General Notes

In this report, data are presented on the demographic and employment characteristics of the Nation's doctoral scientists and engineers. The data were developed as part of the Longitudinal Doctorate Project.[1] Current information on the supply and utilization of doctoral personnel in science and engineering reflects the results of the 1993 Survey of Doctorate Recipients (SDR), the eleventh in a biennial series. The population of the 1993 survey includes persons under the age of 76 who hold doctorates in science or engineering from U.S. institutions.

In 1993, the SDR content and instrument went through a major redesign. The survey instrument, i.e., the wording and structure of the questions, changed greatly between 1991 and 1993. The format and layout of the questionnaires were changed to a more "respondent friendly" design to improve data quality. The survey instrument was expanded from eight pages to twenty pages.

The survey content was also enhanced in 1993. New questions were added to gather information on such topics as degrees earned since receipt of the first doctorate, relationship of degree to current job, and reasons for making job changes. The sections on current employment and demographic characteristics were expanded and revised to improve validity. The concept of "employment field" was replaced by "occupation," allowing the analysis of the relationship of education and outcomes (occupation).

Because of these changes, only data from the 1993 survey are included in this report. Information is provided on the number of employed scientists and engineers by demographic characteristics such as citizenship, place of birth, and field of degree, and employment-related characteristics such as occupation, sector of employment, median salary, and various labor force rates. Of further note, some tables in this report include estimates for doctoral scientists and engineers employed in 4-year colleges and universities.

In addition to this section on General Notes, this report includes Detailed Statistical Tables, Technical Notes, and the Survey Instrument. The Detailed Statistical Tables unit includes employment and salary detail tables. The Technical Notes section contains information on survey methodology, coverage, concepts, definitions, and sampling errors.

Requests for additional information should be directed to R. Keith Wilkinson, Science and Engineering Personnel Program, Division of Science Resources Studies, National Science Foundation, Washington, D.C. 20550. Telephone: (703)306-1776.

1. The Longitudinal Doctorate Project consists of the Survey of Doctorate Recipients, a biennial survey conducted since 1973, and the Doctorate Work History File, a longitudinal file of data from the surveys.

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