National Patterns of R&D Resources: 1998

References to Research Studies That Use National Patterns Data

Instructions for having us add a reference to one of our lists

Please help us serve you better . . .

We would be grateful for any references that you could provide for us. You are welcome to tell us about your own published work or work published by others.

We are collecting and displaying these "references to research studies" for four reasons:

Criteria for being listed as a reference . . .

We will list all references that meet the following criteria, and will not make any value judgments regarding the quality of the research conducted.

The work in question must make significant use of data provided in the National Patterns report. That is, at least one of the main findings of the work (e.g., one of the key points made in a conclusion section) relies on the use of National Patterns data.

The work must be published in an outlet that is generally recognized as contributing to (and not just reporting on) the current body of knowledge on science resources or related topics. Such outlets include:

How to inform us about a reference you would like us to list . . .

Just send us the a copy of the work in the regular mail, along with a signed cover letter that provides a full reference to the work and a statement that your research did rely on National Patterns data. Earmark the pages and highlight the text where National Patterns data are mentioned. For books, dissertations, and monographs, you need only send one chapter that best demonstrates reliance on National Patterns data. Copies made on both sides of a page are acceptable.

Address for Correspondence:

Dr. Steven Payson
Senior Analyst
4201 Wilson Blvd.
Suite 965.23
Arlington, VA 22230


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