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National Science Foundation, Science and Engineering State Profiles, Fall 1996, NSF 97-306 (Arlington, VA, 1997).

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The preparation of Science & Engineering State Profiles Fall 1996 was managed by Richard J. Bennof, Analyst, National Science Foundation (NSF), Division of Science Resources Studies (SRS), Research and Development Statistics Program (RDS), under the overall direction of John E. Jankowski, Jr., Program Director, RDS, with guidance and review provided by Jeanne E. Griffith, Director, SRS. Assistance was provided by Jennifer R. Held of SRS and Barnali Chatterjee of Cap Gemini. The text was edited by Anne Houghton, also of SRS. Andy Black provided composition and page layout services. Quantum Research Corporation provided a portion of the database in a special format that was required for data entry.