Doctoral Population in the Sciences and Engineering

Distribution by Field top

The estimated population of science and engineering doctorates[1] in 1995 was 542,500. For this project, the population was defined to include Ph.D.s who earned their degrees in a science or engineering field from a U.S. institution between January 1942 and June 1994 and who were age 75 or younger and residing in the United States in April 1995.

Figure 1. Science and engineering Ph.D. population, by field of doctorate, 1995.

Demographic Characteristics top

Demographic characteristics of science and engineering Ph.D.s, including gender, race, age, and citizenship are described in this section (see Tables 2 and 3).

Gender top

Figure 2. Field Composition of science and engineering Ph.D.s, by gender, 1995.

Race/Ethnicity (regardless of citizenship status) top

Age in 1995 top

Year of Doctorate top

Citizenship Status top


[1] Appendix D provides a list of detailed science and engineering Ph.D. fields and shows how they were grouped into the broad fields used for analysis in this report.

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