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National Science Foundation, Division of Science Resources Studies, Who Is Unemployed? Factors Affecting Unemployment Among Individuals with Doctoral Degrees in Science and Engineering, Special Report, NSF 97-336, by Carolyn F. Shettle (Arlington, VA, 1997).

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This report was prepared by Carolyn Shettle, Director, Doctorate Data Project, Division of Science Resources Studies (SRS), National Science Foundation.

SRS staff members Joan Burrelli, Carlos Kruytbosch, Rolf Lehming, Melissa Pollak, and Mark Regets provided numerous helpful comments to various drafts of this report, as did Catherine Gaddy, Executive Director of the Commission on Professionals in Science and Technology, and Daryl E. Chubin, Director of the Division of Research, Evaluation, and Communication within NSF's Directorate for Education and Human Resources. Special thanks to Kenneth M. Brown, former Division Director of SRS, who originally suggested the topic of this report and helped with its early development. Jeanne E. Griffith, current Division Director of SRS, and Alan R. Tupek, Deputy Division Director of SRS, provided overall guidance for the latter stages of the production of this report. The report has been greatly strengthened by the help these individuals provided.

Editorial assistance was provided by Daniel Gottlieb, Gottlieb Associates. Anne Houghton, Julia Harriston, and Tanya Gore of the Publications Management Group of SRS provided copyediting, processing, and final composition for this report.


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