Organizational responsibility for this report is held by the Division of Science Resources Studies (SRS), Lynda T. Carlson, Director, of the National Science Foundation's (NSF) Directorate for Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences, Norman M. Bradburn, Assistant Director. Preparation of the report was the responsibility of the Human Resources Statistics Program of SRS under the direction of Mary A. Golladay, Program Director. Joan Burrelli, Senior Analyst in the Human Resources Statistics Program, wrote the report. Brian Ilardi, an SRS summer intern, wrote the sidebar on minority-serving institutions. Several other SRS staff members, including Linda Hardy, Susan T. Hill, Rolf Lehming, Kelly Kang, Nirmala Kannankutty, Mark Regets, and R. Keith Wilkinson, provided data or assisted in data gathering and interpretation. Administrative support was provided by Martha James, Ann Houghton, Julia Harriston, and Wayne Thomas of SRS. Nita Congress provided substantive and copy editing for the report and Margaret Giglitto provided statistical editing. Composition and design services were provided by EDO Technology Services and Analysis. Special acknowledgment is due NSF's Committee on Equal Opportunities in Science and Engineering (CEOSE), which provided comments on the report; Dr. Wanda E. Ward, NSF, CEOSE Executive Liaison; and Dr. Bernice T. Anderson, NSF, CEOSE Executive Secretary. The following members served on CEOSE during the preparation of this report:

Dr. Arturo Bronson, University of Texas, El Paso
Dr. George Castro, San Jose State University
Dr. Julius Chambers, North Carolina Central University
Dr. Beatriz Clewell, The Urban Institute
Dr. Lesia L. Crumpton, Mississippi State University
Mr. C. Michael Gooden, Integrated Systems Analysts, Inc.
Dr. Paul N. Hale, Jr., Louisiana Tech University
Dr. Benjamin Hart, University of California, Davis
Dr. Emi Ito, University of Minnesota
Dr. Eric Jolly, Education Development Center, Inc.
Dr. Joe L. Martinez, Jr., University of Texas, San Antonio
Dr. Gary S. May, Georgia Institute of Technology
Dr. Ken Pepion, WICHE
Dr. Norberto Salinas, University of Kansas
Dr. Claibourne Smith, E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co.
Dr. Beverly Wright, Xavier University of Louisiana

Contributors ^

The following people provided data, allowed their research results to be presented, or assisted in obtaining data: Aurora D'Amico and Bernard Greene, National Center for Education Statistics (NCES); Matthew Doster, Engineering Workforce Commission; David Edson and Natalie Justh, Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.; and George Nozicka and Teresa Grimes, Quantum Research Corporation. Their contributions are gratefully acknowledged.

Reviewers ^

Review and guidance for this report was provided by Mary J. Frase, Deputy Director of SRS and Ronald S. Fecso, Chief Statistician of SRS. Ronald Meeks of NSF facilitated the review process. Members of the review committee for this report were: Nirmala Kannankutty, Kelly Kang, Bob Morgan, Rolf Lehming, Linda Parker, Lawrence Scadden, Ana Ortiz, and Steven Payson of NSF; Vickie Barr, HEATH Resource Center; Eleanor Babco, Commission on Professionals in Science and Technology; Michael Pavel, Washington State University; Willie Pearson, Jr., Wake Forest University; John Wirt, NCES; and Marsha Matyas, American Physiological Society.

Recommended Citation ^

National Science Foundation. Women, Minorities, and Persons With Disabilities in Science and Engineering: 2000. Arlington, VA, 2000 (NSF 00-327).

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