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General Notes

Data presented in these tables are derived from the National Science Foundation/National Institutes of Health (NSF/NIH) Survey of Graduate Students and Postdoctorates in Science and Engineering (graduate student survey), Fall 1996. Unless otherwise specified, the published data represent estimates of total enrollment in science and engineering (S&E) programs in approximately 11,592 graduate departments at 603 institutions in the United States and outlying areas.

All eligible institutions were included in the survey in the years 1988-96. From 1984-87 the survey design was a stratified random sample, with all doctorate-granting institutions, all master's-granting historically black colleges and universities, and all land-grant institutions included in the certainty stratum. The remaining master's-granting institutions were divided into two sample strata on the basis of enrollment size. Data for sampled institutions for the years 1984-87 were reestimated in 1988 on the basis of 1983 and 1988 data. During the 1989 survey cycle, S&E field definitions were reviewed and some departments were deleted. Data for 1975-88 were adjusted to conform to the revised definitions.

In 1992, the citizenship categories requested were modified to conform to those used in other surveys conducted by NSF, the Department of Education's National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), and others. Prior to that time, permanent residents (those who held green cards but had not yet been granted U.S. citizenship) were to be included in "Foreign"; in subsequent years these individuals were included in the "U.S. citizens" total and reported according to racial/ethnic background.

For these reasons, and because institutions may revise their data for earlier years, only the latest trend data should be used in historical analyses.

For further information on the survey, please contact the Project Officer-

Joan Burrelli, Project Officer
Science and Engineering Education and Human Resources Program
National Science Foundation
4201 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 965
Arlington, VA 22230
Telephone: (703) 306-1774, ext. 6942
Internet: jburrell@nsf.gov

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