R&D Expenditures Survey

Notes and Tables, FY 1994

Suggested Citation, Availability of Publications, and Acknowledgments

Suggested Citation

National Science Foundation, Academic Science and Engineering: R&D Expenditures, Fiscal Year 1994, Detailed Statistical Tables, NSF 96-308 (Arlington, VA, 1996).

Availability of Publications

Single copies are available free of charge from the Division of Science Resources Studies, National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA 22230. SRS data are also available through the World Wide Web (http://www.nsf.gov/statistics/) and through STIS (Science and Technology Information System), NSF's online publishing system. If you are a user of electronic mail and have access to Internet, you may order publications electronically. Send requests to pubs@nsf.gov. In your request include the NSF publication number and title, your name, and a complete mailing address. Printed publications may also be ordered by fax (703-644-4278). Please allow 3 weeks for delivery.

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Data collection, preparation, and tabulations were performed by Quantum Research Corp. for the National Science Foundation. The Project Officer for this report was M. Marge Machen.


The preparation of Academic Science and Engineering R&D Expenditures, FY 1994 Detailed Statistical Tables was managed by M. Marge Machen, Project Officer, National Science Foundation (NSF), Division of Science Resources Studies (SRS), Research and Development Statistics Program (RDS), under the overall direction of John E. Jankowski, Jr., Program Director, RDS, with guidance and review provided by Kenneth M. Brown, Director, SRS. The text was edited by Anne M. Houghton, Publications Manager of SRS. Quantum Research Corp. (QRC) of Bethesda, MD, under NSF contract number SRS-93-12584, prepared the tables, general and technical notes, and report copy. QRC staff members who worked on this report were Gail H. Henry, Linda K. Penn, Georgeen M. Newland, Elizabeth H. Peto, and Jennifer D. Ranwez.