List of Attendees

1Alan FechterCommission on Professionals in S&T
2Alan RapoportScience Resources Studies
3Alan TupekScience Resources Studies
4Ann LanierScience Resources Studies
5Bernie MacDonald Mathematical and Physical Sciences
6Bill SalmonNational Academy of Engineering
7Boris IglewiczAmerican Statistical Association
8Carla Howery American Sociological Association
9Carlos Kruytbosch Science Resources Studies
10Carolyn Arena Science Resources Studies
11Carolyn Shettle Science Resources Studies
12Carter Kimsey Biological Sciences
13Catherine Gaddy Commission on Professionals in S&T
14Catherine Rudder American Political Science Assoc.
15Cora MarrettSocial, Behavioral, & Economic Sciences
16Corinne Marasco American Chemical Society
17Dan NewlonSocial, Behavioral, & Economic Research
18Daniel Horvitz American Statistical Association
19Daryl Chubin Education and Human Resources
20Deborah Collins Science Resources Studies
21Deborah Lockhart Mathematical and Physical Sciences
22Edward Spar Council of Professional Associations on Federal Statistics
23Eleanor Babco Commission on Professionals in S&T
24Elise Perram Society for Neuroscience
25Erin O'Neill American Society for Engineering Education
26Frederica Darema Mathematical and Physical Sciences
27Herb Maisel Computing Research Association and the Association for Computing Machinery
28Hillery EveristSocial, Behavioral, & Economic Research
29Howard Garrison Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology
30Howard Silver Consortium of Social Science Assoc. (COSSA)
31James Huckenpahler Science Resources Studies
32James Maxwell American Mathematical Society/The Mathematical Association of America
33Janet Shoemaker American Society for Microbiologists
34Jean Johnson Science Resources Studies
35Jean Pomeroy National Science Board
36Jessica Kohout American Psychological Assoc.
37Jim Dietz Education and Human Resources
38Jim Voytuck National Research Council
39Jo Husbands National Research Council
40Joan Burrelli Science Resources Studies
41Joanne Streeter Science Resources Studies
42Joel Widder Office of Legislative and Public Affairs
43John Gawalt Science Resources Studies
44John Tsapogas Science Resources Studies
45Karl ErbOffice of the Director/NSF
46Keith Wilkinson Science Resources Studies
47Kelly Kang Science Resources Studies
48Kenneth Brown Science Resources Studies
49Larry Suter Education and Human Resources
50Linda Hardy Science Resources Studies
51Luther Williams Education and Human Resources
52Lynn PollnowSocial, Behavioral, and Economic Research
53Margaret WindusSocial, Behavioral, & Economic Sciences
54Marilyn Suiter American Geological Institute
55Mark Regets Science Resources Studies
56Mary Funke American Chemical Society
57Mary Golladay Science Resources Studies
58Melissa Pollak Science Resources Studies
59Michael Neuschatz American Institute of Physics
60Michael Schubert American Sociological Association
61Mitchell Bostelman American Society for Engineering Education
62Myles Boylan Education and Human Resources
63Nancy Conlon Science Resources Studies
64Nick Claudy American Geological Institute
65Paul Young Computer and Information Science and Engineering
66Peter Syverson Council on Graduate Schools
67Richard Ellis Engineering Workforce Commission of the American Association of Engineering Societies
68Richard Morrison Science Resources Studies
69Rob Simmons National Research Council
70Robert Duggan Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
71Roger Madden Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
72Rolf Lehming Science Resources Studies
73Rolf Sinclair Mathematics and Physical Sciences
74Roman Czujko American Institute of Physics
75Ronald Luftig American Society for Microbiologists
76Sherri Balke Education and Human Resources
77Steve Heinig Federation of American Societies of Experimental Biology
78Steve Payson Science Resources Studies
79Susan Hill Science Resources Studies
80Susan Mitchell National Research Council
81Tanya Gore Science Resources Studies
82Terry Porter Education and Human Resources
83Vin O'Neill Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
84William Anderson Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
85William Harris Mathematical and Physical Sciences


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