of Technology          Doctorate                                          
003625 Sul Ross State University                Master's                                           
002835 SUNY - Albany                            Doctorate                                          
002836 SUNY - Binghamton                        Doctorate                                          
009554 SUNY - Buffalo                           Doctorate                                          
002851 SUNY - Coll of Env Science and Forestry  Doctorate                                          
002839 SUNY - Health Sci Ctr at Brooklyn        Doctorate                                          
002840 SUNY - Health Sci Ctr at Syracuse        Doctorate                                          
009555 SUNY - Stony Brook                       Doctorate                                          
002841 SUNY College at Brockport                Master's                                           
002842 SUNY College at Buffalo                  Master's                                           
002843 SUNY College at Cortland                 Master's                                           
002844 SUNY College at Fredonia                 Master's                                           
002845 SUNY College at Geneseo                  Master's                                           
002846 SUNY College at New Paltz                Master's                                           
002847 SUNY College at Oneonta                  Master's                                           
002848 SUNY College at Oswego                   Master's                                           
002849 SUNY College at Plattsburgh              Master's                                           
002850 SUNY College at Potsdam                  Master's                                           
009929 SUNY College of Optometry                Doctorate                                          
006792 SUNY Inst of Technology at Utica/Rome    Master's                                           
003370 Swarthmore College                       Master's                                           
008789 Syracuse University                      Doctorate                                          
003631 Tarleton State University                Master's                                           
003979 Teachers College, Columbia University    Doctorate                                          
001876 Teikyo Marycrest University              Master's                                           
003371 Temple University                        Doctorate                                          
003522 Tennessee State University               Doctorate                                          
003523 Tennessee Technological University       Doctorate                                          
003632 Texas A & M University                   Doctorate                                          
011161 Texas A & M University - Corpus Christi  Master's                                           
003639 Texas A & M University-Kingsville        Master's                                           
003636 Texas Christian University               Doctorate                                          
003642 Texas Southern University                Master's                                           
003644 Texas Tech University                    Doctorate                                          
003646 Texas Woman's University                 Doctorate                                          
003278 Thomas Jefferson University              Doctorate                                          
002099 Towson State University                  Master's                                           
002642 Trenton State College                    Master's                                           
001414 Trinity College                          Master's                                           
003647 Trinity University                       Master's                                           
001049 Troy State University in Montgomery      Master's                                           
002219 Tufts University                         Doctorate                                          
002029 Tulane University                        Doctorate                                          
001050 Tuskegee University                      Master's                                           
009768 U of North TX Hlth Sci Ctr at Ft Worth   Doctorate                                          
029169 Uniformed Serv Univ of the Hlth Sciences Doctorate                                          
002889 Union College                            Doctorate                                          
010923 Union Institute                          Doctorate                                          
001775 Univ of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign     Doctorate                                          
002105 Univ of Maryland - Baltimore County      Doctorate                                          
002620 Univ of Med and Dentistry of New Jersey  Doctorate                                          
002974 Univ of North Carolina at Chapel Hill    Doctorate                                          
002975 Univ of North Carolina at Charlotte      Master's                                           
002976 Univ of North Carolina at Greensboro     Doctorate                                          
001855 Univ of Osteopathic Med & Health Sci     Doctorate                                          
003944 Univ of Puerto Rico Mayaguez Campus      Doctorate                                          
007108 Univ of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras Campus   Doctorate                                          
003656 Univ of Texas at Arlington               Doctorate                                          
011618 Univ of Texas Hlth Sci Ctr at Houston    Doctorate                                          
003659 Univ of Texas Hlth Sci Ctr San Antonio   Doctorate                                          
003657 Univ of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Ctr   Doctorate                                          
004952 Univ of Texas Med Branch at Galveston    Doctorate                                          
003660 Univ of Texas SW Medical Ctr at Dallas   Doctorate                                          
012310 University of Akron                      Doctorate                                          
001052 University of Alabama at Birmingham, The Doctorate                                          
001055 University of Alabama in Huntsville, The Doctorate                                          
001051 University of Alabama, The               Doctorate                                          
029095 University of Alaska Anchorage           Master's                                           
029094 University of Alaska at Fairbanks        Doctorate                                          
029096 University of Alaska Southeast           Master's                                           
001083 University of Arizona                    Doctorate                                          
001108 University of Arkansas                   Doctorate                                          
001109 University of Arkansas - Med Sci Campus  Doctorate                                          
001101 University of Arkansas at Little Rock    Master's                                           
002102 University of Baltimore                  Master's                                           
001416 University of Bridgeport                 Master's                                           
001312 University of Calif at Berkeley          Doctorate                                          
001313 University of Calif at Davis             Doctorate                                          
001316 University of Calif at Riverside         Doctorate                                          
001317 University of Calif at San Diego         Doctorate                                          
001319 University of Calif at San Francisco     Doctorate                                          
001320 University of Calif at Santa Barbara     Doctorate                                          
001321 University of Calif at Santa Cruz        Doctorate                                          
