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National Science Foundation, Division of Science Resources Studies, Federal R&D Funding by Budget Function: Fiscal Years 1996-98, Special Report, NSF 98-301, by Ronald Meeks (Arlington, VA, 1997).

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This report was prepared by Ronald L. Meeks, Senior Analyst, Research and Development Statistics (RDS) Program, Division of Science Resources Studies (SRS), National Science Foundation. The statistical tables were prepared under contract by Directorate for Science and Policy Programs, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). AAAS staff members who worked on this report were Albert H. Teich and Kei Koizumi.

Overall direction was provided by John E. Jankowski, Jr., Program Director, RDS. Jeanne E. Griffith, Division Director and Alan R. Tupek, Deputy Director, SRS, provided overall guidance and review. The text was reviewed by Susan T. Hill, Rolf F. Lehming, Steven Payson, Melissa F. Pollak, and Eleanor C. Thomas. Anne M. Houghton, Julia H. Harriston, and Tanya R. Gore of the Publications Management Group of SRS provided copyediting, processing, and final composition for this report. Additional text and graphics editing and preparation were provided by Jennifer R. Held.

SRS and AAAS would like to thank the many program and budget offices at the agencies that provided information for this report.


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