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Science and Engineering Indicators Program

The Science and Engineering Indicators Program (IND) is responsible for the Division's cross-cutting overview and international reports. IND compiles and analyzes data from special studies, Science Resources Studies Surveys, and other national and international sources to produce the biennial congressionally mandated report, Science and Engineering Indicators. The Indicators report is produced under the guidance of the National Science Board, and is the National Science Foundation's (NSF) flagship quantitative report.

In addition, the IND program develops and publishes a number of specialized indicator series, particularly in the area of science and technology (S&T) output and impact indicators. These series include patent data, bibliometric indicators, high-technology trade data, information on innovation activities, and survey data on public attitudes toward and understanding of science and technology.

A major aspect of the IND program involves the development of international comparisons for all the S&T indicators areas. The program is the focal point both in the Division and at NSF for international S&T indicators activities, plus reporting U.S. data to international organizations such as the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and the United Nations Educational, Science and Cultural Organization. Periodic and special publications produced in the group include the following:

Report NSF Number

Topical Reports  top

The Science and Technology Resources of Japan: A Comparison with the United States 97-324
Science and Technology Pocket Data Book: 1996 96-325
Human Resources for Science and Technology: The European Region 96-316
Asia's New High-Tech Competitors 95-309

Data Brief  top

"Western Europe Leads the United States and Asia in Science and Engineering Ph.D. Degree Production" 96-330

Issue Briefs  top

"International Mobility of Scientists and Engineers in the United States-Brain Drain or Brain Circulation" 98-316
"Japan Hopes to Double Its Government Spending" 97-310

Reports of the National Science Board   top

Science & Engineering Indicators:  
1998 NSB 98-1
1996 NSB 96-21

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