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Chapter I. Introduction

Who is unemployed among those with doctoral degrees in science and engineering? This question is of interest to those who hold such degrees and those considering a doctorate in science and engineering. This information is also important to policy makers and administrators in the government, members of academia, and other individuals who are responsible for designing, implementing, and monitoring advanced education and career programs.

To provide relevant information, data from the 1993 Survey of Doctorate Recipients (SDR) for individuals under the age of 76 with doctoral degrees in science and engineering from U.S. universities were analyzed. These 1993 results were also compared with data reported for 1973 in two National Academy of Sciences reports, Employment Status of Ph.D. Scientists and Engineers 1973 and 1975 and Doctoral Scientists and Engineers in the United States, 1973 Profile.

Limitations of This Study up

Three important limitations of this study need to be highlighted:


[2] See the Technical Notes for additional information on the survey.

[3] Limiting the population of interest to those who are in the labor force is consistent with the standard Federal definition of unemployment used by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

[4] See Technical Notes for a more detailed discussion of the methodology used in this report.

[5] See Marini and Singer for a more detailed discussion of the relationship between statistical association and causality.

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