Science & Technology Pocket Data Book: 1994

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NSF 94-323 Contents, All text, & List of other Publications
The National R&D effort
National R&D expenditures, funders, and performers, by character of work: 1993
Federal R&D funding, by budget function
Federal R&D budget authority, by function: 1995
Federal obligations, by type of activity
Federal R&D obligations, by selected agency
Sources of academic R&D funding, by sector
Academic R&D expenditures, by source of funds
Academic R&D expenditures, by field
Academic R&D expenditures, by selected field
Percent of academic R&D that is federally financed, by field
Academic funding provided by current lead Federal R&D funder, by field
Expenditures for industrial R&D, by source of funds
Industrial R&D performance, by character of work
Share of industrial R&D funding, by source and industry
Bachelor's degrees awarded in major science and engineering fields
Master's degrees awarded in major science and engineering fields
Doctorates awarded in major science and engineering fields
Ft science/engineering grad students in all institutions, by src major support
Ft science/engineering grad students in all institutions, by type major support
Foreign citizen representation in 1992 U. S. S&E graduate education
S&E & in-field employment of 1988 & 1989 S&E graduates, by field of degree: 1990
Employed doctoral scientists and engineers, by sector: 1991
Acad employment and R&D involvement of women and minority doctorate S&Es: 1991
Attitudes on the impact of science & technology on quality of life issues: 1992
Assessments of scientific research over time
Expected results from science and technology: 1992
Preferences for Government spending: 1992
Comparisons of economic growth
National expenditures on R&D, by selected countries
R&D as a percentage of GDP, by country
R&D expenditures, by country, source, and performer: 1991
Government R&D support, by country and socioeconomic objective: 1992
Ratio of R&D S&Es per 10, 000 workers in the general labor force, by country
Scientists and engineers engaged in R&D, by country
Immigrant scientists and engineers by occupation
Contributions sel countries/regions to world scientific & technical literature
U. S. patents granted, by nationality of inventor
US royalties & lic fees generated /exchg indstr'l processes b/n unaffil'd co.s: 91
Country/region share of global high- tech markets
Import penetration of high-tech markets
U. S. global market share, by hi-tech industry
Adult interest in and knowledge about environmental issues and concepts: 1992

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