Science and Engineering R&D Expenditures Selected Data
Fiscal Year 1993


The data presented in this summary are being released in advance of a more comprehensive detailed statistical tables publication and are compiled from the National Science Foundation's (NSF) Survey of Scientific and Engineering Expenditures at Universities and Colleges: Fiscal Year 1993 (R&D Expenditures Survey). They refer to science and engineering (S&E) expenditures for separately budgeted research and development (R&D). The phrase "separately budgeted research and development expenditures" refers to all funds that are expended for activities specifically organized to produce research outcomes and that are commissioned by an agency external to the institution or that are separately budgeted by an organizational unit within the institution.

Data presented in these tables are assembled from the most recently completed survey and represent the latest totals available as of November 1994. Since both current-year and prior-year data are subject to revision in subsequent years, references to prior-years' data should be restricted to the latest data release.

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