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General Notes

The data presented in these tables cover all categories of direct federal science and engineering (S&E) support to institutions of higher education, including federally funded research and development centers, in the United States for science and engineering (S&E) activities. The 20 agencies listed in these tables provide virtually all of the federal funding for S&E research and development (R&D) at U.S. universities and colleges. Data are also reported on these agencies’ obligations to nonprofit institutions.

The FY 1997 data in this report were submitted by 20 federal agencies, covering the period October 1, 1996, through September 30, 1997. Data reported by the Agency for International Development; the Departments of Housing and Urban Development, Labor, and Transportation; the General Services Administration; the Nuclear Regulatory Commission; the Office of Justice Programs; the Social Security Administration; the Department of State; and the Bureau of Engraving and Printing were combined because of space constraints to constitute the “other” category in tables that show funding by agency. In 1997, these ten agencies accounted for less than 1 percent of all federal S&E academic support. In most tables that list data by agency and individual institution, the “other” column includes data from the Department of the Interior in addition to those ten agencies. The detailed agency-specific data are available from the National Science Foundation (NSF) upon request. In 1997, the 20 agencies reported obligations to 1,140 universities and colleges, 39 academic system offices, and 963 independent nonprofit institutions.

Because of rounding, data in the text or tables may not add to the totals or subtotals shown. Reported obligations were rounded to the nearest thousand dollars.

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