What Is the State Government Role in the R&D Enterprise?

National Science Foundation
Rita R. Colwell

Directorate for Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences
Bennett I. Bertenthal

Division of Science Resources Studies
Mary J. Frase
Acting Director
Ronald S. Fecso
Chief Statistician

Research and Development Statistics Program
John E. Jankowski
Program Director

Division of Science Resources Studies

The Division of Science Resources Studies ( SRS ) fulfills the legislative mandate of the National Science Foundation Act to ...

provide a central clearinghouse for the collection, interpretation, and analysis of data on scientific and engineering resources and to provide a source of information for policy formulation by other agencies of the Federal Government...

To carry out this mandate, SRS designs, supports, and directs periodic surveys as well as a variety of other data collections and research projects. These surveys yield the materials for SRS staff to compile, analyze, and disseminate quantitative information about domestic and international resources devoted to science, engineering, and technology.

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National Science Foundation, Division of Science Resources Studies, What is the State Government Role in the R&D Enterprise?, NSF 99-348, John E. Jankowski (Arlington, VA 1999).

May 1999

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Acknowledgments top

This report was prepared by John E. Jankowski, Program Director, Research and Development Statistics Program (RDS), Division of Science Resources Studies (SRS), National Science Foundation.

Overall review was provided by Mary J. Frase, Acting Division Director and Ronald S. Fecso, Chief Statistician, SRS. The text was reviewed by Jean M. Johnson, Richard Bennof, Kelly H. Kang, and Alan Rapoport of SRS; Christopher M. Coburn, Battelle, and Albert H. Teich, American Association for the Advancement of Science. Graphics editing and preparation were provided by Jennifer Speer, RDS, and Jacquelyn Nguyen, Compuware. Anne M. Houghton and Julia H. Harriston, SRS' Information Services Group, provided copyediting, processing, and final composition.

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