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women and minorities
Introduction Chapter 1: Elementary and Secondary Education Chapter 2: Undergraduate Enrollment Chapter 3: Undergraduate Degrees Chapter 4: Graduate Enrollment Chapter 5: Graduate Degrees Chapter 6: Employment Technical Notes Appendix Tables
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Organizational responsibility for this report is held by the Division of Science Resources Statistics (SRS), Lynda T. Carlson, Director, of the National Science Foundation's (NSF's) Directorate for Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences, Norman M. Bradburn, Assistant Director. The report was prepared by SRS's Human Resources Statistics Program under the direction of Mary A. Golladay, Program Director. Corinne Alfeld-Liro wrote portions of chapters 2 and 3. Nirmala Kannankutty developed the outline and specified the tables for chapter 6. Jessica Guillory wrote sections of chapter 6. Several other SRS staff members, including Susan T. Hill, John Tsapogas, and Jean Johnson provided data or assisted in data gathering and interpretation. Administrative support was provided by Martha James, Julia Harriston, and Wayne Thomas of SRS. Natalie Justh and David Edson of Mathematica Policy Research, Inc., provided tables for chapter 6. Nita Congress provided substantive and copy editing for the report, and Margaret Giglitto provided statistical editing. Composition and design services were provided by EDO Professional Services.

Special acknowledgment is due NSF's Committee on Equal Opportunities in Science and Engineering (CEOSE) for providing comments on the report. The following were CEOSE members during the development of this report:

Dr. Suzanne Brainard, University of Washington
Dr. Kenneth E. Barner, University of Delaware
Dr. Marian Johnson-Thompson, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
Dr. Gustavo Roig, Florida International University
Dr. Gary Toranzos, University of Puerto Rico
Dr. Willie Pearson, Jr., Wake Forest University
Dr. Bruce A. Jackson, Boston University School of Medicine
Dr. Indira Nair, Carnegie Mellon University
Dr. Paula E. Stephan, Georgia State University
Dr. Thomas Windham, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

Review and guidance for this report were provided by Mary J. Frase, Deputy Director of SRS, and Ronald S. Fecso, Chief Statistician of SRS. Jane Stutsman of NSF facilitated the review process. Members of the review committee for this report were: Susan Hill, Deh-I Hsiung, Richard Morrison, and Maricel Quintana-Baker of NSF; and Patricia Campbell, Campbell-Kibler Associates; Beatriz Clewell, The Urban Institute; Roman Czujko, American Institute of Physics; Ann Gates, University of Texas, El Paso; Catherine Millet, University of Michigan; Babette Moeller, Education Development Center; Georgine Pion, Peabody College/Vanderbilt University; Justin Powell, Max Planck Institute for Human Development; Paula Rayman, Radcliffe Public Policy Center; Carlos Rodriguez, American Institutes for Research; Sue Rosser, Georgia Institute of Technology; and Theresa Smith, University of Oklahoma.

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