Table 3-1
Major fields of study and doctorates awarded: 1920–99
Field Doctorates awarded
Science and engineering  835,221
Agricultural sciences 39,456
Biological sciences 167,179
Earth, atmospheric, and ocean sciences 27,066
Mathematics and computer sciences 52,466
Physical sciences 152,857
Psychology 112,623
Social sciences 136,698
Engineering 146,876
Non-science and engineering 519,652
Education 256,014
Health sciences 28,098
Humanities 171,870
Professional fields/other 63,670
NOTES: Field data are available from the Doctorate Records File beginning in 1920. Appendix table A-1 shows the number of doctoral awards for the complete list of detailed fields, grouped by these major fields.
SOURCE: NSF/NIH/USED/NEH/USDA/NASA, Survey of Earned Doctorates and Doctorate Records File.
U.S. Doctorates in the 20th Century