001314 University of California, Irvine         Doctorate                                          
001315 University of California, Los Angeles    Doctorate                                          
001092 University of Central Arkansas           Master's                                           
003954 University of Central Florida            Doctorate                                          
011854 University of Central Texas              Master's                                           
003818 University of Charleston                 Master's                                           
001774 University of Chicago                    Doctorate                                          
008805 University of Cincinnati                 Doctorate                                          
008717 University of Colorado                   Doctorate                                          
008718 University of Connecticut                Doctorate                                          
003127 University of Dayton                     Doctorate                                          
001431 University of Delaware                   Doctorate                                          
001371 University of Denver                     Doctorate                                          
002323 University of Detroit Mercy              Doctorate                                          
001795 University of Evansville                 Master's                                           
001535 University of Florida                    Doctorate                                          
001598 University of Georgia                    Doctorate                                          
003935 University of Guam                       Master's                                           
001422 University of Hartford                   Doctorate                                          
001610 University of Hawaii at Manoa            Doctorate                                          
002474 University of Health Sciences, The       Doctorate                                          
003652 University of Houston                    Doctorate                                          
011711 University of Houston at Clear Lake City Master's                                           
001626 University of Idaho                      Doctorate                                          
001776 University of Illinois at Chicago        Doctorate                                          
009333 University of Illinois at Springfield    Master's                                           
001892 University of Iowa                       Doctorate                                          
029001 University of Kansas                     Doctorate                                          
008744 University of Kentucky                   Doctorate                                          
001216 University of La Verne                   Doctorate                                          
001999 University of Louisville                 Doctorate                                          
002053 University of Maine                      Doctorate                                          
002103 University of Maryland - College Park    Doctorate                                          
002104 University of Maryland at Baltimore      Doctorate                                          
002106 University of Maryland Eastern Shore     Doctorate                                          
008755 University of Massachusetts              Doctorate                                          
002210 University of Massachusetts Dartmouth    Master's                                           
002161 University of Massachusetts Lowell       Doctorate                                          
001536 University of Miami                      Doctorate                                          
009091 University of Michigan                   Doctorate                                          
008761 University of Minnesota                  Doctorate                                          
008764 University of Mississippi                Doctorate                                          
002516 University of Missouri - Columbia        Doctorate                                          
002518 University of Missouri - Kansas City     Doctorate                                          
002517 University of Missouri - Rolla           Doctorate                                          
002519 University of Missouri - St Louis        Doctorate                                          
002536 University of Montana                    Doctorate                                          
001004 University of Montevallo                 Master's                                           
002565 University of Nebraska - Lincoln         Doctorate                                          
002554 University of Nebraska - Omaha           Doctorate                                          
002551 University of Nebraska at Kearney        Master's                                           
006895 University of Nebraska Medical Center    Doctorate                                          
002569 University of Nevada at Las Vegas        Doctorate                                          
002568 University of Nevada at Reno             Doctorate                                          
002050 University of New England                Doctorate                                          
002589 University of New Hampshire              Doctorate                                          
001397 University of New Haven                  Master's                                           
002663 University of New Mexico                 Doctorate                                          
002984 University of North Carolina/Wilmington  Master's                                           
008794 University of North Dakota               Doctorate                                          
003594 University of North Texas                Doctorate                                          
001349 University of Northern Colorado          Doctorate                                          
001890 University of Northern Iowa              Doctorate                                          
001840 University of Notre Dame                 Doctorate                                          
008807 University of Oklahoma                   Doctorate                                          
003223 University of Oregon                     Doctorate                                          
003378 University of Pennsylvania               Doctorate                                          
008815 University of Pittsburgh                 Doctorate                                          
003224 University of Portland                   Master's                                           
003945 University of Puerto Rico Med Sci Campus Doctorate                                          
001322 University of Redlands                   Master's                                           
003414 University of Rhode Island               Doctorate                                          
003744 University of Richmond                   Master's                                           
002894 University of Rochester                  Doctorate                                          
010395 University of San Diego                  Doctorate                                          
001325 University of San Francisco              Master's                                           
003384 University of Scranton                   Master's                                           
001057 University of South Alabama              Doctorate                                          
008819 University of South Carolina             Doctorate                                          
003474 University of South Dakota               Doctorate                                          
001537 University of South Florida              Doctorate                                          
001328 University of Southern California        Doctorate                                          
002441 University of Southern Mississippi       Doctorate                                          
002031 University of Southwestern Louisiana     Doctorate                                          
