The Implications of Information Technology for Scientific Journal Publishing: A Literature Review

Acronyms and Abbreviations

ACM Association for Computing Machinery
ARL Association of Research Libraries
BLEND BLEND (Birmingham and Loughborough Electronic Networking Development)
CASI Center for Aerospace Information
CMC computer-mediated communication
CSTB Computer Science and Telecommunications Board
DMCA Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998
FTP file transfer protocol
IATUL International Association of Technological University Libraries
ICSU International Council of Scientific Unions
IP Internet protocol
ISI Institute for Scientific Information
JSTOR Journal Storage (the Scholarly Journal Archive)
LANL Los Alamos National Laboratory
NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration
OCLC Online Computer Library Center
PEAK Pricing Electronic Access to Knowledge
SLAC Stanford Linear Accelerator Laboratory
STM science, technology, and medicine
UCC Uniform Commercial Code
UCITA Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act
UNESCO United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization
URL uniform resource locator
WIPO World Intellectual Property Organization

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