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I just want to spend a couple of minutes talking about our next meeting. I think you have all received the handout. We have had a planning committee here at NSF and I want to recognize them right now. Carolyn Shettle is the chair of the committee. I know you all know Carolyn. Joan Burrelli from our education program is also on the committee. Dick Morrison was here earlier from our personnel statistics.

Debbie Collins who is standing up at the moment in the back. And Tanya Gore, who is not here today but who has been helping out.

If you recall at the end of our last meeting, there was a discussion of whether we ought to have a different kind of format. We weren't ready to do that for this meeting but we believe that it may be a good time to do it in November. So we are proposing to greatly expand the number of participants and the types of participants in the November meeting and also to have more formal presentations and formal proceedings from the meeting.

We are interested in your reactions, either right now or please send them back to Carolyn and the committee members. We have, as you see, a fairly detailed proposed agenda but it is still a draft.

We are interested in any input that you may have in shaping the November meeting. Of course, even the date is subject to change, but we feel these meetings have been very useful for us. We are all involved in the production of data to one extent or another and we think some other people who are more in the data-user environment would appreciate hearing what we have to say in November. That was really the motivation behind expanding it.

This has been a very useful discussion. Does anybody have any initial reactions to the proposed November agenda? Anybody want to get their two cents in before we depart?
If not, I want to thank everybody. I found this very useful. I think it was probably the most interesting we have had so far.

I have handed around a list for people to sign up to get copies of the handout of the Ten Years Later study. If there is anybody here that did not sign up on that list but would like to get a copy of it, please let me know or leave me your business card.

Thank you.

If you didn't sign in and we don't yet have your e-mail address, leave us that because that is an easy way for us to contact you for things like saying, "Gee; have you thought more about this and do you have input?" Thank you.

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