Women, Minorities, and Persons with

Disabilities in Science and Engineering


This report was prepared by the Division of Science Resources Studies (SRS) of the National Science Foundation (NSF), under the direction of Jeanne E. Griffith, Director of SRS. Bennett I. Bertenthal, Assistant Director for Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences, and Alan R. Tupek, former Deputy Director, SRS, provided guidance and review. Preparation of the report was the responsibility of the Education and Human Resources Program under the direction of Mary A. Golladay, Program Director.

Joan Burrelli coordinated the preparation of the report, compiled data, and directed the production of the volume. Chapter 1 was written by Joan Burrelli; chapter 2 was written by Joan Burrelli and Susan Hill; chapter 3 was written under the guidance of Ann Lanier by John Daniel of Howard University and Terry Savage and Cheryl Dobbins of Basic Technologies International Corporation; chapter 4 was written by Carolyn Arena and Theodosia Jacobs; and chapter 5 was written by Joan Burrelli. Several SRS staff members, including Linda Hardy, Susan T. Hill, Jean M. Johnson, Rolf Lehming, Kelly Kang, Mark Regets, Carolyn Shettle, John Tsapogas, and R. Keith Wilkinson, provided data or helped with data gathering and interpretation. Catrice Jackson, Aristo Vinayak, and Jennifer Held prepared tables and charts. Administrative support was provided by Martha James and Julia Harriston of SRS. Editing and production were performed by Nina Whitnah, Marilyn Nelson, Nancy Bailey, and Christine James of Blue Pencil Group, Inc. Anne M. Houghton managed the editing and composition contracts and provided guidance for the production of the report. John Gawalt was responsible for making this publication available on the World Wide Web (http://www.nsf.gov/statistics/). Web design, programming, and HTML coding were performed by Kathy Barquin, Andy Black, Marjorie Silvernail, Jacquelyn Nguyen, Debbie Fleming, and De Vo of Compuware Corporation.

Special acknowledgment is due to NSF’s Committee on Equal Opportunities in Science and Engineering (CEOSE) who provided comments on the report and Susan Kemnitzer who served as Executive Secretary of CEOSE during the preparation of this report.

The following members served on CEOSE during the preparation of this report:

Arturo Bronson, University of Texas, El Paso
Jeanette Brown, New Jersey Institute of Technology
George Castro, San Jose State University
Julius Chambers, North Carolina Central University
Lesia Crumpton, Mississippi State University
Betty Davidson, Boston Museum of Science
David Glover, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Benjamin Hart, University of California, Davis
William M. Jackson, University of California, Davis
Eric Jolly, Educational Development Center, Inc.
Jane Butler Kahle, Miami University
Joe L. Martinez, Jr., University of Texas, San Antonio
Gary S. May, Georgia Institute of Technology
Carolyn W. Meyers, North Carolina A&T State University
Patti T. Ota, Lehigh University
Norberto Salinas, University of Kansas
Marilyn Suiter, American Geological Institute
Teresa A. Sullivan, University of Texas, Austin
William Yslas Velez, University of Arizona
Lydia Villa-Komaroff, Harvard Medical School
Margaret C. Werner-Washburne, University of New Mexico
Glen Wheless, Center for Coastal Physical Oceanography
Henry N. Williams, University of Maryland
H. David Wohlers, Truman State University
Beverly Wright, Wake Forest University


The following people provided data, allowed their research results to be presented, or assisted in obtaining data: Clifford Adelman, National Center for Education Statistics; Aurora D’Amico, National Center for Education Statistics; Mary Frank Fox, Georgia Institute of Technology; Arnold Goldstein, National Center for Education Statistics; Jerilee Grandy, Educational Testing Service; Vance Grant, National Center for Education Statistics; Sandra Hanson, Catholic University; Kelley Hayden, American College Testing Program; Robert Ibarra, University of Wisconsin; Cheryl Leggon, Wake Forest University; Andrew Malizio, National Center for Education Statistics; Mary McAfee, Colorado State University; John McNeil, Bureau of the Census; Michael Nettles, The College Fund/UNCF; George Nozicka, Quantum Research Corporation; Brian O’Reilly, College Board; Noel Perez-Rodriguez, University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez; Ana Pineros, University of Puerto Rico, Resource Center for Science and Engineering; Elaine Seymour, University of Colorado; and John Sours, National Science Foundation. Their contributions are gratefully acknowledged.


The following are members of the review committee for this report: Carolyn Arena, Kelly Kang, Melissa Lane, Richard Morrison, Melissa Pollak, Mark Regets, Carolyn Shettle, and Patricia White of NSF; Catherine Didion of Association for Women in Science; Mary Frase of the National Center for Education Statistics; Catherine Gaddy of the Commission on Professionals in Science and Technology; Rhona Hartman of HEATH Resource Center, American Council on Education; Sharon Lynch of George Washington University; Willie Pearson, Jr., of Wake Forest University; Bonnie Robinson of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; Virginia Stern of the American Association for the Advancement of Science; and Ann Swanson of Sonoma State University. Steven Payson of NSF served as the facilitator of the review process.

In addition to the review committee, the following individuals reviewed and commented on the report: Arturo Bronson, University of Texas, El Paso; Ronald A. Nieman, Arizona State University; Robert Ibarra, University of Wisconsin, Madison; Gary S. May, Georgia Institute of Technology; Dorothy Miner, North Carolina State University; Christine Wise-Mohr, NSF; and Christine Sullivan, Chabot College.

Recommended Citation

National Science Foundation. Women, Minorities, and Persons With Disabilities in Science and Engineering: 1998. Arlington, VA, 1999. (NSF 99-338)

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