003529 University of Tennessee at Chattanooga   Master's                                           
003530 University of Tennessee at Knoxville     Doctorate                                          
006725 University of Tennessee, Memphis         Doctorate                                          
003599 University of Texas - Pan American, The  Master's                                           
003658 University of Texas at Austin            Doctorate                                          
009741 University of Texas at Dallas            Doctorate                                          
003661 University of Texas at El Paso           Doctorate                                          
010115 University of Texas at San Antonio       Master's                                           
029164 University of Texas at Tyler             Master's                                           
009930 University of Texas of the Permian Basin Master's                                           
029100 University of the District of Columbia   Master's                                           
001329 University of the Pacific                Doctorate                                          
003131 University of Toledo                     Doctorate                                          
003185 University of Tulsa                      Doctorate                                          
003675 University of Utah                       Doctorate                                          
003696 University of Vermont                    Doctorate                                          
003745 University of Virginia                   Doctorate                                          
003798 University of Washington                 Doctorate                                          
003955 University of West Florida               Master's                                           
003917 University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire     Master's                                           
003899 University of Wisconsin - Green Bay      Master's                                           
003919 University of Wisconsin - La Crosse      Master's                                           
003895 University of Wisconsin - Madison        Doctorate                                          
003896 University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee      Doctorate                                          
009630 University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh        Master's                                           
003921 University of Wisconsin - Platteville    Master's                                           
003923 University of Wisconsin - River Falls    Master's                                           
003924 University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point  Master's                                           
003915 University of Wisconsin - Stout          Master's                                           
003926 University of Wisconsin - Whitewater     Master's                                           
003932 University of Wyoming                    Doctorate                                          
001158 US International University              Doctorate                                          
001310 US Naval Postgraduate School             Doctorate                                          
003677 Utah State University                    Doctorate                                          
001599 Valdosta State University                Master's                                           
001842 Valparaiso University                    Master's                                           
003535 Vanderbilt University                    Doctorate                                          
002895 Vassar College                           Master's                                           
003388 Villanova University                     Doctorate                                          
003735 Virginia Commonwealth University         Doctorate                                          
003754 Virginia Polytechnic Inst and State Univ Doctorate                                          
003764 Virginia State University                Master's                                           
002899 Wagner College                           Master's                                           
002978 Wake Forest University                   Doctorate                                          
003799 Walla Walla College                      Master's                                           
001949 Washburn University of Topeka            Master's                                           
002108 Washington College                       Master's                                           
003800 Washington State University              Doctorate                                          
002520 Washington University                    Doctorate                                          
002329 Wayne State University                   Doctorate                                          
001424 Wesleyan University                      Doctorate                                          
003328 West Chester University of Pennsylvania  Master's                                           
008716 West Coast University                    Master's                                           
001601 West Georgia College                     Master's                                           
003665 West Texas A&M University                Master's                                           
006869 West Virginia Graduate College           Master's                                           
003825 West Virginia Institute of Technology    Master's                                           
011245 West Virginia School of Osteopathic Med  Doctorate                                          
003827 West Virginia University                 Doctorate                                          
002981 Western Carolina University              Master's                                           
001380 Western Connecticut State University     Master's                                           
001780 Western Illinois University              Master's                                           
002002 Western Kentucky University              Master's                                           
002330 Western Michigan University              Doctorate                                          
002226 Western New England College              Master's                                           
003802 Western Washington University            Master's                                           
003804 Whitworth College                        Master's                                           
001950 Wichita State University                 Doctorate                                          
029291 Widener University                       Doctorate                                          
003394 Wilkes University                        Master's                                           
002625 William Paterson College                 Master's                                           
002229 Williams College                         Master's                                           
003456 Winthrop University                      Master's                                           
002230 Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution     Doctorate                                          
002233 Worcester Polytechnic Institute          Doctorate                                          
002190 Worcester State College                  Master's                                           
008846 Wright Institute, The                    Doctorate                                          
009167 Wright State University                  Doctorate                                          
003144 Xavier University                        Master's                                           
002032 Xavier University of Louisiana           Doctorate                                          
001426 Yale University                          Doctorate                                          
002903 Yeshiva University                       Doctorate                                          
003145 Youngstown State University              Master's