Survey Definitions

Survey Definitions

Company (and other) funds for R&D
Cost of R&D actually performed within the company and funded by the company itself or by other non-Federal sources via contract, not including the cost of R&D supported by companies but contracted to outside organizations such as research institutions, universities and colleges, nonprofit organizations, or (to avoid double-counting) other companies.

Cost per R&D scientist or engineer
The arithmetic mean of the numbers of full-time equivalent (FTE) scientists and engineers engaged in the performance of R&D reported for January in 2 consecutive years divided into the total R&D expenditures of the earlier year, with the ratio attributed to the earlier year (For example, the mean of the numbers of FTE R&D scientists and engineers in January 1991 and January 1992 is divided into total 1991 R&D expenditures for a total cost per R&D scientist or engineer in 1991.)

Employment, FTE R&D scientists and engineers
Persons employed by the company during the January following the survey year who are engaged in scientific or engineering work at a level that requires knowledge of physical, life, engineering, or mathematical science equivalent at least to that acquired through completion of a 4 year college program with a major in one of those fields. (The statistics in this report show the full-time equivalent (FTE) employment. The FTE is the number of scientists and engineers in the company who are assigned full time to R&D projects plus the number of non-full-time R&D scientists and engineers prorated according to the fraction of their total work time spent on R&D projects.)

Employment, total
Number of persons domestically employed by R&D-performing companies in all activities during the pay period that includes the 12th of March.

Federally funded research and development centers (FFRDCs)
R&D-performing organizations administered by industrial, educational, or other institutions on a nonprofit basis, exclusively or substantially financed by the Federal Government (R&D expenditures of the FFRDCs that are industry administered are included with the Federal R&D data of the industry classification of each of the administering firms. The industry-administered FFRDCs included in the 1992 survey are listed below.)

FFRDCs Supported by the Department of Energy:

Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory
Westinghouse Electric Corp.
West Mifflin, PA

Energy Technology Engineering Center
Rockwell International Corp.
Canoga Park, CA

Hanford Engineering Development Laboratory
Westinghouse-Hanford Corp.
Richland, WA

Idaho National Engineering Laboratory
EG&G Idaho, Inc.;
Argonne National Laboratory, West;
Rockwell International Corp.;
Westinghouse Electric Corp.
Idaho Falls, ID

Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory
General Electric Co.
Schenectady, NY

Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Martin Marietta Energy Systems, Inc.
Oak Ridge, TN

Sandia National Laboratories
Western Electric Co., Inc. Sandia Corp.
Albuquerque, NM

Savannah River Laboratory
Westinghouse Electric Corp.
Aiken, SC

FFRDCs Supported by the National Institutes of Health, Department of Health and Human Services:

NCI Frederick Cancer Research Facility
Program Resources, Inc.
Frederick, MD

Funds for R&D, Federal - receipts for R&D performed by the company under Federal R&D contracts or subcontracts and R&D portions of Federal procurement contracts and subcontracts.

Funds for R&D, total - operating expenses incurred by a company in the conduct of R&D in its own laboratories or other company owned or operated facilities including wages and salaries, materials and supplies, property and other taxes, maintenance and repairs, depreciation, and an appropriate share of overhead, not including capital expenditures.

Net sales and receipts - dollar values for goods sold or services rendered by R&D-performing companies to customers (outside the company), including the Federal Government, less such items as returns, allowances, freight, charges, and excise taxes. (Domestic intracompany transfers and sales by foreign subsidiaries are excluded, but transfers to foreign subsidiaries and export sales to foreign companies are included.)

Research and development - basic and applied research in the sciences and engineering and the design and development of prototypes and processes, excluding quality control, routine product testing, market research, sales promotion, sales service, other nontechnological activities or routine technical services, and research in the social sciences or psychology.

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