Geographic Distribution
NSF 95-304

Geographic Distribution

This report contains information on the State distribution of R&D performance for 1991 (table B 17). These data cover R&D performance by industry, academia, Federal agencies, and the federally funded R&D activities of nonprofit institutions. The zero figures reported for some States in table B 18 represent R&D performance of less than $0.5 million. These State distributed data are meant to be indicative of general distribution patterns; they are not necessarily precise.

The geographic data on 1987 R&D expenditures in National Patterns: 1990 included State agencies' intramural R&D performance that was obtained from a special NSF survey, Research and Development Expenditures of State Government Agencies: Fiscal Years 1987 and 1988 (NSF 90 309). The estimates for 1991 provided here do not include this State agency component.

State distributed data for the industry sector are collected for odd numbered years. The latest available detailed data are for 1991 and are from Industry R&D (NSF 94-325). The data include R&D performance by industry administered FFRDCs.

State distributed data for Federal laboratories are intramural R&D obligations in FY 1991. These data are available from the 10 major R&D supporting agencies (Federal Funds).

State distributed data for the academic sector are collected only for doctorate granting institutions and university administered FFRDCs (Academic R&D). R&D performance by an FFRDC is assigned to the State in which the FFRDC is located, which is not necessarily the State in which the administering institution is located.

State distributed data for other nonprofit institutions are Federal R&D obligations to this sector in FY 1991 as reported by the 10 major R&D supporting Government agencies (Federal Funds). These agencies provided more than 97 percent of total Federal R&D obligations in 1991. Data on R&D performance by this sector using non Federal sources of funds are not collected.

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