The Implications of Information Technology for Scientific Journal Publishing: A Literature Review

Appendix B
Quantatitive Studies In Literature Reviewed

This material has been organized by method and then alphabetically by author to facilitate cross-referencing to the bibliography and to other tables in the text.

Study Method Topic Sample size Tests
Cronin et al. 1998 Citation analysis Scientific communication; expanded notion of citation/cross-reference via the Web 5 search engines; 1,354 responses; journal articles Descriptive statistics only
Harter 1996 Citation analysis Awareness and use of e-journals 39--114  journal articles Descriptive statistics only
Harter 1998 Citation analysis Awareness and use of e-journals 39 journal articles Update of Harter 1996
Hitchcock et al. 1997 Citation analysis Hyperlinking 3 journal articles Descriptive statistics only
Hurd, Blecic, and Vishwanatham 1999 Citation analysis Molecular biologists' information use from library perspective (collections, etc.) 60 journal articles Descriptive statistics only
Lindholm-Romantschuk and Warner 1996 Citation analysis Information diffusion, humanities versus
social sciences
14,368 journal articles F tests on regression analysis, z-scores on difference of means
Qin, Lancaster, and Allen 1997 Citation analysis Collaboration and interdisciplinary research
in science
846 journal articles Descriptive statistics only
Youngen 1997 Citation analysis Physics preprints 4,110 journal articles p < .05
Zhang 1998 Citation analysis Internet resources in library science 1,175 journal articles Not given
Kim 2000 Interviews Motivations for hyperlinking NA Descriptive statistics only
Stewart 1996 Interviews Chemists' use of e-journals for system
39 people T-test, 95% confidence
Walsh and Bayma 1996 Interviews CMC among mathematicians, physicists, biologists, and chemists 67 people Descriptive statistics only
Walsh and Bayma 1997 Interviews CMC among mathematicians, physicists, biologists, and chemists 67 people p > .05
Wood 1998 Interviews Peer review 200 people NA
Hahn 1998 Interviews, content analysis Views of scientists as authors and editors
of e-journals
NA Descriptive statistics only
Adler et al. 1998 Interviews/diary study Reading behavior in work contexts 15 people NA
Doyle 1986 Interviews/lab study Scientists' information-seeking behavior 45 people Descriptive statistics only
O'Hara and Sellen 1997 Observation/lab study Reading behavior, print versus online 10 people Descriptive statistics only
Berge and Collins 1996 Survey Readership of IPCT Journal 1,118 people Descriptive statistics only
Blixrud and Jewell 1998 Survey Library expenditures 108 people Descriptive statistics only
Brown 1999 Survey Scientists' information-seeking behavior 49 people Descriptive statistics only
Budd and Connaway 1997 Survey Academics' use of networked information 651 people Descriptive statistics only
Cohen 1996 Survey Faculty CMC and productivity 888 people Descriptive statistics only
Campanario 1996 Survey Journal impact studies 18 Descriptive statistics only
Davis and Eisemon 1989 Survey Scientific communication in four Asian countries NA p < .05
Goldfinch 2000 Survey Readers' preferences for online journals in nuclear technology 500 people Results significant at p < .05, p < .01 and p < .001
Gomes and Meadows 1998 Survey Academics' perceptions of e-journals 120 people Descriptive statistics only
Hamershlag 1998 Survey Biomedical/medical researchers' use of e-journals 169 people Descriptive statistics only
Harter and Park 2000 Survey Scholarly journal policies concerning prior e-publication 202 people p < .01
Hitchcock, Carr, and Hall 1998b Survey Characterization of STM online journals 83--115 people Descriptive statistics only
Hurd and Weller 1997 Survey University-based chemists' adoption of IT (multiple applications) in libraries NA Descriptive statistics only
Kaminer 1997 Survey Academics' use of the Internet NA Descriptive statistics only
Lawson and Pelzer 1999 Survey Promotion and tenure (librarians) NA Descriptive statistics only
Levitan 1979 Survey Professional societies and journals 46 Descriptive statistics only
McEldowney 1995 Survey Academics' attitudes toward e-publishing 77 people Descriptive statistics only
McKnight and Price 1999 Survey Authors' attitudes 537 people Descriptive statistics only
Michailidis and Rada 1997 Survey Scientific communication 10 people p < .05, p < .001
Oppenheim, Greenhalgh, and Rowland 2000 Survey Publishers' attitudes and behaviors 187 people Descriptive statistics only
Pedersen and Stockdale 1999 Survey Readers' attitudes 7 people Descriptive statistics only
Pullinger 1999 Survey Academic use of e-journals 70 people Descriptive statistics only
Rusch-Feja and Siebeky 1999a,
Survey Researchers' usage and acceptance of e-journals 1,042 people Descriptive statistics only
Schauder 1994 Survey Academics' attitudes toward e-publishing 743 people NA
Singleton 1997 Survey Physicists' attitudes as authors, readers, referees, and purchasers of e-journals 3,500 people Chi square, significant at the .05 level
Speier et al 1999 Survey Academics' perceptions of e-journals 1,364 people NA
Spink, Robins, and Schamber 1998 Survey Book reviews NA p < .10, p < .05, p < .01, p < .001; multiple results
Swan 1999 Survey Authors' attitudes 2,500 people NA
Sweeney 2000 Survey Academic attitudes toward peer review 62 people Descriptive statistics only
Tenopir and King 1998, 2000 Survey Publishing, authorship, readership, pricing, library services 13,591 people Descriptive statistics only
Tombaugh 1984 Survey CMC (conference) in science NA Descriptive statistics only
Tomney and Burton 1998 Survey Academics' usage and attitudes toward e-journals 147 people NA
Wood and Hurst 2000 Survey Perceptions of online peer review in the biological sciences 76 people Descriptive statistics only
Yu and Apps 2000 Survey User behavior; methodological discussion of log file analysis 2,867 people Descriptive statistics only
Björk and Turk 2000 Survey (Web-based) Scientists' information-seeking behavior 236 people p > .01
Kaminer and Braunstein 1998 Survey, log analysis, citation analysis Impact of Internet on scholarly productivity 122 people Descriptive statistics only
Samarajiva 1989 Survey/ interviews Scientific communication in Third World countries NA Descriptive statistics only
Entlich et al. 1996 Survey/log analysis User study (responses to a system), primarily chemists 39--161 people Descriptive statistics only

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