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This publication lists reports issued by the National Science Foundation's (NSF's) Division of Science Resources Studies (SRS) from July 1995 through July 1998. For a prior listing of SRS publications, see SRS Publications List: June 1995 (NSF 95-328), Publications List: FY 1989-93 (NSF 93-321), and Publications List: 1978-88 (NSF 88-335).

Each of the above-mentioned reports is organized by SRS' current four programs. Within each program, the reports are listed by type starting with the current report.

Anne M. Houghton, Publications Manager, edited this report. Julia H. Harriston compiled and copyedited the report. Tanya R. Gore and Julia H. Harriston provided final composition to report.

For copies of the reports listed above, call (301) 947-2722 and please allow four weeks for delivery. Most of the documents cited herein are obtainable through the NSF Web site, which is explained in further detail on page three.

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